In the thick of it...

By Arlan Wise - October 18, 2007

We are smack in the middle of this current retrograde Mercury period. He remains in backward motion for the next two weeks. If you want to know what is appropriate behavior for retrograde Mercury, see if the word begins with "re-." Those are the verbs to use. Remember that relax, recreation, rest, retire, revel, and reward all fit this description. Be sure to reward yourself in some way.

Remember that Mercury retrograde times are excellent for some activities. This is the time to research, edit, proofread, and revise your written work. It's useful energy for meditation, in depth self-analysis, and all kinds of inner work. Use this time to plan what you will get done in the first two weeks of November before Mars goes retrograde on November 15.

Look at the area in your chart that contains Scorpio and Libra. That is the part of life that is under review. Mercury resumes forward motion on November 1.

Thursday, October 18 Moon in Capricorn. Research ways you can expand, or fix your business. It's a good day for those kinds of thoughts. Think about creating new advertising materials. Redecorate the office. Do you need a new sign or logo? Tomorrow morning has a VC moon, so don't leave anything undone. Examine what doesn't feel good about your work.

Friday, October 19 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 12:52 pm. You have a VC morning to sleep in or go to work and finish up old business. Once the moon changes signs, you can communicate your ideas in a clear manner. Review your schedules and work-related rules. Chiron ends his retrograde period and starts moving forward in Aquarius and allows you to move forward with your healing of mind and body.

Saturday, October 20 Moon in Aquarius. Today is the last day for months when there will be a strong emphasis on air signs and the objectivity they offer. Think and write down your thoughts. Meet with friends for intellectual discussions and unusual pursuits. Attend a Star Trek convention. Take your mind to the outer limits of your comfort zone.

Sunday, October 21 Moon in Aquarius, VC from 3:36 pm until 7:02 pm when it enters Pisces. Try to remember last night's dreams. There's much information in them. Review your involvement in groups and committees and decide which ones you want to stay with and which ones you feel done with. Listen to spiritual music tonight. There's a fated feeling to the day.

Monday, October 22 Moon in Pisces. Today is the last day of Libra. Rebalance the dynamics of your relationship while it's still easy. Make peace with someone you've been at odds with. It's a spacey day, but one where your intuition is working in high gear. Practice developing your ESP and see how often you are right.

Tuesday, October 23 Moon in Pisces, VC from 4:17 pm until 9:24 pm when it enters Aries. The sun moves into Scorpio at 3:16 pm. Mercury backs into Libra. The sun and Mercury do a do-si-do dance, each leaving the sign the other enters. The emphasis is on emotions and feelings. You'll have a different way to address relationship concerns. Today is the midpoint of this retrograde Mercury period; it's halfway done.

Wednesday, October 24 Moon in Aries. You'll feel more energy to help you take the initiative and get going. Review your needs at work and at play. Review your exercise program. Are you challenging yourself enough? You'll feel more self-absorbed and need to work at your own pace.

Thursday, October 25 Moon in Aries, VC from 5:46 pm until 9:07 pm. Venus meets up with Uranus who wants her to shed her proper behavior and go wild. You may have a meaningful brief encounter. You may get tired with the routines you and your partner have fallen into and figure out a way to add more excitement to your shared life. Do something outrageous you want to do but have felt hesitant about doing.

Friday, October 26 Moon in Taurus. This is the most sensuous, and sensual of all the full moons. It demands gourmet meals, and indulgence in chocolate and fine wines. Appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Buy plants and trees to keep inside the house. Make sure your money is secure. Make love in the afternoon.

Saturday, October 27 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 8:11 pm. A VC day during retrograde Mercury is a cosmic day off. Don't go shopping. Take a rest and leave it all for tomorrow. Have a slow and lazy day. Food metaphors apply: be a couch potato or sit, read, and eat chocolates. Take a nap. Take two naps.

Sunday, October 28 Moon in Gemini. You'll feel the need to be in motion and can easily make up for yesterday's sloth. Read the Sunday papers and discuss important ideas. Visit friends and siblings. Catch up on e-mails and letters. Discard or put away all those piles of books and papers lying around the house. Finish the book you're reading.

Monday, October 29 Moon in Gemini, VC from 3:50 pm until 8:49 pm when it enters Cancer. Today begins the last workweek of this retrograde Mercury. There's a feeling of stability to the day and you'll get things done if you work slowly and carefully. Venus and Jupiter team up to test your luck. You may see a reversal of fortune or realize that what or who you want isn't really what or who you want.

Tuesday, October 30 Moon in Cancer. It's a highly emotional day. You and everyone else will feel sensitive and vulnerable. Try to make someone feel safe before you ask him or her to do anything for you. Look over your home and see what you need to redo, revise, repaint, or reupholster. Cook your comfort food tonight.

Wednesday, October 31 Moon in Cancer, VC 1:13 pm. Neptune ends his retrograde period today and this will impart a very spaced out feeling to the day. You may want to spend more time looking within rather than out in the world. Think back to late May and see what boundaries and opinions have dissolved since then. It will be easy to pretend to be someone else tonight.

Thursday, November 1 Moon in Leo. Mercury ends his retrograde period at 6:59 pm. You have to hold off one more day before you can act normally. Follow your heart today. Spend time playing with children. Give a gift of service to the one you love. Look back on the past three weeks and create something that expresses what you have learned.