Cookies for causes

Posted December 20, 2007

Island school children have learned that a beneficial way to fundraise is by tempting the taste buds of fellow Islanders. During the past two weekends, the West Tisbury School and the Vineyard Montessori School have held their own bake sales in Vineyard Haven, for separate causes.

Molly Houghton, Lucas Dutton, Jessica Haynes, and Lucie Soares
West Tisbury students sold baked goods in front of the Linden Tree last Saturday. From left are Molly Houghton, Lucas Dutton, Jessica Haynes, and Lucie Soares. Photo by Susan Safford. Click photo for larger version.

On Dec. 8, Vineyard Montessori students, teachers, and parents sold breads, holiday-decorated cupcakes, cookies, and more to Vineyard Haven passers-by. Over $400 was collected, which was given to the Red Stocking Fund. In turn, the Red Stocking gave the school permission to use the cash to buy toys for children under two years old. The class shopped at Brickman's and brought the toys back to the organization to be wrapped.

On a cold Saturday, Dec. 15, the West Tisbury School's class of 2012, currently in fourth grade, raised money for future class trips. In their fourth annual December bake sale, they sold a variety of snacks: lollipops, cupcakes, cookies, and other goodies, under the Linden Tree. The class raised approximately $470.