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By Kay Mayhew
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Posted November 15, 2007

By now, you have noticed that the speed limit goes down to 20 mph as you approach the drawbridge. Even when there are no workers in sight, the speed is reduced. Perhaps they are sending us a message: Get used to it. The state plans that we will be crawling along there for at least the next few years.

Will the signs change on the other side of the bridge? Technically, the speed limit goes up to 35 for a couple of hundred yards before it slows down to 20 again as you come to the corner by the hospital.

Visitors crowded to the Island last weekend, and nearly as many of us headed off-Island. Some Islanders had promising plans for interesting travel and adventure or finally getting a glimpse of the autumnal colors. Some were shopping in advance of the holidays. Others were just taking care of myriad issues that draw us off-Island for a few days, especially relating to medical issues or family.

There are some special joys that go with being a grandparent. We certainly claim bragging rights. I spent ten days a month ago standing in while Mom was away on business. When I went back to see the children last week, the two-year-old greeted me with the announcement, "I noticed you were gone from my house." Then she added, "I like having you at my house." This is one of the memorable moments, so I had to share it with you.

Your special moments with grandchildren could appear right here. Call or send me your family news. Thanksgiving is the time to treasure our families.

There will be a special treat at the library next Tuesday morning at 11. The little ones ages 3 and up will have the opportunity to sing along with Roberta Kirn.

I don't think the Tisbury turkeys have a clue. I am sure they don't realize the significance of next Thursday's holiday. Perhaps you know someone who needs an entrée.

I was really surprised to learn that one of our fellow townsmen actually wants to protect the turkeys. Can he honestly enjoy the squawking? Has he coped with the messing of the so-called wild turkeys that overrun our streets and yards? Anyone who wants a few dozen of these nasty birds is welcome to come to my yard and round them up. Come by any evening at dusk to meet the hordes. Their long scary claws have torn up our deck railing and taken shingles off the roof. I would really love for them to relocate on the table with a loving family. Please.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Island artist Nancy Furino on Monday. Wish the best to county treasurer Noreen Flanders on Tuesday. Wednesday is a special day for Tracy Matthiessen, M. J. Munafo, and Marion Burke.

Heard on Main Street: "It is too bad that turkeys and skunks are not mortal enemies."