Poets’ Corner: Becalmed in Holmes Hole

Twenty eight restless kids peer out over the rails but there’s no wind to fill Shenandoah’s sails The bunks are made and clothes all put away Everyone on board hopes we’ll sail today No one likes the situation we are in Even the crew’s patience wears thin Several small hands scrub the deck clean and […]

Brickner Poetry Contest invites young writers

Attention all young poets! The 20th annual Elisa Brickner Poetry Contest sponsored by the Chilmark Public Library is now underway. “Don’t forget to enter!” says program coordinator Kristin Maloney. The contest welcomes entries from young people entering grades 6 through 12. There are two age categories: Junior High School (grades 6, 7, 8), and Senior […]

Poets’ Corner: Our new telephone poles

Our new telephone poles Standing so straight and tall. What have you done To incur the wrath of us all? Erect as a guard of sentries Along our one-lane roads, Your naked brown wood A story of nature told. A mountainside forest, Stout, heavy-limbed trees; Tops bend ever so much, The stiffest of breeze. Strong […]

Poets’ Corner: Just Like Me

If you can’t deny that things have changed And life, as before, is rearranged If you once were warm but now feel colder Accept the truth; you’re getting older. If thin skin itches and you need to scratch If you worry that your clothes don’t match If you tightly squint your failing eyes If you […]

Poets’ Corner: Wall Street Spring

No birds ’cept pigeons that bring only litter; No robins to dig worms and proudly twitter. Only the pavement in bright dirty white, Full of fast people from daybreak till night. The street is narrow, but powerful still With people and money to do as they will. Those bulls and those bears in furious tilt […]

Mom was no poet

I hated her cooking…food from cans and boxes, ‘50s style. “Set the table, punkin’ and get the box of mashed potatoes out for me and the squirt cheese.” We ate what was squirted in front of us… or so Mom thought.

Island poets, inspired by the surrounding sea, will read in Salem

Four Martha’s Vineyard poets will travel to Salem this weekend to participate in the sixth annual Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Justen Ahren, Steven Ewing, Jennifer Tseng, and Rachel Baird will read poems underpinned by the theme of the ocean in a presentation named “Surrounded By Water.” The Island presentation is one of many events spread out […]