Astrology - Moving slowly...

By Arlan Wise - December 13, 2007

"Two Steps Forward...One Step Back..." was the description for Fall 2007. Now that the season is almost over, can you see how this energy pattern affected you in the past few months? Was it a time of much talk and little action? Mars will be in retrograde motion for another six weeks. Are you getting used to it?

Saturn, who is a perfectionist, joins Mars in retrograde motion to make life even stickier. You may find it hard to get out of the house and away from family issues. It will feel difficult to finish any project or proposal, as you won't think it can ever be good enough.

Jupiter ends his year of delivering bounty to Sagittarius and moves on to Capricorn. It will be a boon for Capricorns who will need all the help they can get when Pluto enters that sign in January. The place where Capricorn sits in your chart shows the area of life where you can plan to expand and grow.

Thursday, Dec. 13 Moon in Aquarius. Shop for computer games and equipment, electronic items, science fiction novels, and anything unconventional. It's a good day for group endeavors. Gather with co-workers and talk to make sure everyone is on the same page. Donate time and money to a community cause. Have a potluck fundraising dinner.

Friday, Dec. 14 Moon in Aquarius. Think about your fantasies and what they have to tell you. Chiron is sending you pointers on how to heal your health and psyche but you have to look for the information in dreams and reveries. Join in a group activity where you work with others for a cause. It's a good night for a holiday party.

Saturday, Dec. 15 Moon VC Aquarius, enters Pisces 8:15 am. It's a dreamy weekend when it will be hard to keep to your schedule, so don't try. Let your intuition lead your shopping. Buy crystals, yoga books and equipment, tropical fish and fish tanks, fishing gear, scuba equipment, and/or underwater cameras. Venus and Chiron force the issue concerning the status of your relationship.

Sunday, Dec. 16 Moon in Pisces. It will be a happy, peaceful day with a little surprise midday. Visit your shut-in and elderly friends. Take time to get lost in daydreams. Meditate for a long time. Take care of your houseplants. You'll feel it and want to join in the spirit of the holidays.

Monday, Dec. 17 Moon in Pisces, VC from 1:27 pm until 1:52 pm when it enters Aries. The sun and Mercury meet today to seed your mind with ideas. It is the halfway point between the last and the next retrograde period of Mercury. Today is the last day with Jupiter in Sagittarius (for the next 12 years). All Sagittarians have today and tomorrow morning as a last chance to take that risk and grab that opportunity.

Tuesday, Dec. 18 Moon in Aries. Venus plays with Uranus to free you to find pleasure in a different way. You need to do your own thing today. Jupiter enters Capricorn at 3:12 pm. He will help you open up and grow in your career, business, and search for fame. You have to buck the Mars retrograde tide at first but you can persevere on with something new, so make a plan.

Wednesday, Dec. 19 Moon in Aries, VC from 2:33 pm until 4:38 pm when it enters Taurus. Saturn turns into retrograde motion at 9:11 am. This slows the pace of accomplishment even more as you must recheck the details of your life with a critical eye. Hidden truths will be revealed today for you to deal with. The lesson is patience.

Thursday, Dec. 20 Moon in Taurus. Mercury enters Capricorn to add to the practical, earthy energy that surrounds us. It helps you stay grounded and focused. The sun and Pluto have their annual rendezvous and this meeting adds intensity to the day. Be aware of power issues and ego stuff that will come up in you and others. It's a day to do something significant.

Friday, Dec. 21 Moon VC Taurus, enters Gemini 5:41 pm. Note that the moon is VC all day. Don't shop, wait until this evening when it will be fine to shop online. Indulge your senses today. Eat a gourmet lunch, get a massage, go for beauty treatments, and eat chocolate. Today is the last day of Sagittarius and the last day of fall.

Saturday, Dec. 22 Moon in Gemini. The sun enters Capricorn at 1:08 am. Happy Winter Solstice. Today is the day for setting winter resolutions and goals. Someone may say something that will upset you. Mars retrograde in Cancer is like a pressure cooker with the steam contained. It can cause an emotional explosion or can be used in a controlled discussion.

Sunday, Dec. 23 Moon in Gemini, VC from 3:25 pm until 5:18 pm when it enters Cancer. The sun connects with Jupiter and they give you luck, joy, and blessings. It makes tonight's full moon special and gives an aura of luck to the coming month. Make a wish, say a prayer, and set an intention.

Monday, Dec. 24 Moon in Cancer. It's an emotional day as Mars and the sun face off. There will be times when it feels too hard to keep it together. Minimize your stress if you can. This energy stirs up old anger concerning your childhood, the family, and issues about your home. Buy cookware, photo albums, snuggly blankets, and traditional holiday food for last-minute gifts.

Tuesday, Dec. 25 Moon in Cancer, VC from 8:17 am until 6:52 pm when it enters Leo. The VC moon emphasizes that this is a day for rest, celebration, family connections, and love. It's a sentimental moon so you'll miss your family members who have passed away. Have a lovely Christmas. Pray for peace.

Wednesday, Dec. 26 Moon in Leo. It's a party day. There's a lot of energy, which can be used for playing. Play with the kids and their new toys. If you are feeling serious, this is also good work energy and you can get a lot done. It's easy to go over the top emotionally so be aware of your moods and own them.

Thursday, Dec. 27 Moon in Leo, VC 9:54 pm. Let your creative side run the day. You can go on and on without tiring. You'll want to do everything "your way" and can't be told what to do. Everyone feels the same way you do, so let the kids enjoy their vacation and bend the rules a bit. Make this a special evening for you and your loved one.