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By Gail Craig
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Posted October 11, 2007

The long weekend has been productive in some ways, but not in others. I'm falling behind in some work (sorry, Paul) but cleaning up some landscaping projects and household tasks. As I have been a "single" parent while Jamie is away, most of my time has been spent with the kids over the last week. I've come to fully understand the fine art of the play date. They are a very helpful thing, but they must be done correctly. For the most part, they are done at our house. That is because it is very rare that I can have both kids scheduled to go elsewhere for play dates at the same time. I can often schedule one but not the other and that just leaves me with one bored kid at home. So instead, we have friends over to our house but it is crucial to have the correct balance. If one kid is having a friend over, I assure the other one is too. If not, the odd number causes an imbalance and the odd man out is just miserable to live with. Thus, it is crucial that each kid have a friend over for it to work correctly and free me up to get some things done and maybe actually even breathe.

On Sunday, the kids had a great time. Amelia had her friend, Amonda Convery, over. She is the daughter of Rick and Veronica Convery and she and Amelia are becoming good friends since starting school. Riley had his friend Meagan Sawyer over at the same time. Not only did the balance work out because each kid had a friend, but the four of them actually did well together as a larger unit.

Due to this miraculous play date, I was able to clean my car. On the surface, this may not seem like a newsworthy item, but if you've ever seen the inside of my car, you know that it is actually worthy of a front-page headline. Let me put it in perspective for you. My car is eight years old. I have two small kids who I often liken to "slugs" because they tend to leave a trail of "stuff" wherever they go, my car included. I also have two dogs that shed A LOT. I also tend to live out of my car. Between jobs, school, sports, dance, meetings, etc. etc., it is where I spend much of my time. I drink coffee. I'm often good for four cups throughout the day, at least one of which is in the car. I don't like travel mugs (sorry, Meaghan). I like big, ceramic, cozy, special mugs. I live on a dirt road. Big, ceramic, cozy, special mugs and dirt roads are a bad combination. My car had not been cleaned - really cleaned - for more than a year, I'm sure. So, the fact that I did so this weekend is really really big news. Anyone who occasionally must ride in my car will be delighted.

With the long weekend comes the official end of the season. With the weather last week, it was hard to tell we weren't still actually in summer. And there have certainly been a lot of people around. Main Street is always quite crowded with visitors from the various bus tours. But alas, businesses are closing down now, running out of things as they try to whittle down their inventories and supplies. Perhaps most tragically of all is the closing of the various ice cream stores. And as soon as the Derby comes to a close next week, we can all slow down a bit, catch our breath, and enjoy our little Island for a while.

Happy birthday to our new friend and neighbor, Carly Goldberg, who celebrated on October 4.

Congratulations to the Edgartown School for making AYP on the MCAS last year. With all of the extra efforts put in by the staff and students, they were able to improve their math scores on the test. It's very exciting. And this year, they are implementing a new math curriculum, which will hopefully help us continue improving these skills. I know my kids are constantly doing math, voluntarily, at home now and really seem to be grasping it pretty well. I figure I may even have a chance to learn it again and keep up with them over the years, because I tell you, once they hit fractions, I'll be behind the eight ball! And by the time they get to algebra and geometry? Forget it.

I've been asked to remind drivers to slow down, particularly in town in the mornings and afternoons when kids are traveling back and forth to school. Recently, one mother expressed that she had truly been frightened by a very close call while walking her kids to school last week. So let's all remember to drive cautiously all the time but even more so between 7:30 and 8:30 am and 2:30 and 3:30 pm.

Thank you to the MV Commission for declaring the ancient ways behind our development as districts of critical planning. Hopefully, this will help stop the destruction that has been going on back there and help preserve these special places for future generations.

Not much news this week. As usual, it's feast or famine with this stuff. Have a great week and be sure to get me some news! Or next week you might have to read about me mopping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms.