Chilmark Town Column

By Jacqueline Sexton - December 27, 2007
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Here we are on a glum not quite raining or snowing Friday morning trying to find something newsworthy - or even not newsworthy - to report, in compliance with another early deadline. That means the column will come out a week after we write it. The paper works its wonders in strange and mysterious ways. In the midst of all the seasonal comings and goings, people are still enjoying dentist appointments, flu shots and other extraneous activities. There seem to be more people traveling off-Island this Christmas than usual, and there are numerous Christmas trees still for sale, whatever that means, if anything. We'll observe the winter solstice on Saturday and try to get everything done that we have to do on the shortest day of the year.

The holiday party at the library, put on by those super party-givers, the Friends, was a feast of good cheer, good spirit, and good food. Everyone came and everyone was merry and smiling. As usual, the elegant repast - shrimp, lox, chocolates, cheese and so on - drew everyone to the festive board with the beautiful red-and-white flowers in the bright red watering can. The younger set ran in and out shopping the book sale tables in the hallway. Quite a crowd filled the crafts table making artistic arrangements of greenery into swags for their front doors and mantelpieces. Ebba was running back and forth replenishing supplies, and Kristin was clicking away taking photos for posterity. Meanwhile, the brass section of the Vineyard Haven Band thumped out old favorites and new. Shauna Nute and Ladislav Navratil played trumpets, Frank Dunkl, double bell euphonium, Peter Dunkl, French horn, William Aitken trombone, and Robert Maxwell, tuba. They delighted their audience. Peace on Earth; Good will to everyone!