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By Gail Craig
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Karen Walsh, Jerry Fritz, Beth Keogh, Julie Moffet, President Jane Carroll, Ellen Lewis, and Barbara Peckham
The M.V. Cancer Support Group's mission committee and president at their blueberry pancake breakfast. From left to right are Karen Walsh, Jerry Fritz, Beth Keogh, Julie Moffet, President Jane Carroll, Ellen Lewis, and Barbara Peckham. Photo courtesy of Mary Jean Miner

Posted September 27, 2007

I love summer in September! My tan was really beginning to fade but I'm managing to eek out a few hours in the beautiful warmth of this Indian summer weather we're having. Aren't we lucky for these few days of sunshine and summer temperatures?

Corrine Hatt shared with me that she has been going over to Nantucket every other weekend to visit her "two precious granddaughters," Sara, who is 2 and Emma, 3 months. Corrine, or Mimi as she is known, also claims to visit her son, Richard, and his wife, Erin, as well, but if you could see Corrine's face when she talks about the girls, it's obvious they are her real reason for traveling so frequently. Emma is a sweet-natured baby who loves to smile and coo while Sara is wonderful with her baby sister and helps Mimi take care of her when Mom and Dad are at work. Sara is all girl, and loves to "cook" and play mother to all her dolls, as well as Emma. Having had two boys, Corrine is enjoying the world of little girls for the first time.

Aunt Linda, Uncle Mike, and coocoo bird send along belated birthday wishes, love, and hugs and kisses from Oahu, Hawaii to niece Martha Montesion, who works so hard at Island Dentistry. Martha celebrated her big day on Sept. 8.

Happy birthday wishes also go out to my niece, Evie Gardner Fleisher, who turns 7 today. Evie is the daughter of my sister, Pam, and her husband, Phil.

The missions committee of the Federated Church in Edgartown, including Karen Walsh, Jerry Fritz, Beth Keogh, Julie Moffet, Ellen Lewis and Barbara Peckham, recently held a blueberry pancake breakfast to benefit the Martha's Vineyard Cancer Support Group. The group was thrilled to be able to present the support group's president, Jane Carroll, with a check in excess of $800! Congratulations and thank you to the mission committee for their hard work and success. The MV Cancer Support Group is a wonderful organization, helping Islanders who are dealing with this terrible illness.

Soccer began this week for Riley. Amelia isn't interested in such a masculine sport just yet. She still will only do "girl" things, like dance and gymnastics, which is fine with me. Sometimes I think the kids today are incredibly overscheduled and I like to make sure mine aren't too stressed and have plenty of time to relax around the house. However, Riley saw his coach from last year while out running errands the other day and promptly announced he was playing again this year, contrary to what he has been professing for the last few weeks. So, as of Tuesday of this week, with Jamie away for several upcoming Saturdays, I find myself once again a true "soccer mom."

Maureen McManus-Hill and her girls Devin and Erin and Jen McHugh and her daughter Caitlin spent last weekend in New York City. They stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel complete with a great doorman named Tony, went to see the Lion King, had brunch (and lots of shopping!) at the American Girl Store, and then headed up town to the Central Park Zoo. Later they dined at Planet Hollywood in Times Square. On Sunday morning they ventured to the American Museum of Natural History, which was dubbed "a blast!" In a comment that wraps up the wonderful weekend nicely, Erin declared that she will always love the Red Sox but Boston is too boring for her, and from now on, it's NYC or bust!

My cousin, Jen Corwin Van Gelder is here for a few days with her girls, Sam and Jo Jo, reliving the days of her youth in Edgartown through the eyes of her kids. It should prove to be a fun week.

That's about it. Be sure to get me your news for next week.