Beth McElhiney
Guests at Sunday's reception mingled, drinking in the artistic surroundings along with the wine. Photo by Ralph Stewart

A holiday toast to art

Posted September 6, 2007

Jewelry maker Beth McElhiney celebrated Labor Day Weekend by hosting a wine tasting Sunday evening. Ms. McElhiney shares her recently renovated Vineyard Haven showroom and studio with L.A. Brown, who exhibits her photographs there.

Formerly based in Edgartown, Ms. McElhiney shows her original jewelry designs featuring semi-precious stones, pearls, and including some ornate silver pieces. She plans to show her work off-Island this winter. Ms. Brown has hung a variety of her works here over the summer and currently is showing her "Chair Series."

Sunday's reception highlighted wines from several different vineyards and was a pleasant way to wind down after a busy Island summer. The location beside Cronig's Market on State Road opened in May and will stay open through late October. The two artists will return early next spring for a new season.