Tisbury Town Column

By Kay Mayhew - December 27, 2007
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Last week was dreary with gray skies and clouds often drizzling raindrops. But the bright smiles and cheerful news filling the air made all our spirits bright.

Most delightful was Lynne Benson's happy news that she is now cancer-free. Her happy grin announcing this wonderful news was enough to lighten the skies for all of us. She will continue with limited hours at The Heath Hen as she has also decided to enjoy her life and the world around her with some leisure time.

Another friend announced a series of calamitous events ending in the loss of her credit card. But she had cleverly lost it at the bank so there were really no problems in the final accounting.

Anna Marie D'Addarie was traipsing around in flip-flops, careful not to mar her lovely pedicure in preparation for a holiday cruise. She was off to enjoy warm sun and the affectionate company of her daughter.

The elves at the Post Office were delivering parcels even before the e-mails were sent to say the packages were in the mail. UPS and FedEx were not far behind, all striving to help Santa make the holidays especially nice.

Many unnamed persons were secretly shopping for Santa. Several even quietly admitted to purchases to fill their own stockings as well. Who better to guess the desires?

I know that Katharine Cornell would have delighted in the showing of "Alice In Wonderland" at the Cornell Theatre at 11:30 am on Monday, New Year's Eve day. Based on the 1865 book by Lewis Carroll, this is the classic Disney animated version of Alice's adventures as she follows a white rabbit into a "Wonderland" of her own imagination. On her journey, she encounters the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and a host of other beloved characters brought to life with the usual Disney zest. This picture combines stellar animation with upbeat songs such as "I'm Late." Don't you be late to enjoy this treat for the holidays.

Jim Norton is preparing to illuminate your mind in a six-part series he has titled "Under the Burqa." Join Jim on Wednesdays at 7 pm from Jan. 9 through Feb. 22 at the library to imagine and discuss the lives of women living in south Asia. An expert on the religion, customs and history of this part of the world, he received his doctorate from the University of Madras and will use his textbook "Global Studies: India and South Asia," as well as "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Kahled Hosseini and "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi. These books are on hold for you at the library. Call 508-696-4211 ext. 16 to sign up for the free course.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Peter VanTassel, Toby Riseborough, and Denise Dorsey Cafarelli. They will party on Saturday. The world celebrates on January 1 along with Steve Bernier. Best wishes for many happy returns, Steve. Happy birthday on Wednesday goes out to John Chapman.

Heard on Main Street: Happy New Year!