A long look back

By Arlan Wise - November 15, 2007

Mars is now in retrograde motion in the sign of Cancer. He turned around on the sun degree of the United States and George Bush's chart. It will be very interesting to watch the news for the next few months. Any one with planets at 12-14 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer will be the ones most affected. The part in your chart that contains Cancer is where you will personally feel this Mars retrograde.

Cancer is a sign that looks back to the past. It is a sign that collects and holds onto objects and memories, emotions and feelings. All that you have neglected to get rid of or finished when you should have will command your attention. There will be big issues concerning home and family and siblings.

Mars will be in retrograde motion until Jan. 30.

Thursday, Nov. 15 Moon VC Capricorn, enters Aquarius 6:30 pm. Mars started his retrograde phase this morning at 3:24 am. The moon is VC all day to give you a chance to get used to this big switch of energy. It will feel like the air has gone out of your tires, like your waterbed sprang a leak. Slide through the day doing the least you can.

Friday, Nov. 16 Moon in Aquarius. It's a day to think and not act. Hold a brainstorming meeting at work. Have a meeting of your social action or volunteer group. This moon helps you to see the big picture so let it expand your mental horizons. It's a good day for therapy. Gather information and plan, study, and research any upcoming ideas.

Saturday, Nov. 17 Moon in Aquarius, VC 9: 51 pm. Keep your mind busy. Attend a workshop. It's a good day to visit a museum or library exhibition. You'll be happy in a gathering of like minds. Travel far and wide on the Internet. See a science fiction movie tonight to stretch your mind.

Sunday, Nov. 18 Moon in Pisces. Take today to lay back and rest. Use the time for spiritual pursuits. Take a yoga class. Meditate. Do an act of kindness. Your intuition is calling the shots now, so listen. Check up on elderly and invalid friends and relatives to see if you can help them in any way.

Monday, Nov. 19 Moon in Pisces. Think of how liquid moves as you go through today. You need to float on the currents of the day. Work by using your instinct, not your logic. There's creative energy to tap and it will be easy to get lost in your imagination. You won't get what you want tonight but you can talk about it.

Tuesday, Nov. 20 Moon in Aries. You'll feel the urge to move forward but will feel frustrated by your pace. You want to run free but feel like an ox tied to a yoke. You are tethered to something in the past that is holding you back and you must address it now. Stay active to burn off the feeling of physical stagnation.

Wednesday, Nov. 21 Moon in Aries. Today is the last day of Scorpio. It's a fitting day to deal with past anger and situations it has created. Examine your negative emotions and what you think has caused your bad feelings. You want to confront and then deal with the feelings to get rid of them. Drive safely if you travel today.

Thursday, Nov. 22 Moon in Taurus. The sun enters Sagittarius at 11:50 am. It's much lighter energy even though there are more hours of darkness than in the rest of the year. This is the perfect moon for Thanksgiving because Taurus has an affinity for food. Enjoy the day while you feed your stomach and your senses.

Friday, Nov. 23 Moon in Taurus, VC 1:53 pm. Keep on eating and enjoying the holiday. Eat leftovers once the moon goes VC. Today's energy is erratic and you can't trust your routine way of doing things, so stay in holiday mode. It's okay to be lazy today.

Saturday, Nov. 24 Moon in Gemini. Uranus changed into direct motion while you were asleep. This electrifies the day and gives you a little shock. Be cautious and careful as Uranus can cause accidents, the kind you get from moving too fast and not paying attention. Look back to the end of June to see which of your ideals and plans that were hot at that time still excite you now.

Sunday, Nov. 25 Moon in Gemini. You'll have a lot to tell when you call, e-mail, chat, or visit your friends. Write out your ideas for today, this week, this year, and the rest of your life. Check in with the siblings you didn't see over the holiday and catch up on news. It's a great day to have a book group meeting.

Monday, Nov. 26 Moon in Cancer. It's good to be home and in the usual routine. You need to feel secure today as you are feeling ultra-sensitive. There's a serenity and beauty to the day, so be sure to spend time outdoors. The moon runs into a weak and angry Mars tonight. Err to the side of caution and don't start trouble.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 Moon in Cancer. Gather up the remains of this year's harvest of apples, cider, squash, onions, and potatoes. Freeze and save what you can. Buy indoor plants to cheer you through the darkness. Call Mom and just say hi.

Smooth out any emotional ruffles you see in your loved ones.

Wednesday, Nov. 28 Moon VC Cancer, enters Leo 8:23 am. Fire energy is back with its vitality and love of fun. This can be a great day to enjoy life. Your creativity and enthusiasm for creating is at a high level. You'll want to show the kids what you can do. Be generous with your hugs and kisses.

Thursday, Nov. 29 Moon in Leo. A serious tone overshadows the day as the sun comes up to challenge Saturn. Your next lessons are being assigned and you will have to focus on work and self-improvement. Start ordering holiday toys and gifts for the kids now as retrograde Mars will present more problems than you usually have while holiday shopping.