Chesca Potter with Will Reagan and Phoebe, Linus, and Oscar Chun
The ATV, surrounded by the children who helped win it. Seated center is Chesca Potter with Will Reagan sitting in front of her. From left are visitors of the Potter family: Phoebe, Linus, and Oscar Chun. Photo by Ralph Stewart

A family affair

By Eleni Collins - September 20, 2007

It took two whole summers and many tokens, but two families joined forces and collected 47,000 tickets at the Game Room in Oak Bluffs, and won a well-deserved child's all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Bill Potter, his wife Kerry, and daughter Chesca, along with friends Jason Reagan and family, all of Oak Bluffs, recently cashed in their six giant trash bags full of tickets. Some of the tickets they had been saving for more than a year.

"At the end of last summer, we had all these tickets and my daughter couldn't find anything that she liked, so we just saved them." said Mr. Potter. "Then the Game Room opened at the beginning of this summer and they had the ATV. My friend Jason had tickets from the summer before too, and it became kind of a goal that we'd try to get the ATV. We didn't think it would ever happen."

They also had help from visiting friends and relatives this summer, who would play games on family outings and give their tickets towards the ATV. Five and a half-year- old Chesca, Mr. Potter's daughter, said she enjoyed playing all the games, with no favorite in particular.

"There were also games that she and I played not for getting tickets," Mr. Potter said. "There were some fun father-daughter things like air hockey and ski ball." Despite all their tickets, the family did not spend an exorbitant amount of time at the arcade.

"It was like, we'd go into town for ice cream, with my wife as well, and we'd pop into the Game Room," said Mr. Potter.

The ATV is being shared among members of the two families. Chesca had it for a while, and she shared it with her friends, and now Mr. Reagan has it.

"It's just fun. The whole thing was just fun," said Mr. Potter. "I mean, it's crazy that it happened, but it got to a point where it actually seemed possible. It was a huge family affair; two years of playing games."