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By Gail Craig
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Posted October 25, 2007

How 'bout them Red Sox, eh? Need I say more? Here's to another week and a half of no sleep!

Am I the only one that finds it difficult to work on beautiful days in October? Somehow, the fact that it's October and I know that the weather could now turn on a dime, it seems valid to me to skip work or anything else moderately responsible and go outside to have fun.

Yesterday I took Chester for a long walk, as it was Sunday and I knew the risk of being hit by an arrow was slim. This time of year, I'm very careful about where and when I get my exercise. We had a great time. Chester was particularly joyful, which I must say is just his nature but sometimes, his joy crosses over into the sublime. We should all really be more like him. He's not afraid to show his joy at the everyday things in life and he unabashedly lets you know when he needs love and attention, which is pretty much all the time. I'm glad we battled through with the struggles when he moved in. He's a great dog.

When I returned home, Amelia wanted to dance with me, so we spent about half an hour before a play date with Warner dancing in the living room, complete with dips, twirls, flips, and lifts. Later Riley, Amelia, and I bounced on the Hess' trampoline, laughing hysterically for much of the time. During both activities, I made a promise to myself to dance more, play more, and laugh more. Those are the moments I'm going to remember when my kids are grown.

Sunday night was girls night out. Kelly, Maureen McManus Hill, Melissa Hammond, Lindsay Belisle, and I all met up for dinner at Sharky's, now that everyone could finally find some time in our schedules. Mind you, we had to plan it two weeks in advance to be able to pull it off. It was much fun. We laughed a lot. The food was great. And we all made it home in time to watch the Sox.

It sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday, doesn't it? I don't think we could beat it.

The annual Halloween Party at the Edgartown School is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 31, from 4 to 6 pm. The party is sponsored by the Edgartown School PTO and is a huge effort on the part of these volunteer parents. As always, there will be food, fun, games, prizes, and a costume contest. Admission to the event is free and it is open to all so stop by for a fun and safe way to celebrate the evening.

Happy birthday to John Morris, who celebrated turning 8 with his family on Oct. 20 and to Annie Bettencourt, who celebrated on Oct. 18. If I'm not mistaken, Bill Hanna also celebrated his birthday on Oct. 20, so big happy birthday wishes go out to him as well.

I've heard somewhat thirdhand that Ralph Case is home again, following a recent medical scare that had him up in Boston for several days. I know many people have been concerned for him during this time. I've been told that he's doing okay and is happy to be home. Get well soon, Ralph. People miss seeing your smiling face around town.

Have you lost a cockatiel? If you have, you may find it down at the MSPCA. It seems that last Monday, Linda Ferrini, who lives in Katama, took her dog out for a walk and a bird was squawking at her quite loudly from a nearby tree. She turned around to see what the commotion was and was surprised to find a cockatiel looking down at her. She called her husband, Peter, over, and when he got there the bird landed on his shoulder, seemingly relieved for the human contact and safety. Linda said the bird is beautiful and just seemed to know that he had to get the attention of these humans because he wasn't equipped to survive on his own. They brought him inside the house, fed him some lettuce, and called in Barbara Prada, who, lacking a birdcage, arrived with a dog crate. The bird is now residing at the MSPCA hoping someone will claim him.

That's it folks. Have a great week. Go Sox!