Astrology - Getting used to this retrograde Mars...

By Arlan Wise - November 29, 2007

It's a different energy, one that keeps you going back into the house for items you forgot, or misplacing the scissors, finding items you were sure you'd lost, or bringing in waves of inertia. It's definitely a time to look back to the past and see if you want to continue on with the same behaviors, job, clothes, house, spouse, or if you want to let go and move on. When you find yourself in conflict, it is a message that you are not using your energy properly. You have to watch your anger and your negativity.

Mars in retrograde motion is excellent for planning important projects and for reworking existing plans. It is a great time to take a vacation or a hiatus from an ongoing difficult project.

Jupiter meets Pluto in the end of Sagittarius during this two-week period. This occurs every 12 years and is an opportunity for big growth in many directions. Keep an open mind and accept all possibilities.

Mars remains in retrograde motion until January 30.

Thursday, Nov. 29 Moon in Leo. A serious tone overshadows the day as the sun comes up to challenge Saturn. Your next lessons are being assigned and you will have to focus on work and self-improvement. Start ordering holiday toys and gifts for the kids now as retrograde Mars will present more problems than you usually have while holiday shopping.

Friday, Nov. 30 Moon in Leo, VC from 12:25 pm until 2:44 pm when it enters Virgo. Take a long slow lunch to fill up the midday VC period. There's a heaviness to the day that is always connected to Saturn. You are being tested to see if you can keep a balance between seeing the big picture and getting bogged down in the details.

Saturday, Dec. 1 Moon in Virgo. Mercury enters Sagittarius to lift your mind away from your personal problems towards thinking about global issues. Today is not a day to play. Sit down and organize your activities, work that must be done, and make your shopping list for December. Put your energies towards helping with a fundraiser or attending one.

Sunday, Dec. 2 Moon in Virgo, VC 9:12 pm. It's another good day to do the chores, recycle, fix up the house for winter, and sort through your life. Do the obvious house repair that you've been putting off. There's luck in the air so buy a lottery ticket, play poker with friends, and/or ask for a date. You'll find that it's easy to play once you finish your work.

Monday, Dec. 3 Moon in Libra. By now you've figured out how to work with Mars in retrograde motion. It's a good day to put up your holiday decorations at the office or store and at home. Send out invitations to your holiday party. Have a dinner date with your loved one and make it special. Shop for art, jewelry, flowering plants, and art supplies.

Tuesday, Dec. 4 Moon in Libra. Today is the day to go to a mediator or marriage counselor, as it will be easier than usual to find a place of compromise. Make peace where you have conflict in your life. Work goes well when you work as a team; it's a two-heads-are-better-than-one kind of day. Entertain your friends tonight.

Wednesday, Dec. 5 Moon in Libra, VC from 9:48 am until 1:31 pm when it enters Scorpio. Venus enters Scorpio and adds her weight to your emotional life. Use the VC period to examine your current state of being and intuit what else you want. Let your desires lead the way even if you don't act on them.

Thursday, Dec. 6 Moon in Scorpio. Mercury and Saturn challenge you to acknowledge the truth. You may have to say some hard things today. It's a great day for doing research of any kind. It's a good day for therapy or any type of self-examination. Do tomorrow's important work today as not much will happen tomorrow with the whole day under a VC moon.

Friday, Dec. 7 Moon VC Scorpio. Today is a day to break the mold. Nothing will go as it usually does. Do whatever you feel like doing. Forget your schedule and improvise. Forget the diet. Give yourself a day of freedom. If you try to continue with your daily routine you will find you will feel frustrated. It's a day to explore, expand, and experiment.

Saturday, Dec. 8 Moon in Sagittarius. This is the weekend to play and party. Go on a weekend trip to do outdoor sports and hiking. There's a good flow of energy to stay active and push yourself and endure cold temperatures. Keep on exploring and walk a different path. Take a weekend workshop that challenges your mind. Tonight is the dark of the moon, which makes it a great night for stargazing.

Sunday, Dec. 9 Moon in Sagittarius. Today's new moon brings inspiration. It helps you travel to far away places and thoughts in your mind. Discuss what you read in the Sunday newspapers and share opinions. Continue on with the weekend's fun and action. Create an adventure for today. Meditate while focusing on a candle's flame.

Monday, Dec. 10 Moon in Sagittarius, VC from 10:36 am until 1:51 pm when it enters Capricorn. You'll settle down and feel like getting back to work in the afternoon. Watch what you say as your thoughts may come out quickly before you can censor them. It's a foot-in-mouth kind of day. You'll hear what people really think.

Tuesday, Dec. 11 Moon in Capricorn, VC 6:57 pm. Jupiter meets up with Pluto and they want to offer you big gifts if you are in the right place in the right time. They tell you to think big when you are planning a trip, deciding what and where to study, or making a plan to bring you big bucks. It's a day of abundance if you are smart enough to figure out how to receive it.

Wednesday, Dec. 12 Moon VC Capricorn. It's another all VC day, and so it's hard to get your work done. Keep on track, don't try to start anything new or change how you do things. Venus is happy and you can keep her that way by being loving and kind.

Thursday, Dec. 13 Moon in Aquarius. Shop for computer games and equipment, electronic items, science fiction novels, and anything unconventional. It's a good day for group endeavors. Gather with co-workers and talk to make sure everyone is on the same page. Donate time and money to a community cause. Have a potluck fundraising dinner.