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West Tisbury

By Hermine Hull
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Posted September 20, 2007

It was 39 degrees at our house this morning when Mike and I came downstairs. The dogwood tree outside my window is definitely showing a russet cast and asters are blooming in the garden. I am ready to trade bright chrysanthemums for the tired impatiens in the flowerpots by the front door.

Everyone and everything seems refreshed by Saturday's rain. We had a good inch here. The sound of it woke me up in the night. I left Mike asleep upstairs as I went down to shut windows, then I stretched out on the living room sofa by the one window left fully open, to feel the moisture blowing onto my face. I wanted to savor every moment and every drop.

Rain didn't daunt exhibitors or shoppers at the Farmer's Market. About half the stalls were set up outside under umbrellas, manned by intrepid vendors. The other half had set up inside the Grange Hall, reminding me of many years of Fair exhibits there. Kids were jumping in puddles, either in flip-flops or in green frog boots. It was all quite festive. Alison Shaw had brought her class of photographers, so tripods and cameras added to the ambience. Everyone was so happy.

By the time everyone is reading this column, we are expected to have temperatures once again near 80. We'll see.

I did have a moment's regret about the rain, thinking about Cynthia Riggs' lawn party scheduled for later Saturday afternoon, and for Beth Kramer and Douglas Reid heading off to Boston for the Red Sox-Yankees game that afternoon at 4 pm. Fortunately, the rain stopped as predicted in time for those events to proceed as planned. The Red Sox beat the Yankees 10 to 1.

Saturday night, West Tisbury members of the Tisbury High School Class of '57 joined fellow classmates at the home of Denys and Marilyn Wortman for their 50th reunion. Shirley (Burt) Howell, Joan Merry, and Bernice (Humphreys) Kirby attended, as well as Meg (Wilkinson) Hanley, who stayed with Glenn and Linda Hearn for the weekend.

Andy Birsh was here from Brooklyn, N.Y., visiting his mother, Judy, and helping her pack up the house for her return to New York for the winter. Andy, who owns Woodside Press, is also a world-class chef. He took time from packing to prepare amazing meals for Judy and her lucky dinner guests.

"Happy Birthday" to Jessica Stone, who turned 20 on September 16. She is a bit far from home, studying abroad at the Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile.

The Ag Hall was filled this past Sunday evening with family, friends, well-wishers, and admirers to celebrate John and Shirley Mayhew's 60th wedding anniversary. The day of the actual wedding was September 6, a date to be commemorated henceforth in West Tisbury as "John and Shirley Mayhew Day." Dianne Powers and Glenn Hearn made the presentation. There were letters from the far-flung Mayhew granddaughters, Caroline in California and Lucy in Oregon. Local granddaughter, Katie Ann, sang a vocal tribute to her grandparents, solo and sometimes joined by her mother, Deborah. Sarah was in charge of photographing the party, and Jack, along with many friends, spoke lovingly of their observations and affections.

Shirley's comments were the funniest, and included a sensible plan that could revolutionize long-term care. She plans to combine her love of travel and aversion to nursing homes by booking herself on a Princess cruise ship. Assuming the nursing home costs about $200 per day versus the weekly rate of $130 per day for the cruise ship, she expects to live her remaining years in comfort, seeing exotic places, well and luxuriously cared for by the cruise lines' attendants.

Glenn Hearn commented that we could all book ourselves on a Princess Cruise around Tisbury Great Pond, satisfying the urge to travel with its built-in cost savings, yet still being right near home and our loved ones. I think the selectmen need to look into this.

There will be a reception at the West Tisbury library this Sunday afternoon, Sept. 23, from 1 to 4 pm, part of Elaine Weintraub's Heritage Trail exhibition - a collection of photographs on display at the library. At the former library building on Music Street, a commemorative plaque will be dedicated in honor of five West Tisbury women, Virginia Mazer, Peg Lillienthal, Nancy Whiting, Nancy Smith, and Polly Murphy who went to Williamston, N.C., to help register black voters during the 1960s. Both events are open to the public. Refreshments will be served at the West Tisbury Church.

The Parks and Recreation Department is announcing their fall yoga class, which begins on Oct. 2 at the West Tisbury Church. Please call Peggy Stone at 508-696-0147 to register.

Parks and Rec also requests that toys not be left at the Town Hall playground. You are welcome to bring toys to play with while you are there, but problems have arisen with toys left behind. Thanks for your help.

The Wasserman/Bassett family was here from Cambridge for the weekend with guests Jennifer Aaronson, Paul Molakides, and their son, Giorgio, from New York City.

Enjoy the good weather this week and get outside.