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By Kay Mayhew
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Ann Maley quilt
"Garden Trellis," a blue-ribbon quilt by Ann Maley. Photos by Ralph Stewart

Posted August 23, 2007

First, the really big news. Leigh Smith of West Chop celebrated her 80th birthday on August 15. Her daughter, Pamela Brock of Waltham shared the news with me.

The Fair had something for everyone. Our calendar editor Anna Marie D'Addarie was spinning yarn in the fabric arts tent.

Did you see the little 9-week-old piglets racing around the track, even clambering over hurdles, with fans of all ages cheering them on? Robinson's Racing Pigs began at the Florida State Fair many years ago. These little piglets chase each other around the track for small pieces of Oreo cookies.

I always admire the entries by youngsters. Patrick Best had a nice photo of autumn trees, awfully good for a photographer aged under ten. I also liked Kendra Mills's photo of a horse peering out of his stall. The judges liked that one, too. She had a blue ribbon in the age 10 to 14 category.

I met young Toby Riseborough at the Fair. He introduced me to several of his hens and roosters entered into the poultry exhibit. A blue Silkie rooster named Clydesdale was penned with two bearded Silkie hens. Three Silkie chicks of black, buff, and white made a very pretty sight together. When I noticed the long feathers on the feet of a buff Brahma cockerel, I was told he is feather-footed. See how much I learned? Toby was a very patient instructor, and I do hope his poultry garnered plenty of ribbons.

A striking array of quilts was entered at this year's fair.

Barbara Maciel hooked a bright rug duplicating the 2002 Fair poster with a proud rooster. Linda Ferrini had a red ribbon on one of her large painted rugs. A very pretty wildflower arrangement was in an unusual setting - in a roll of toilet paper.

The quilts in the Fair were marvelous. Ann Maley's Garden Trellis quilt sported a well-earned blue ribbon. It was made using her new Strip and Tumble technique. One unusual quilt in the fair was created around an assortment of police badges from the Island and Boston and elsewhere. The diamond shapes quilted by Sara Kurth even had glittering beads in them.

Another blue ribbon went to Cynthia Bonnell for a quilt that was a variation of the Courthouse Steps pattern. The carefully shaded blocks of lovely colors were beautifully quilted with feather patterns, creating an extremely lovely quilt. This had to be my choice for best of the fair.

I will tell you about a few more of my favorites from the fair next week. As summer draws to a close, a number of our summer neighbors will be leaving. They do a lot of volunteering for Island non-profits and will be missed especially for that.

Many of us consider volunteering but do not like to be expected on a specific day every week. If this describes you, the Library needs your help. Substitutes are needed who could be called to help shelve the books at the library on a day when a regular volunteer is ill or off-Island. If you are willing to be on this substitute list, please call Alice at 508-693-2099. Or you can leave your name and phone number at the desk.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Sherm Goldstein on Saturday. Monday belongs to Arthur Dickson. Wish the best on Tuesday to Cynthia Walker.

Heard on Main Street: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.