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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted October 4, 2007

Congratulations to the hardworking volunteers at Grace Episcopal Church. Once again, their totals of lobster rolls sold were even higher than last year. Obviously, the sales are not only to visitors. Most of the diners in September are your neighbors. Many of them were to be found at the last night of the season, most enjoying the delicious sandwiches, though a few younger folk opted for hot dogs.

Everyone is noticing that the acorns are literally raining from the trees. Those in my yard are being helped a great deal by the squirrel activity. The squirrels, probably simply enjoying the cooler weather, are racing up and down the branches, twitching their tails at all the acorns as they dash by. Each pass is accompanied by a clatter of acorns on the roof and deck. Do more acorns mean a severe winter or are they a result of the very dry summer just past?

It seems that while the squirrels carefully bury acorns, they rarely seem to find them when they are digging up holes all over the lawn. Perhaps, like some puppies, they just like to dig.

We also see a lot of horse chestnuts on the ground this time of year. My husband tells stories of his childhood friends drilling holes in the chestnuts for a string. Then the boys would battle the chestnuts, to see which ones would outlast the others. Today's boys are more interested in how far they can throw the chestnuts.

Many pets seem to be enjoying the cooler weather as well. Although I am not sure about cats. They always seek out a spot of sunshine for a nap, whatever the season.

Reports are that the weather has not been very good for fishing. At least more people are seeing seals than fish off the south shore. The big fish are waiting to have an impact on the final days of the Fishing Derby.

Watch for special sales this weekend. That one item you have been eyeing all season long may be marked down just for you.

If you missed the live program on the proposed wind farm, you can see a replay on Channel 13. There will be several opportunities to watch the Nantucket Sound Wind Forum. Betty Burton says you will find this film very helpful in making up your own mind. Audra Parker from Save Our Sound and Mark Rodgers from Cape Wind presented an informative program moderated by Judy Crawford, with several questions from the audience.

Marking 40 years since the senior prom, Madeline Fisher says that the Martha's Vineyard Regional High School Class of 1968 is planning their 2008 reunion. Join in by e-mailing the planning committee at to get on the list.

The MSPCA celebrates the "Festa di Cristoforo Colombo" on Monday from 2 to 6 pm at Lattanzi's Restaurant. The benefit for the animals will cost $25 for pizza, pasta, and salad.

Want to travel to India? Come to find out more about the "People of India." Alan Brigish will speak at the Vineyard Haven Library on Sunday at 3 pm. The Friends of the Library serve refreshments following the program. The event is free and open to anyone interested.

Congratulations to Arthur and Priscilla Dickson who celebrate 63 years of wedded bliss on Sunday. My husband Donald and I will mark 46 happy years that day. Happy anniversary to Laura and Bob Barbera on Monday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Mya Houston. She celebrates her first double-digit birthday today. Tomorrow wish the best to Peg Elwell. Donald Childs celebrates on Saturday. Happy birthday on Sunday to Pat Benway and Bea Welch.

Heard on Main Street: Old-timers say it has always been true. Day-trippers come with a clean shirt and a five-dollar bill. And they never change either one.