West Tisbury Town Column

By Hermine Hull - December 20, 2007
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There are some days that are so perfect in their ordinariness; they are the ones I treasure most. Today was one of those to look back on and to hold in my heart.

Early in my marriage, my Aunt Janice told me that it was important to plan vacations together, that over the years wonderful memories would be made by the highlighted times. Neither Mike nor I are much interested in traveling anywhere, even to Vineyard Haven (although we did go to get our Christmas tree from the Legion Pumper stand). I used to worry about Janice's admonitions, that there would be nothing for Mike and me to look back on, that our marriage would somehow be less happy or rich for lack of those made experiences.

But after a lot of years together, it is the daily-ness I treasure, the walks on the beach and the drives to get there in a car full of dogs, the Sunday afternoons spent splitting and stacking wood or watching the Patriots win their 14th straight game, the breakfast, lunch, and dinner days of work and whatever. I think we spend a lot of time together just around the property doing whatever we're doing. Our work and our home and our town make up our lives.

This is on my mind, especially following a week of occasions where most of the dearest people in our lives were gathered together. Last Tuesday was the library party. The town party was last Thursday night and on Saturday many of the same friends and neighbors met at Grace Church and later at Allen and Lynne Whiting's to remember Nancy Whiting. It is important to me to cherish the patterns and traditions that describe West Tisbury, and the connections we share with one another.

One of the topics of discussion last week was how disappointed many folks were to have missed the town party. It was a horrible night with ice and accidents throughout town. The party went on as planned and was as always, filled with conviviality, delicious food, and baskets of greenery. When I spoke with Betsey Mayhew and Pat Waring later in the week, they made a suggestion that we have a second town party, maybe around Valentine's Day, as a "make-up" for the one so many people missed. Should this idea appeal to you, call Betsey or Pat, and make your opinions known. They are willing to coordinate things if we all pitch in. Just a thought.

Arnie Fischer asked me to let everyone know that his mother, Priscilla, is now living at Long Hill. Please visit her if you would like to.

Tom Vogl and Katherine Long will host their annual Winter Solstice Party this Sunday, Dec. 23, from noon to 8 pm at their home off of Scotchman's Bridge Lane. Everyone is welcome (except dogs). Please bring a potluck offering to share and see you there.

Sue Hruby's birthday on Dec. 16 was supposed to be celebrated with a dinner party at our house. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed because of the weather that seemed worse earlier in the day. On the bright side, she gets to enjoy a spread-out "birthday season" instead of a mere one-day event. She had asked for friends to all send her pictures of themselves toasting her on her birthday and reported a good show.

Bill Logue turned 50 on Dec. 18, and celebrated with a party at his home in West Hartford, Conn., over the weekend. Ernie Mendenhall and Kathy Logue, Margaret Logue, and Megan Mendenhall drove down from here. They had a great time and were able to get home safely, although Kathy said they never even saw a snowplow on 495.

I called Jeremiah Brown (our Tree Warden) to ask about the winter moths that have appeared the last week or so. The females, who are wingless, seem to be all over our trim and shingles, while the males flutter around the porch light at night. I wondered if the broad variance in temperatures, along with heavy rains, might kill or at least dislodge them and disrupt their cycle. Jeremiah sounded hopeful that this might be the case. Many people have reported that there seem not to be the clouds of flying moths as they drive home in the evenings that had been seen the past two years. Maybe the worst of it is finally over.

Woolcott and Leah Smith are excited grandparents of Nova, their daughter Amelia's new baby. Welcome to the world, Nova.

The JC Jazz Trio will perform at the library this Friday afternoon, Dec. 21, at 4 pm. Don't forget that the library and town offices are closed both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

There was a funny moment at the end of Nancy Whiting's memorial service when the minister advised everyone to wear sensible shoes to walk through the icy fields when they went to Allen and Lynne's later in the day. As we came out of the church, several people commented on this, and the obvious fact: "We always wear sensible shoes in West Tisbury."