Street Light Art: A performance art event on Saturday

This Saturday, August 16, at sunset, two widely respected Vineyard artists will combine their talents with technology to create a unique performance art event on the beach at the Edgartown Lighthouse at the end of North Water Street. Traeger di Pietro and Kenneth Vincent, friends and fellow Island painters, plan to share their creative vision, […]

Invited Artisanal Expo at Mikel Hunter in Edgartown

Michael Hunter, who built a following in the Island art scene for mixing wearable art with more traditional art forms at his gallery PIKNIK Art and Apparel in the Oak Bluffs Arts District, has brought together seven out-of-the-ordinary artisans this week for Propaganda, an Invited Artisanal Expo, at his new Edgartown location. Now called Mikel Hunter, […]

Field Gallery: Coastal landscapes by Mooney and ‘The Man’ series by di Pietro

Vermont artist Craig Mooney, whose landscapes are currently on exhibit at West Tisbury’s Field Gallery, grew up summers in Edgartown. His handsome landscapes, which lean toward a generic form of abstraction, reflect the influence of that childhood experience. Mr. Mooney is sharing space at the Field Gallery with Vineyard painter Traeger di Pietro. “I use […]

Rich orange palette in Mark Zeender’s abstract landscapes

Washington-based painter Mark Zeender brings a stunning palette of burnt sienna, tangerine, and amber to his handsome abstract landscapes now on display at Cousen Rose Gallery in Oak Bluffs through Friday, August 1. “I’m a modern painter,” he said. “I’m not concerned with the ‘lie of depth.’ I’m concerned with the picture plane and the […]

Christina Gallery expands its post-Impressionist collection

Already the Island’s go-to gallery for European as well as American Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, the Christina Gallery in Edgartown has added substantially to its collection of art from this period. New works on display include a series of 10 original lithographs by French painter Maurice Utrillo, and additions to the gallery’s already extensive holdings […]