Town Column

Oak Bluffs

By Megan Alley
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Posted November 21, 2007

Folks around town are getting prepared for Thanksgiving, both for the meal and any guests they might be awaiting. Even nature is co-operating as the weather now has that familiar "snap" to it and leaves remaining on the trees seem to be more orange and red than usual. We are awaiting the arrival of our son, Dion, and his wife, Deb, along with their children, Sam, Ben, and Paige from South Carolina. They, along with our daughters Mary and Kati and their children Marques, Matt, Nicholas, Talia and Jeremy and their guests will be giving thanks at our table. This year we are all most thankful that once more my 95-year-old mother-in-law Betty Alley will be able to share the day with us all. Sophie and Nana, our labs, will get as close to the guests and table as possible, hoping for unexpected food accidents that will end up being a treat for them.

Rose Treat, along with Paul Brissette and Steve Lohman, has created a wonderful exhibit at the MVRHS. It is full of information about Martha's Vineyard seaweed. Ms. Treat has been working with seaweed for many years and has created many interesting pictures and items consisting of seaweed. The exhibit is right inside the main entrance to the high school.

Birthday smiles go out to Susan deBettencourt on Nov. 21, Gina deBettencourt on Nov. 23, Talia Luening and Pam Herman share Nov. 24, followed by Deb Brown on Nov. 25. Nora Jardin and Bill Anderson Jr. will have cake on Nov. 26.

Because of the holiday, the deadline for this week's paper was this past Friday so news is a bit short. Let me know of your guests and how you celebrated this special day. Please remember that the deadline is Monday before the Thursday publication.

Happy Thanksgiving. May you all get to spend it with those people you love best.

Enjoy your week.