Southern band at Union Chapel

The Biscuit Burners
The Biscuit Burners are Billy Cardine (dobro), Odessa Jorgensen (vocals/fiddle), Mary Lucey (vocals/bass), Dan Bletz (guitar), and Wes Corbett (banjo). Photo by Susan Safford

By Tony Omer - August 9, 2007

The North Carolina band, The Biscuit Burners, were burning down the rafters with their brand of "Fiery Mountain Music" at Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs this past Saturday evening. Playing to a large, enthusiastic audience, the five highly talented musicians wove an often-complex fabric of bluegrass-folk-country arraignments not dissimilar to the highly acclaimed Alison Kraus band Union Station. Local production company KCT Concerts, known for bringing the world's best Irish music to the Island, has stretched its wings with a band as talented as any of their prior groups. The last several songs had a large contingent of Jabberwocky campers leading the crowd, dancing in the aisles. The band seemed to enjoy their one-day Island stay, hopefully enough to bring them back. This is a group worth listening to over and over again.