Walking on uneven ground...

By Arlan Wise - September 6, 2007

You won't see a straight, clear path to tread for another few weeks. We are in the middle of an eclipse season, always a time of instability. There is a partial solar eclipse at 18 degrees of Virgo on September 11. Be adaptable to change and ready to ride the waves of energy it will release.

Both Pluto and Venus change direction to move on in forward motion. You will be able to start to improve the parts of your life symbolized by the area of the chart that holds Sagittarius and Leo. Did you notice how the stock market reacted to Venus moving backwards to meet up with Saturn last month? That was an external event corresponding to what was happening inside you. You can make corrections now.

Thursday, Sept. 6 Moon in Cancer, VC 1:04 pm. Both Pluto and Venus are slowing down to end their retrograde periods. Think back over the past year and the past summer. Listen to the feelings that those memories bring up in order to learn which were the most important lessons. It's a good day to plant and tend to your yard, garden, and houseplants.

Friday, Sept. 7 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 12:59 pm. The morning is a washout. Use the time for cleaning laundry and plant care. Pluto ends his retrograde period today at 10:54 am. His change of direction is often followed by violence, explosions, and eruptions. Be cautious and stay safe on this powerful day. This energy helps you let go of unwanted issues.

Saturday, Sept. 8 Moon in Leo. Venus turns into direct motion at 12:13 pm. It's a day to examine your heart, your love (s), and your creative projects. You can call an end to any of these matters and be ready to start anew, or, take the next step forward with your relationship. Create a very romantic evening to enjoy with your lover.

Sunday, Sept. 9 Moon in Leo, VC from 2:07 pm until 9:10 pm when it enters Virgo. The sun stands opposite Uranus today to bring you shocks and surprises. It's a day to be wild and free, yet careful. Have fun in an unusual way. Take the kids for a real treat. The first meeting of the moon and Saturn in Virgo will have you cleaning up and focusing on your work tonight.

Monday, Sept.10 Moon in Virgo. It's good work energy to sort out and organize your office and workload. It's not a day to start anything as the approaching eclipse confuses the energy. It is also the dark of the moon, a tired time best for finishing up things. You can't sit idle today; it's not vacation energy.

Tuesday, Sept.11 Moon in Virgo. Today's solar eclipse is greatly influenced by Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter. It's a wild ride. Protect yourself against shocks and accidents. Your life and your work will start to change. Learn to see work done in service to others as a privilege not a responsibility.

Wednesday, Sept.12 Moon in Libra. There's a feeling of having a hangover the day after an eclipse. Take it easy today and turn to others for advice. You may be called upon to use your diplomatic skills. Chiron helps Mercury discover creative, healing solutions to your problems. Relax at meals with friends.

Thursday, Sept. 13 Moon in Libra. Your social skills will enable you to ease your way through rough interpersonal issues. The right words will come when you need them. You'll exchange social pleasantries all day and show off your good manners. Buy a piece of art or an antique and put it in a place where you'll see it every day.

Friday, Sept. 14 Moon in Libra, VC 12:10 pm until 7:37 pm when it enters Scorpio. Start the weekend early once the moon goes void-of-course. Have an office party to celebrate an occasion or just for fun. Life feels more serious in the evening. You need time alone. Get to bed early and catch up on your sleep so you can face the weekend well rested.

Saturday, Sept. 15 Moon in Scorpio. This is an emotional weekend when you will be processing the feelings raised by the eclipses and by Pluto and Venus changing directions. You will have to sort through much information, both verbal and non, to see where you stand. It's a fertile weekend for planting.

Sunday, Sept. 16 Moon in Scorpio, VC 7:40 pm. It's a good day to stay at home and take care of your personal needs and desires. If you are feeling grumpy, examine the cause. Write in your journal and give yourself the luxury of a day to yourself. It's a prime planting day, so check out the sales at the nurseries.

Monday, Sept. 17 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 8:21 am. The sun and Mars are at odds and this sets a tone for anger and frustration. Watch your words so you don't say things you regret. Use the energy for demanding physical tasks. Challenge your personal best in your favorite sport. Let the energy go out so it won't be bottled up inside.

Tuesday, Sept. 18 Moon in Sagittarius. It's a day to push past your comfort zone and create new boundaries. Go as far with your mind and your body as you can. Contact a publisher or agent to sell your work. Plan a trip to a place you've never been. Sign up for a course to learn something new. Engage in some friendly competition.

Wednesday, Sept. 19 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 12:48 pm until 7:52 pm when it enters Capricorn. The sun and Pluto square off today. This creates the potential for many power struggles. You'll want to find the correct data to back up or challenge yours or someone else's big theories. Avoid petty arguments, they will escalate today.

Thursday, Sept. 20 Moon in Capricorn. Today is the prime work day you've waited months for. You can focus on work and advancing your career. You'll be able to organize and find the way for greater efficiency. It will feel good to work long and hard. Don't let anyone distract you.