Two steps forward... one step back...

By Arlan Wise - October 4, 2007

That's what this fall is going to be like. Mercury is about to retrograde and once he's done with that in November, you'll have a two-week period to get ready for a long Mars retrograde. This energy pattern is reinforced by the chart of the autumn equinox, the first day of fall, which indicates much talk and little action. The more you think creatively and out of the box, the easier it will be to find solutions that will help and heal. It will be beneficial to volunteer where you feel you can be helpful.

Mercury will be moving backwards from nine degrees of Scorpio to 23 degrees of Libra. The area of your chart that contains those degrees shows what area of your life is under review.

Thursday, October 4 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 6:27 pm. The day is a washout. It's a personal day from the Universe, good for puttering around the house and working in the garden. Meditate. Sit and recall your feelings of childhood and family and put them into an artistic form.

Friday, October 5 Moon in Leo. Today and tomorrow are excellent days for holding parties and social events. It's a day to ask for a raise at work or special favor, as people are feeling happy and generous. Let your artistic side out to play. Things feel light and easy today.

Saturday, October 6 Moon in Leo. Continue on in a vacation mode even if you don't go anywhere. Spend time with kids and take them for a special treat. Go shopping and buy what you'll need for the month in order to avoid having to shop for big-ticket items during retrograde Mercury. Buy art, theater tickets, toys, and gold. You can create a memorable romantic evening.

Sunday, October 7 Moon in Virgo. The fun is over as you see the work that must be done. Clean, tidy, sort, recycle, and do a lot of discarding. It would be good to spend some part of the day working so you can take advantage of a direct Mercury. Have those serous talks where you say the words that need to be said. You'll have a good sense of how to set your boundaries.

Monday, October 8 Moon in Virgo. Venus enters Virgo to give your relationship a cleanup. She'll show you how to fix it or if you should. Today is a good day to make any changes in your investments so they can sit safely for the next three weeks. Order office equipment and supplies. Buy vitamins and pet food. Do as much of tomorrow morning's work as you can today.

Tuesday, October 9 Moon VC Virgo, enters Libra 1:57 pm. The morning is for cleaning, filing, more discarding, and organizing. Once the moon enters Libra, you'll feel more social and less like working. Today is a lucky day; you can take a chance, take a risk, and go out on a limb. Luck will come when you least expect it.

Wednesday, October 10 Moon in Libra. The moon is old, feeling tired and dragging along, and you'll feel the same way. The energy goes towards socializing and interacting with other people. It's a good day to repay social obligations. Replace any art or music that you've lost. Only two more days until Mercury turns retrograde.

Thursday, October 11 Moon in Libra, VC 7:22 pm. Today is a day to honor Venus. Bring more beauty and love into your life. Bring balance to any inequalities operating in your relationship. Take care of all negotiations and legal issues. Start a new artistic project. You are down to the wire. It's the last day for getting things done with clear communication before Mercury turns.

Friday, October 12 Moon in Scorpio. Mercury went into retrograde motion at midnight. You will have to get used to trusting your intuition and non-verbal perceptions. There's a mystical feeling to the day telling you to turn within. Take a yoga class. Go off in the woods by yourself. Write in your journal. Tell yourself to remember your dreams.

Saturday, October 13 Moon in Scorpio, VC 5:24 pm. Expect old unresolved emotional issues to arise and demand to be heard. There may be problems with money and debt. Try to pay off what you owe during this retrograde Mercury period. You may find information that helps you clarify the matter. Take a look for the objects you've lost and you may find them.

Sunday, October 14 Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 2:58 pm. Sunday morning is the best time for a VC moon. Stay in bed, laze around, do what pleases you. It's a serious day as Venus meets up with Saturn for a reality check on your love and money. You'll see the bottom line with all the wishful thinking stripped away. It's time to make corrections.

Monday, October 15 Moon in Sagittarius. Your enthusiasm bubbles over but may be curtailed by a strong dose of reality. Keep thinking big and come up with a plan for a new course of study or a new place for winter travel. You'll want to do your part to fight any injustice you see. Make sure to get outside and work off excess emotional energy.

Tuesday, October 16 Moon in Sagittarius, VC 8:32 pm. Even though Mercury is retrograde, it's a good day to write, speak, and teach. Get involved with an educational project by offering to help out in the schools or in an after-school program. Write to your friends overseas. Take care of your international business.

Go dancing tonight and wear yourself out.

Wednesday, October 17 Moon in Capricorn. Review your work schedule and try to make it more efficient. Clear up any misunderstandings you have with your boss or any authority figure. Hold office meetings or board meetings. Double-check all the communications that you send out.

Thursday, October 18 Moon in Capricorn. Research ways you can expand or fix your business. It's a good day for that type of research. Think about creating new advertising materials. Redecorate the office. Do you need a new sign or logo? Tomorrow morning has a VC moon so don't leave anything undone. Examine what doesn't feel good about your work.