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By Gail Craig
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Posted November 21, 2007

With the early deadline this week, I don't have a whole lot of news. It's been a long week, with sick kids and Jamie away, so I'm kind of wiped tonight. I'm having trouble deciding what I want to do tonight now that Jamie has returned. Do I want to just stay home, put the kids to bed, watch some of the idiot box and go to bed early or do I want to go to the movies or out for a drink or should I actually do some work, since I am way behind in that area as well. Decisions, decisions.

Happy birthday wishes go out to various and sundry people in November, including Darren Morris on Nov. 2, Pop Gardner on Nov. 7, Julia Murray on Nov. 10, Meaghan Morris on Nov. 14, and Maureen McManus Hill on Nov. 19. I hold all of these Scorpios in the highest regard.

I need help with the Holiday Parade during Christmas in Edgartown. We need floats, performers, bikes, skaters, horses, music, anything you can think of that is festive and in the holiday spirit. The parade is at 10 am on Dec. 8, with lineup at the Edgartown School at 9:30 am. So get your creativity going: think of a float, and come join the fun.

Mark your holiday calendars. Hospice of Martha's Vineyard will host its annual holiday fundraising event, "Handmade from the Heart," on Dec. 8 during Christmas in Edgartown. Once again, the Dr. Daniel Fisher House will be the setting for their gala display of handmade garments, specialty items, crafts, decorations and delicious baked goods. As always, this is the perfect place to shop for those treasures with an Island flare. This gift showcase will dazzle you with the creativity of its donated items, all for sale to benefit Hospice.

If you would like to donate any of your handcrafted, handmade or home baked goods for this sale, please contact the Hospice office at 508-693-0189 to make arrangements. And lest we forget, the "Hospice-tality" Cafe will be serving the most delectable holiday fare to help chase away the winter chill and warm your tummies. Attending this joyous event is also sure to warm your heart.

The Martha's Vineyard Harley Riders did their annual toy drive and fundraiser to benefit the Red Stocking Fund last week. It is a really fun day for those of us who are involved and a true blessing for the kids who benefit from the Red Stocking Fund. The Harley Riders make a huge circuit around the Island, collecting money and toys and return to the PA Club in Oak Bluffs after the ride, where they present a check to the Red Stocking Fund board members and enjoy some good food and camaraderie. This year, they donated over $17,000 to help the kids.

To see that many motorcycles come into the parking lot at one time - beautiful bikes, I might add - is a pretty neat sight. Many of the riders have toys strapped to their backs and Santa is always leading the pack. Next year, I want to go for the ride as well, instead of waiting for everyone to return to the PA. I'm guessing it's a blast. Everyone is in such wonderful spirits and it really shows how lucky we are to be on the Vineyard and what a generous and giving place this is. Thank you to all who gave and to the Harley Riders for their wonderful efforts on behalf of Island non-profit organizations in need.

I guess that's all there is. I wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Please be sure to get me your news and stories from the holiday to share next week.