Oak Bluffs Town Column

By Megan Alley - December 20, 2007
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For this past week we have all had to either splash, slip, slide, skate, or plow our way through what nature has left on the ground for us. I think we have been through every kind of winter weather possible in the shortest period of time. The wind blew off most of the leaves that remained on the trees, scattering them throughout our lawn, which meant that when we put our outside Christmas lights on the fence, it was necessary to wade through piles of leaves and now those too are covered by snow and ice.

The school is requesting that anyone who arrives at the early to pick up students to please not leave their cars running. The exhaust fumes are not only bad for the environment, but also unhealthy for everyone.

Reminder: students will be dismissed for the holiday vacation tomorrow, Dec. 21, at 12 noon.

Eighth-grader Zion Morris had a recent opportunity to dance for a Nickelodeon film for TV. For eight hours, he got to dance and be interviewed for a Health Special. Zion trained under Kelly Peters and we will have an opportunity to see him on TV in March.

Speaking of TV, did anyone else get as confused as I did when our local TV cable provider switched some of the cable stations to Digital? I turned to my favorite news channel, NECN, when I suddenly realized everything was being spoken in Spanish. Now you need to understand that a couple of nights previous to this, I had watched the movie "Red Dawn". For those of you unfamiliar with this movie, it is about a group of mercenaries from South America attempting to take over the United States. So for one brief moment I wondered if perhaps that was what was happening. Then as I scanned the channels, I realized the schedule, for me, was all messed up. After some calls to the cable company and being instructed to punch in different buttons, they explained about the channels. When I asked about the schedule that I could no longer find, I was told that was no longer available unless you had digital but the rep very kindly offered to e-mail me one. The one she e-mailed me was the old one, so no help there. Two days later I went to the local company here and they had just received the new schedules. Nothing like making a change and one of the first stations taken out for us ordinary folk who don't have digital, is the schedule so now we can no longer tell where to find our favorite programs. After all that I decided I rather listen to the radio or read a book anyway!

Our sympathies to the family of Rose Anthony who passed away on Sunday. I remember her as Miss Bufalo the fourth grade teacher at the Tisbury School. Rose made a lasting impression on everyone who met her and got great joy out of life. She leaves nine children and their spouses, grandchildren and a plethora of friends.

We send Birthday Smiles to Lois Debettencourt and Bill Jones tomorrow, and Rae Carter, Sandra deBettencourt, Bertie Madeiras and Ruth Hughes on Saturday.

Please remember that although this may be a joyous time for many people, it may be a struggle for many others. Take time to drop in on anyone you know that may be having a hard time coping with this severe weather or perhaps are lonely for company. Check with your Church or Senior Centers to see if they know of someone who needs a bit of extra cheer. Spread your joy around and watch it multiply.

Enjoy your week.