A two-week window...

By Arlan Wise - November 1, 2007

This is an important two-week period as it precedes a two-and-a-half-month time when Mars will be in retrograde motion. Mars turns retrograde every two years and it always feels like a sudden shock since we are not used to the energy. Mars is in the sign of Cancer, a water sign where he is weak. Imagine taking your sword and putting it in water and then trying to run forward while dragging it along. That's what the next few months will feel like energetically.

You want to do as much as you can, shop as much as you can, plan as much as you can while Mars is still direct. Make important money decisions now. Buy the big-ticket purchases. Make a move on your potential lover. Act now. Mars turns retrograde early in the morning on Nov. 15.

Thursday, Nov. 1. Moon in Leo. Mercury ends his retrograde period tonight at 6:59 pm. You have to hold off one more day before you can act normally. Follow your heart today. Spend time playing with children. Give a gift of service to the one you love. Look back on the past three weeks and create something that expresses what you have learned.

Friday, Nov. 2. Moon in Leo. Now you can start to get things done. You can shop online and in stores with no problems. You can buy your tickets and make your plans. You'll feel a sense of freedom and will want to party and celebrate life. Take your loved one or special friend out for a romantic evening.

Saturday, Nov. 3. Moon VC Leo, enters Virgo 8:45 am. If you are a planner, or even if you're not, spend the weekend organizing the next few months. Make lists for holiday gifts and start your shopping. Plan your winter vacation. Take a long walk to appreciate the last of the late afternoon light.

Sunday, Nov. 4. Moon in Virgo. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS AT 2 AM. TURN CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR. You'll have a lot of energy today for chores and general puttering around. Clean up the house and do the rest of the winter preparation. See if you can sit down and make a schedule of the important work that needs to be done this week while Mars is still direct.

Monday, Nov. 5. Moon in Virgo, VC from 1:10 pm until 6:47 pm when it enters Libra. Work doubly hard this morning. Today is the best workday of the week. It's a good day to correct Mercury retrograde mistakes and mishaps. Use the VC afternoon to go back over things one last time. Go out to dinner with a close friend.

Tuesday, Nov. 6. Moon in Libra. You'll find there are challenges to your love and money issues. You need to find the facts to fit your theories and put actions behind your sweet words. Shop for items of beauty and choose something you desire. Have important conversations about your relationships.

Wednesday, Nov. 7. Moon in Libra. It's a quirky day when you'll want to follow a whim and do something out of the ordinary routine. Take a little trip with a friend. Go back over a negotiation to find an unusual compromise. Play the lottery. Buy flowering plants to brighten up the dark hours.

Thursday, Nov. 8. Moon in Scorpio. Venus enters Libra where she can relax and happily bestow her bounty of love. She makes it easier to overlook a partner's flaws. She helps you say what you need to say with a gentle power. Life feels more intense, and people tend to react emotionally. It's an old moon, a dark moon. Go out tonight and try to see the Taurids meteor showers.

Friday, Nov. 9. Moon in Scorpio. The moon is new at 6:03 pm, which puts the day under the closing-down energy. Bring the week's work to a close and wait until Monday to start a new project. Meditate on letting go of desires, both big and small ones, for material, emotional, and mental things. Find freedom in the release.

Saturday, Nov. 10. Moon VC Scorpio, enters Sagittarius 7:59 pm. A whole VC day while the moon is in Scorpio is a day for inner work. Spend as much time as you can by yourself. Meditate. Write in your journal. Examine your negative feelings. Don't try to push your agenda on anyone, as everybody is feeling sensitive and touchy.

Sunday, Nov. 11. Moon in Sagittarius. Get out and play today. Find some friendly competition and get lost in the physical activity. Mercury enters Scorpio to make your thinking more subjective. Act on some of the ideas you received while he was retrograde. There's an otherworldly feeling to the day so take time for some creative spacing out.

Monday, Nov. 12. Moon in Sagittarius. There are three days to work and get ready before the long Mars retrograde period begins. Get your travel plans set; buy your tickets and your luggage. Sign up for any courses you want to take this winter. Buy the textbooks you'll need. Send in book proposals and applications.

Tuesday, Nov. 13. Moon VC Sagittarius enters Capricorn 8 am. Work long and hard today and tomorrow. These are the last days in a long time when you can work with efficiency and ease. Everyday tasks will soon become more difficult to perform so do everything that needs to be done. Pay off as much debt as you can.

Wednesday, Nov. 14. Moon in Capricorn. Try to finish up deals and sign contracts. Try to get your legal matters completed. Use every minute of the day to bring what you can to a completion. Take your big ideas and outline them and then put them aside in a place where you will remember them. Work well into the night.

Thursday, Nov. 15. Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 6:30 pm. Mars started his retrograde phase this morning at 3:24 am. The moon is VC all day to give you a chance to get used to this big switch of energy. It will feel like the air has gone out of your tires, like your waterbed sprang a leak. Slide through the day doing the least you can.