Reno rants.

Reno, comedic artist in residence

By Tony Omer - September 6, 2007

This past Saturday evening, Reno, a New York-based comedienne, presented new material entitled Blue State Rants to a close to sold out crowd at the Yard, the up-Island haven of dance. In conjunction with The Point Way Inn in Edgartown, the Yard sponsored Reno's month-long artist in residence on the Island.

Saturday's show was Reno's opportunity to try out her material on a live audience, and she was very well received. She had the audience howling at her less than subtle send-ups of life in America, life on the Vineyard, religion, and the current state of the Union. She pointed out that the Vineyard conjures up the image of wine for most people yet most of our Vineyard towns are dry and that we can't drive fast anywhere on the Island including the town where she stayed, which she consistently referred to as Elliotville. She brought her dog, Edith Ann, into the act early on, winning the crowd over with some cute tricks. Edith Ann lay quietly in her carry bag on the side of the stage during most of the show while her mistress bounced around the comic spectrum, sparing few with her pointed jabs at conventions we usually take for granted. Reno has a sharp wit with a rough edge and a smooth delivery.

The Yard will host a documentary, "Lucinda Childs,"on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 5 pm, at the Capawock Theater, Main Street, Vineyard Haven. Filmmaker Patrick Bensard and Ms. Childs will attend the screening. Admission is free. For more information call 508-645-9662 or visit