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By Gail Craig
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Posted August 16, 2007

Here comes another big week, the last hurrah of the summer, with Illumination Night, the fair in West Tisbury, and the fireworks in Oak Bluffs. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Have fun!

Happy belated birthday to Tom Sullivan, who celebrated on August 6!

Congratulations and best wishes to Kerry Long and Bobby Branca, who were married on August 4. Kerry, daughter of Mike and Sandy Joyce and Ray and Annie Long, is a teaching assistant at Project Headway at the Edgartown School and Bobby is a State Trooper on the Island.

Kerry and Bobby were married at Ray and Annie's home, Nashamois Farm in Boldwater at 4 in the afternoon under a very warm, breezy, partly sunny sky! Pastor Jerry Fritz conducted the service outside, under an arbor, in a small fruit orchard, and the reception was under the stars in a very large and beautiful tent!! Guests came from all over the Island, Massachusetts, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland. The couple enjoyed a honeymoon trip to Mexico before returning to Edgartown, where they will live.

My brother Bobby, his friend Meg, and his daughters Abby and Gwen were here last week for their annual summer vacation to the Vineyard. I think it was the first time they encountered lousy weather, with at least four days of rain and it drove my brother nuts, though none of the girls seemed to mind too much. Meg seemed happy to relax around the house and read, Gwen and Riley were up to their annual wilding antics and sleepovers, Abby was happy to shop or just hang around the house but Bobby, not one to sit still for long, was frustrated by the weather and even more so by all the people. He couldn't believe how busy the Island was and he swore he'd never come back in August again. Time will tell on that promise, I suppose. But it was a busy week, with various functions and events and of course, work, so I didn't get to spend as much time with them as I would have liked, but it was great to see them. I think we're about due for a visit to Ohio now, as I haven't been out there since before the kids were born.

Congratulations to Denise Searle, who is the new kindergarten teacher at the Edgartown School. I know that this news has brought great comfort to the incoming parents who were uncertain who would be teaching their kids as they venture into the new experience of school. Denise is a known entity as mom to Emma and as a respected teacher who taught in Vineyard Haven in the past, so I know parents are very pleased by the news. She will be a welcome addition to the faculty.

I had the pleasure of hearing Susan Klein tell a story last week, as she received the Creative Living Award from the Permanent Endowment Fund. I hadn't heard one of her tales since I was young and she was just starting out. I have to admit, although I had heard she was wonderful, I never really understood why people would go hear a storyteller. I can assure you, I now understand completely. What a treat! Susan told a wonderful story of a long summer day at the beach as a child that managed to include every human emotion. There was, of course, much humor in the story as they spent the day at the beach with Amarals, Bergerons, and Gibsons. There was sadness, as Susan regretted on this particular day, not being "lucky" enough to live in Columbus, Ohio. You could feel the joy of the day, as the kids frolicked in the water, rough-housed, jumped off the bridge, and just enjoyed the many adventures kids enjoy at the beach. And then, as you thought you'd spend the rest of the day laughing, the sense of peace and fulfillment that Susan was able to reflect and share with the audience, when closing the story with the details of the end of the day meal and quiet of sitting on the beach enjoying the food as the sun went down, and then heading home when all was done, had everyone smiling, nodding their heads as they identified with the feelings of such a blissful day on the beach. It was magnificent. Congratulations to Susan on the award and thank you for sharing such a beautiful story with us and for taking us back to our own childhoods at the beach with such eloquence.

That's all for now. Have a great week and be sure to get me your news of the fair and fireworks this week.