Affordable casino night

John Stabile, Lynn Macomber, Jeremy Bradshaw, and Jeri Stabile
There was lots of action at the gaming tables. (From left) Dealer John Stabile, Lynn Macomber, Jeremy Bradshaw, and Jeri Stabile. Photo by Ralph Stewart

Posted November 1, 2007

The folks at Island Affordable Housing threw a big party at Outerland last Friday night. "Viva La Vineyard" was Las Vegas east with casino games, a rockin' musical revue with Jerry Bennett and the Sultans of Swing, and dinner by chef Brad Stevens.

For those who didn't want to tempt lady luck, tickets for the great music and dancing were also sold. So, for $25 people could be a part of the fun evening and help the fund too. Part of the entertainment was a screening of "Viva, Las Vegas," mostly for atmosphere. But as far as Elvis Presley films go, "Viva, Las Vegas" is one of the best.

"It was unbelievable," said the housing fund executive director Patrick Manning. "It went into the night." He was very happy to see the mix of people and many new faces. Because the entire event was underwritten by several generous donors, Mr. Manning reported, "Every dime raised went to the fund," and happily declared the evening a huge success.