Tisbury Town Column

By Kay Mayhew - December 20, 2007
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Christmas is really near. I know this is true because the penguins are in residence at Bramhall & Dunn. Downtown is twinkling with little white lights. Sioux Eagle has set up her sparkly windows. Lots of selected books are in the windows of the Bunch of Grapes Bookstore.

If you are looking for a special stocking stuffer, there is a pretty pearl bracelet available at The Beach House. All the money goes to the fund set up for young Samantha Cassidy, who was diagnosed with lymphoma and has been treated in Boston. Samantha is the daughter of Debbie Grant and Mike Cassidy.

Shoppers who want a break can enjoy the Sunday and Monday night suppers from 5 to 8:30 pm at Zephrus. The limited menu suppers will run through March and include a light and a vegetarian meal. Susie Goldstein says it's a way to stay open every day in the winter.

The message at the First Baptist Church by Rev. Roger Spinney says, "Christmas is not a day. It is a state of mind."

Friends of Nancy Young should take a minute out of the holiday preparations to e-mail good wishes. She is usually in good spirits and now at the Susan Bailis Assisted Living Center, 352 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115. She is very sick and is undergoing radiation and chemo treatments. She loves email and will enjoy your messages at ncyoung@katama.net. She is happy to have phone calls when she is feeling well at 508-274-5372.

If you are looking for a good book to read over the holidays, try Shirley Mayhew's "Seasons of a Vineyard Pond." Copies are available at the Vineyard Haven Library because it is the new topic of the Sustainable Book Club. This Island group reads and discusses books that examine our relationship with nature. Sponsored by all Island libraries as well as Felix Neck, Polly Hill, and The Conservation Society, newcomers are welcome. The next meeting is at our library next year on Thursday, Jan. 17, at 5:30 pm.

Ralph Nader has written a small book called "Seventeen Traditions." It is about his youth in the small town where I grew up in northwestern Connecticut. He is a little older than I, but he does treasure some of the same memories of being a child in a small rural community when a youngster could roam all over town. It was certainly a different world for children, growing up before the days of television.

The congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Society had a wonderful surprise for the Rev. Judy Campbell last week. The plain wooden interior doors leading from the vestibule have now been replaced with lovely new doors. They are in honor of the Rev. Campbell's ministry as well as in memory of several past members. The doors were made by Tim Colon, a carpenter who specializes in fine carpentry and restoration. There are clear diamond panes matching the pattern in the church windows. The doors fit in so well that they look as if they have always been there.

Congratulations to Fred and Jill LaPiana who will celebrate their anniversary on Saturday. Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Vera Shorter on Saturday.

Heard on Main Street: "Be naughty. Save Santa the trip."