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By Gail Craig
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Donald Warren Vose
Edgartown National Bank president Donald Warren Vose was honored in July for his 50 years of service to the bank. At an ice cream social held in his honor, he was given a plaque and presented with a portrait. Photo courtesy of Kim Wells

Posted August 23, 2007

As I sat down to write the column tonight, I pulled my computer on my lap and popped a piece of bubble gum in my mouth. Unfortunately, the gum promptly pulled a crown off my recently root-canalled tooth, completely grossing me out, giving me the willies, and pulling my attention away from the task at hand for awhile. Ick. Hopefully I can get it put back on temporarily tomorrow. At least, having had the root canal, there's no pain with it. Thank God for small favors.

I hope everyone had fun at the big summer events last week - Illumination Night, the fair, and the fireworks. I am most grateful to my husband who grants me freedom on fireworks night. I don't enjoy fireworks (I'd rather feed a third world country with the money) and I really don't like crowds, so Jamie was kind enough to take the kids with his family, giving me the night off. Of course, I spent it cleaning the house, which is truly pathetic, but it was better than the fireworks for me.

We hit the fair twice, once during the day and once in the evening, as has become our rather expensive tradition. As anyone with kids can attest, it is an expensive event where one can easily drop a couple of hundred dollars in a few hours. I have mixed emotions about the outrageous expense of the fair. On the one hand, I think it's crazy to charge so much for ride tickets and require four or five tickets per ride. What happened to the old one ride, one ticket idea? On the other hand, I can't think of any accidents or misfortunes at the local fair so part of me feels that if the outrageous expense guarantees us safety and security, it's worth the price. I'd willingly pay the extra money if it means extra attention is paid to each nut and bolt that holds the rides together. The problem is that I don't know whether the outrageous cost is a rip-off or does guarantee us safety. Either way, Riley and Amelia declared it "worth it" and it's hard to argue with the grins and joy on their faces.

During our Saturday night excursion to the fair, I was struck by how funny time is. As we wandered around the fairgrounds with the kids in tow, we encountered several friends, many towing around kids themselves, and many of whom we used to go to the fair with as teenagers. I reflected on how time changes one's perspectives and experiences. I just find it interesting to be a parent in the same place that I was a kid. It can be a bit surreal.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Shay Sullivan, who turned eight on August 22.

The Friends of the Vineyard Haven Library will present a tribute to two beloved Vineyarders, Art Buchwald and William Styron on Sunday, August 26, at 3 pm. Mr. Buchwald's daughter Alexandria, Mr Styron's son Tom, Leslie Stark, and Mike Wallace will do readings.

The gathering will be followed by refreshments and everyone is welcome.

Congratulations to Ryan and Angela Welch, formerly of Edgartown, on the birth of their baby boy, Liam Connors, who was born at Winchester Hospital on August 4. Sharing grandparent honors are well-known Edgartownians Lee and Cheryl Welch and Norman and Margaret Rankow. Congratulations to all and additional wishes to Ryan and Angela for an easy keeper and good sleeper.

Although I'm reporting this news a week too late and it is unlikely that readers will be able to catch a glimpse again this season, there was a rare sighting of Mark Hess at the beach. Yes, it's true. Mark made his once annual trek to the beach on Sunday August 12, even going so far as to venture into the water! I wrote last week's column in such haste that I forgot to include this important Hess update and I apologize profusely. I know how the public appreciates being apprised of the Hess family's comings and goings.

Mark was also spotted, with a complete arsenal of plastic weapons and pockets full of tickets, at the fair on Saturday night, enjoying fun and games with kids Warner and Owen. Kelly had brought the kids up earlier the same day and instead of returning the next day and spending more for entry, she and Mark figured out it would be better to return later the same day. In so doing, they were able to save a little cash (every little bit helps!) and Kelly and the kids were able to go to the beach the following day. I've got to tell you, the cleverness of those two Hess parents never fails to amaze me! I have so much to learn!

I guess that's it for now. Be sure to get me your news.