Shop Talk

The Net Result continues to offer quality seafood and take-out year round. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Who says we don’t have a mall on the Vineyard? Have you visited the Tisbury Marketplace on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven lately? For a location that has been around for many years, it has recently seen new additions to round out its spectrum of businesses.

Whether you are arriving or leaving, you have delicious food options available to you. On arrival is The Net Result, owned by the multi-generation Larsen family, which offers quality seafood, and a take out counter with prepared foods including sushi, fried clams, lobster, and burgers. For more information, visit or call 508-693-6071.

Next door lends itself to the kids in the family, as The Toy Box is the Island’s premier toy store. After 25 years in business, The Toy Box still offers the perfect toy for fun or for educational purposes as well as arts and crafts supplies. To find this year’s hottest toy gift, visit them from 10 am to 5 pm, year-round, or call them at 508-693-8182.

French Accent, a relatively new boutique home design studio that specializes in custom cabinetry and kitchens, is decked out with ideas for your upcoming interior projects. Call them at 508-687-9812, visit, or stop by the store Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm.

Martha’s Closet is next, and a great spot to find consignment clothing along with gently used clothing and accessories for women. Here you might find your holiday party dress or the perfect outfit for your next date. Regardless of your purpose, Martha’s Closet is there to help. For pertinent questions, you may reach them at 508-696-5488.

Thinking of building a home on the Island or renovating your current home? Call Andrew Flake, general contractor and builder of more than 40 Vineyard homes over the last 27 years, who specializes in residential and renovation construction only. You may reach his team at 508-693-3340.

Looking to lower your ears? Visit Bert’s Barber Shop for an efficient, smart-looking short cut in no time. Walk-ins are welcome, or call ahead at 508-693-2277.

If you, like most of us, have the need for some financial advice, Duncan Business Associates is within your reach. They are available for any financial service, including taxes, and can be reached at 508-696-9400.

Are you tired of not being able to clearly hear your state-of-the-art TV? Have you been dreaming about a surround sound system that will make you jump out of your chair every time a scary movie plays on TV? Well, Home Electronic Design can help you with that. How about integrating all of your household electronics into one panel, so that your audio, lights, and heat are adjusted with one touch? Stop in or call them at 508-696-4899 to find out how much easier your life can become.

Have you been avoiding your annual dental cleaning? Dockside Dental is open and ready to accept new patients. Call today to make you appointment at 508-693-7300.

Phew, you must be getting hungry after visiting all those stores, but before you refuel why not relax at the brand-new Martha’s Vineyard Film Center? Run by the membership driven Martha’s Vineyard Film Society, the newest theater on the Island has stadium seating with large cushioned chairs.

The Society is “dedicated to screening the best independent films, movie classics, documentaries and world cinema for diverse audiences of all ages,” according to its website,, which is where you can find out more information about their screenings as well as membership.

If you just finished a movie and are famished, a step next door will lead you into Rocco’s Pizza, where you can pick up a pizza, calzone, salad, or other luscious Italian dish to eat in or take home.

Speaking of homes, RE/MAX on island is one real estate office to check out and see what’s available on Island to buy or rent seasonally, along with a welcoming place to list your home should you want to sell. Pop in the office upstairs or call 508-696-3704 for an appointment.

Have a sweet tooth in the afternoon? One of the newest additions to the Tisbury Marketplace is Not Your Sugar Mamas, which is a raw chocolatier company. Here they carry the extremely popular line of raw chocolates, but also herbal energy beverages and a coffee alternative, Chilmark Coffee Company coffee, and more delicious chocolate-based healthy treats such as cookies and brownies. Most products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free.

Not to be outdone by all the other business, the award winning Hutker Architects is available for full service of architectural and interior design. To view some of their most popular designs, and to learn more, visit them on the web at

The only seasonal business, Saltwater Restaurant, is now closed, but we look forward to seeing what they have to offer come spring. Visit for more information and a peek inside.

Jessica Lyon, co-owner of Slip 77 in Oak Bluffs, only had positive things to say about the store's first summer in business. — Photo by Katryn Yerdon

The high season is over, and many observers agree that main streets were bustling — in all three down-Island towns. The question is, how did some of our freshmen stores find their first season here on the Vineyard?

Thankfully, three of our newest additions — Kissmet in Edgartown, Slip 77 in Oak Bluffs, and Juliska in Vineyard Haven — were kind enough to share their first-season impressions.

Recep Dinli, owner and operator of Kissmet, a unique Turkish-inspired store that offers items such as handmade ceramics, furniture, rugs, Kilim (tapestry woven) bags, and home décor, was very effusive about his first season on the Vineyard.

“It was a wonderful year and we felt very welcomed,” he said. “People thanked us for bringing all these flavors and not being another tee-shirt shop, which was exhibited by our having to ship all over the country this past season. One of our most popular items, the Kaftan Boot, sold over 300 pairs, while our lights did very well — people really enjoyed them. They came back for a second and sometimes third lamp. The Kilim Bags were also very popular.”

Mr. Dinli also shared his favorite moment: “My favorite thing this summer season was being able to share our Turkish customs with new people we have met here.”

He is also already looking forward to next season: “I am most excited about meeting new people who will become our friends next season. We were very blessed that our many customers this year have been talking so positive about us that new people come in daily.”

Jessica Lyon, co-owner of Slip 77 in Oak Bluffs, was also very enthusiastic about the clothing boutique’s first season. “It was a really great summer for us,” she said. “I think it turned out better than we expected, and we got really great feedback. I don’t think there really was a downside as it was such an excellent summer and with the help of great weather from the moment we opened on Memorial Day weekend we were really able to enjoy being part of Oak Bluffs.”

Slip 77’s location turned out to be their favorite part of their freshmen season. “[It was] the positive feedback from the town itself, as we had numerous year-round people of Oak Bluffs stop in to share their positive comments and really made us feel part of the community,” Ms. Lyon said.

In regards to their most popular items and what is in store for the future, Ms. Lyon was quick with her response. “The HIHO clothing line from the Virgin Islands was by far our most popular line. It is primarily island wear, linen wear, and beach cover-ups that fit a lot of different body types, hence its popularity. As far as what we will carry in future seasons, well, we are moving toward carrying our own line of Slip 77 that will cover all products, not just tee-shirts and sweatshirts. We will also be carrying a lot of new brands as we have learned more about what people want so that we can tailor our selections to the community and the shoppers that come here.”

Veteran Main Streeter Robert Cropper manages Juliska, a home goods store specializing in tableware located on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. Mr. Cropper was extremely pleased with the first season’s success.

“We did very well. We opened Memorial Day Weekend with a running start and continued with a very strong July and August,” he said. “September was a little off and then now, mid October to mid November, tends to be the slowest time of year. This of course being my experienced opinion as I have been on Main Street since 1997, having worked in this building when it was Bramhall & Dunn, to Bongo next door, and even having opened the original Café Moxie in 1998 with Tina Miller.”

Looking forward to the holiday season, all three businesses will remain open. Juliska is currently preparing to set up the store for the holidays, and they they already have a small enticement for early shoppers.

Mr. Cropper has some tips for you as well: “We are going to have a lot of holiday items for the home, not just Juliska products but a lot of different things,” he said. “It is also the time of year in which we decide which items we are going to retire and then they go to sale at half price. Our red and green selection titled Ruby & Garden Green is now all half price and they are perfect for the holidays.”

For more information, call the store at 508-562-4010 or visit

Slip 77, located on Lake Street across from Jim’s Package Store, will also be open on weekends through the holidays, with many great sales. Ms. Lyon reminds everyone, “We still have some summer stock, and buying out of season is when you will get the best deals. Also our Slip 77 tee-shirts and sweatshirts are very popular, and they are in stock and make great gifts.” Slip 77 will be closing after the holidays to shop for their new lines before they reopen in April. Call them at 508-687-9975 or visit

Finally, Kissmet will also be open through the holidays, but you might not catch Mr. Dinli himself in the store when you visit, as he will be traveling up and down the East Coast hosting trunk shows with his rug line. He will ensure that the store is open each day and stocked for your holiday shopping. Kissmet will then close in January for a short break so that Mr. Dinli can visit his family back in Turkey before he returns to open with many new items. For more information, call 508-939-4527 or search them on Facebook.

Fall is here, and it is certainly a colorful time of year. Taking a casual walk down Main Street in Vineyard Haven last week, I was struck at the kaleidoscope of fall colors emanating from the storefronts. It is a nice time to head out for a little sunshine and crisp air, and maybe you can find a perfect fall-colored something for yourself or your home. Here is a sampling of options I found.

At Citrine, a bead and women’s clothing store, fall is in the air with their Ozone over-the-knee socks, a Belgo Lux Belt, or a Pickastitch wrap scarf, along with a host of footwear and beads.

Island Fashion, a women’s clothing and accessory store located in the plaza by Bob’s Pizza, has exceptional coordinating bra and panty sets, tall leather boots, jackets, and even fall-ish bathing suits for that warm-weather vacation.

Nochi, a store that offers everything from fresh flowers to home décor and clothing, embodies the natural neutral colors found in nature. With many soft shades of brown and beige, you may be pleased with this season’s shades in such special items as Re-set Italian sweaters, elbow length fingerless gloves, and Prairie Underground sweat jackets (they are too stylish to call them sweatshirts in my humble opinion).

As you walk in to the Beach House, you immediately smell the outdoors via the sweet scents of fall emanating from the candles and soaps. Hues of nature can be found in the Green Tea Energizing body wash and lotion by NECTAR, along with the seasonal paper products for those pleasant holiday guests. You could also splurge on a cooking apron or linen napkins to complete your hostess/host duties. You could also go over the top by adding in some indestructible Le Deaux poly carb glasses, and their autumn-themed dishes and hand towels have just arrived.

Bespoke Abode, a home furnishings and accessories boutique that offers an expanded line of its very own Martha’s Vineyard Furniture Company pieces, encourages you to find the pieces that are perfect for you. If you are one who loves the bright oranges to the shades of brown denoted by the changing of the trees, then you are in the right place. Their line of pendant lights will give you atmospheric light, while their colorful poof ottoman is on sale, and their M.V. Furniture Company’s original designed Zip Code Pillows let people pick their favorite town. The carpets and so much more can be customized to be partnered with their interior design company, Martha’s Vineyard Interiors.

Mix, a store that sells both new and vintage items, is located on the corner of Main and Union streets. Leave plenty of time to browse when you enter this treasure of a store. In my perusal, I found the season’s hues in their beaded colored belts by About Color that had unique wooden clasps, along with American Southside Alpaca sweaters, Salaam shirts that are made in the U.S., and Baggallini bags that would look great with the Grace woven hats.

Also on this corner is Two Susan’s, a smart gift shop that stocks items for your garden to your table and everyplace in between. Here it was tough to pick just a few samples of the season because it is filled with so many appropriate wonders. Most appropriate goes to Leaf Leather Bags that have a black leather base and a brown overlay with leaves etched into it. Next to these bags are Spartina bags, and hanging above them was Jungle Bird Wind chimes that just might be mistaken for an actual bird. If you enjoy a terrific smelling home, the San Miguel Teakwood diffuser can assist with that task.

Finally, Off Main, a gift store that is known for books, nautical items, selections for children, and knickknacks for the home, has an all-time favorite selection of lighted floral bunches that will brighten any space. Their current selection is very earthy in hue and available in a broad style of flowers. The bamboo all-occasion Veneerware provides a feel-good solution for the need for disposable dishes and flatware, while Jennifer Thames original earrings will have all the ladies wondering where you got them.

Whatever your reason, head out and enjoy the kaleidoscope of fall colors in the foliage and in shops. As this was just a small sampling of what is available in Vineyard Haven in my favorite seasonal hues, you are encouraged to visit us at and comment on the column with some of your favorites.

Halloween is upon us and if you need help with preparation, here are some ideas for saving time and costs.

The almighty decorated pumpkin is a must for any Halloween home, though preparing and carving your pumpkin can be a big time consumer. Possibly the easiest, yet most festive way to decorate your pumpkin could be the cartoon-themed inserts ($6.99 per set) sold at the Stop & Shop Pharmacy.

The choices range from Mickey Mouse to Pooh, and are dressed in Halloween costumes. The simple five pieces of inserts include the head, arms, and feet that will transform your pumpkin in less than a minute from plain to fun. Another plus is that the stakes are not sharp, so kids can decorate their own pumpkins, and they will last a lot longer than those that get carved.

For lighting up your festive area, think paper lanterns that you can decorate yourself with a marker. Shades of white, orange, and black can be found at Rainy Day in Vineyard Haven for as little as $9, and they are easy to plug in. Rosebuds on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs also carries lanterns, but they might pale in comparison to the store’s enormous selection of wonderful Halloween supplies from the latest in costumes to household decorations and party supplies.

Preparing for trick or treaters? If you are using your front hallway to great your costumed neighbors, dress up your furniture with old white sheets, some twigs from the yard, and some cheesecloth from your kitchen. Covering all available furniture with the sheets and using the twigs as spooky accents along with cheesecloth spread over mirrors and pictures can turn your welcome area into a spooky lair. If you don’t have old sheets laying around, try finding some at our area thrift stores, like the Boys & Girls Club Second Hand Store in Edgartown or the Community Services Thrift Shop on Chicken Alley in Vineyard Haven. While there, wander a bit: you might be inspired with some more options for decorations or possible costumes for the whole family.

Finally, how about dressing the house up with some Mad Scientist jars? This is a great, quick, inexpensive project for the whole family. Here is the how-to on making these spooky treasures, compliments of


Glass jars

Black spray paint

Wax metallic finishes or grayish glitter paint (optional)

Plastic toys: bugs, rodents, and doll heads look best


Food coloring

Measuring cup

Sir stick

Tags or paper to make your own

Ink pad(optional)

Twine or string



Wash the jars and lids thoroughly. Spraypaint the lids and once dry apply the wax metallic finishes, or some grayish glitter paint to them for an aged look. Fill a measuring cup with water. Add a drop of food coloring and stir. Add more food coloring or more water to get the intensity of color that you want. Place a toy or knickknack into the jar with water. Screw lid on tightly. Using the tags, write out a label for each jar. To antique the tags, gently pat or rub them on an ink pad. Tie the labels onto the jars with twine.

To highlight them, place the made jars in an area that is darker and backlight the jars with tea lights or the flameless version to give them an even eerier look. Also, for the smaller scary items, you could add some gelatin to the water and as it begins to thicken, push in your items, such as plastic spiders, in so that they appear to float in the middle of the jar.

Should you not have the materials on hand, you may find all your items at several places on the Island. Some suggestions: in Edgartown, Granite Ace Hardware; in Oak Bluffs the adjacent duo of Phillips Hardware and Rosebud’s will have what you need; in Vineyard Haven, Shirley’s has everything for your home needs, as well as being Halloween Central with a large selection of decorations to costumes and accessories relating to Halloween.

Kayaks are on sale now at Winds Up in Vineyard Haven. — Photo by Katryn Yerdon

Now is the time when many Island stores offer deep discounts on their wares to help clear out space for next season’s arrivals.

Do you have a winter getaway planned? Perhaps to a sunny, warm spot? Your summer wardrobe probably took some wear and tear, so why not give it an infusion of new outfits perfect for your winter vacation? Visiting clothing stores that specialize in summer or resort wear will be your best bet. Such examples include The Collection on the corner of Union and Main streets in Vineyard Haven, which has a colorful array of resort wear and fashion-forward sandals, along with accessories to match.

Eastaway Clothing on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs also carries a variety of lightweight, stylish clothing for both men and women. The selection ranges from swimsuits to dresses and baha shirts for men, along with shoes and accessories for all occasions.

If you are a lady looking for something funky and fresh, Megan’s across from The Flying Horses in Oak Bluffs has something for you. From dresses to jewelry, scarves to hairpieces, everything has its own unique vibe.

Then there is Vineyard Vines, preppy trend setters for resort and casual wear and well-known for styles including signature silk ties for men. Found in both Edgartown on Winter Street and on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, they make it easy to shop for sales along with the newest fashions for the peak of perfection on your trip.

And Pandora’s Box in Chilmark (Menemsha) announces its annual half-off everything sale that started Wednesday, Oct. 3 and runs through Monday, Oct. 8, 11 am to 6 pm.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of our numerous, exceptional stores that offer wonderful clothing selections and sales to boot.

The holidays aren’t that far off, and gift giving seems to never end. Those who live off Island but love to come and visit sometime each year always seem to enjoy an item that is emblazoned with Martha’s Vineyard or is from an icon connected to the Island itself. With our numerous tee-shirt and souvenir stores, most with some amazing sales currently going on, it’s easy to fill your shopping bag with some of their goodies.

Such examples include Shirt Tales, Soft as a Grape, Ocean T-shirts, the Black Dog stores, Menemsha Blues, Beetlebung Clothing, and the Island Grown Initiative shirts available at Cronig’s among other stores.

New Years Resolutions could also be your stimulation for shopping the current sales: why wait ’til New Years to begin your resolution. An example is a frequent choice of living a more active lifestyle. Think about it, you are choosing to start being more active when it is the coldest outside. Why not start now by taking up a water sport that you can stay dry in this autumnal weather while getting in an enjoyable workout and seeing the Island at its colorful best. Kayaking could fit that bill and with Winds Up’s current sale on kayaks, paddleboards, accessories, and so much more, it could be a perfect fit for you. They are located on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven; for their most current hours call them directly at 508-693-4252.

Sales don’t last forever, nor does inventory. So the next time you see a sale sign, stop in to see how you might benefit. Happy shopping!

Kissmet on Winter Street in Edgartown offers an exclusive twist for wedding gifts. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The fall wedding season is in full swing, with another month to go. If you have been invited to a wedding, but have been dragging your heels about a gift, here is a chance to be inspired.

If you want to give something more personal than cash or a registry gift, go for it — or combine one of their requested items with one picked by you. Should the bride and groom ask for a specific coffee maker, for instance, you could add some colorful coffee mugs from Chilmark Pottery, on State Road in West Tisbury. Depending on your budget, adding a creamer and sugar bowl could be a plus as well. Perhaps adding a colorful and warm blanket from Allen Farm or Island Alpaca would be appreciated when buying the set of sheets nominated on the registry. Should the newlyweds ask for decorative candle holders, which you may find at several stores around the Island, why not add some colorful linen napkins in the wedding colors or in shades matching the soon-to-be-newlyweds’ home. Colorful linens are easy to find on Island at one of our great home goods stores, along with such specialty shops as such as The Beach House or Juliska, both found on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, just across the street from each other. Speaking of candles, adding a Vineyard-scented candle to any gift would be a welcome way to encourage some additional romance for the lovebirds.

Unique and special gifts found on the Island number in the thousands for options, so you can’t miss in any of our amazing shops. Newlyweds will surely appreciate whatever you choose, whether they live here year-round or just come to visit while making special memories. How about matching heart glasses that work wonderfully as wine glasses, with the bottom color matching their wedding color, or perhaps choosing one of their decorative pieces in a fall design.

To commemorate a fall wedding, a colorful glass pumpkin or an apple will bring back fond memories every year it is brought out for display. Luckily they come in many different colors should you want to match the bridal color scheme, and given enough time M. V. Glassworks will work with you on a special commission for many shapes including a lovely vase that could be etched with the wedding date. For more ideas and information, visit them at their studio on State Road in West Tisbury or call them at 508-693-6026.

If you notice a trend in the registry for entertainment serve-ware or mood lighting, Kissmet on Winter Street in Edgartown offers an exclusive twist for wedding gifts. Their distinctive, colorful, handmade Turkish platters and serving dishes are remarkable, while a tea lover would enjoy their traditional small tea trays. A unique serving tray might just be the one that is in the shape of a star, but can be converted from one serving dish (with many separate areas) into 10 smaller serving dishes that would be a wonderful addition to any hostess’s cupboard. Also in Kissmet, you will find beautiful Turkish lamps, in various colors, styles, and sizes. Your only lighting limit will be how to choose just one or two, versus the whole array.

For those looking for a more traditional, or timeless gift, both Past & Presents on Main Street in Edgartown or Timeless Treasures on Main Street in Vineyard Haven could be your final stop. Past & Presents, which hosts many Island wedding registries, helps the shopper find the unique possibility of an antique heirloom from the Island or abroad, or something new. Known for their twin shops – that’s right, one shop just wasn’t big enough for their amazing selections – that boast everything from pewter candle centerpieces to large, ornate furniture, with lamps to complete the look, you will be hard pressed not to find the perfect gift for those most important to you.

Timeless Treasures, on the other hand, carries a unique selection of home goods right next to their array of women’s clothing and accessories. Any one of their special home goods pieces, from fine dining ware to coffee mugs, will bring a smile to whomever receives the gift.

When making a wedding gift, remember to have fun, choose with your heart, and keep in mind the wonderful recipients.

Fall officially arrives this Saturday, Sept. 22. This week, I asked local businesses about the latest trends in fall fashion.

Kara Dougherty-Merry, owner of Pandora’s Box in Menemsha and Suka in Edgartown, has been having success with, “The classic yummy sweater, which seems to be a fall transition piece that many choose to go with in a cardigan, oversized style. There is also a lot of lace detail, print on print or mixing of prints, as well as sheer keeps coming up for summer and fall,” she explained. “With the mixing of prints, it seems that people love it, as they are able to adapt to their own unique style versus a cookie cutter look. Pea coats are always popular with my customers, and the new retro motorcycle jackets have been garnering rave reviews. Finally, the color gold has been showing up frequently, sometimes paired with black or in a sheer piece. Personally I am a big fan of summer colors into winter fabrics, which I always look to have that in the store and people consistently respond positively to the combination.”

Pandora’s Box is open Thursday through Monday through Columbus Day and there are some sales going on currently through the remainder of the season.

Roni Hennessy, owner of Petunia’s Shoes on Main Street in Edgartown, shared: “As far as showing the transition from flip flops, which people are still in, to a closed toe shoe, the smoking shoe or slipper has been a very popular purchase for the last few weeks. The pony, animal prints, and the velvet styles have done phenomenally well. What draw customers to the shoe is its nice compromise of not being super pointy or super rounded and that it has an elongated foot bed with a lot of coverage. Looking toward boots, the short ankle boot with buckle or trim will be trending well and as always the ballet flat is still going strong. For those heading to warmer climates or on vacation, we are also having a 50 percent off sale on our summer shoe selection.”

Sherryl Schrader, co-owner of Moonstone Jewelers on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, remarked on jewelry trends: “We find that fine jewelry never goes out of style. New and exciting for those Islanders who have been so busy working all summer is Julie Miguel’s seasonal additions to her carved and inlaid banded bracelet line, Wampum by Julie. Another change in style is the fact that due to the increase in gold prices, designers have been working in silver instead which has allowed them to go bigger and bolder with their pieces, which our customers are loving.”

When shopping for clothing, a handy guide from Glamour Magazine online will remind you of the anticipated trends:

“Crimson is the it color, whether as the base or the accessory. Suits are trending to a mix of solid pieces in black and white. Burgundy for your PVC raincoat, while sweaters are warm and cozy with styles ranging from plain to graphic or fitted to oversized. Collars on clothing are in, just with a contrasting color from the rest of the shirt or dress. White is no longer for just summer as it has taken over for the LBD [little black dress] with an addition of a skinny black belt for contrast.

“Head warmth this fall can be found with a wide brimmed hat that provides an air of mystery. Prints for dresses are in with either a black and white scape or a bohemian, flowing style. Finally a gray dress, this year the shade is slate, will be a welcome addition that can carry through many years to come.”

A variety of knives available at LeRoux Kitchen in Vineyard Haven. — Photo by Katryn Yerdon

Since some of us already spend more than enough time in the kitchen on a daily basis without having to give up more of our precious time due to inadequate kitchen utensils. We can attempt to fix that by properly equipping our kitchens along with maintaining our utensils, which can sometimes mean the difference of several hours each week.

One of the biggest time stealers can be your chosen knives and their maintenance. A sharp knife is an effective knife and can greatly reduce time spent in the kitchen if you avoid the common mistake of using a dull knife. While using home sharpeners or a honing steel (a way to remove small food particles on your blade just before or after use and can be done on a daily basis) might help to maintain your knives edges, a visit to a professional sharpener up to twice a year is recommended.

LeRoux Kitchen on Main Street in Vineyard Haven sharpens knives with its professional sharpener. You just drop off your knives and they will call you when they are ready for pickup. This service has gotten so popular they are now upgrading their sharpener to a larger, more commercial version to be able to better service the Island.

While at LeRoux, you can spend some time looking over their extremely large selection of professional knives from the traditional J.A. Henckels to the ultra modern Shun lines. As to which style you choose, it will depends on your skill, the task at hand, how much you want to spend for a higher quality steel that will keep a sharper edge, and what feels most comfortable in your hand.

The staff at LeRoux is very knowledgeable and will to take the time to help you choose your perfect tool. Chris Brooks, the LeRoux associate with many years of knife knowledge under his belt, suggests “Maintaining your sharp knife requires extra care that includes using a knife block or wall mount, versus placing them unprotected in a drawer, and making sure that you hand wash them immediately with soapy water versus using placing them in a dishwasher where the edge can be banged around and the handle loosened, along with the fact that the detergent can etch the blade.”

Other time saving kitchen utensils are small choppers and larger food processors. In fact, a food processor is the exact tool Chef Antonio Saccoccia of The Grill on Main restaurant in Edgartown can’t live without. “While obviously my French knife is my most important tool, the food processor comes in as the most used, well rounded tool in my kitchen as it saves myself and my staff a lot of valuable time,” he says. “I use my processor daily for emulsifications, bread doughs, salad dressings, chopping and piecrusts.”

Other time saving tips include having a large sauté pan that can handle small and large amounts without having you struggle to fit the food in the pan when turning it. Having an all metal sauté pan allows you the option to sear your food on the stove then slide it in the oven to finish cooking, resulting in less clean up. Having a selection of glass mason jars on hand can cut down on preparation time as items such as salad dressings can be mixed, stored, and reused in them, as well as used for leftovers that can be opened and reheated (minus the metal lid) in the microwave. They are also a great way to store the remainder of your summer garden to enjoy this winter.

Whatever your choices to ease your time in the kitchen, always think efficiency, multipurpose and ease of use. For your upgrades, visit such Island greats as LeRoux Kitchen or any of our hardware stores including Shirley’s, Granite, Hinckley’s, Phillips, and Edgartown Hardware.

The interior of Beadniks. — Photo by Katryn Yerdon

In an era of immediate gratification, we can sometimes lose sight of the enjoyment obtained from making something unique with our own hands. The time invested can provide years to a lifetime of enjoyment in knowing that you had a hand in the design of a special treasure. Such is the case when you visit the original Beadniks store on Church Street in Vineyard Haven.

Beadniks, a bead emporium that encourages creativity, is the brainchild of founder Sally Roelser and harkens to a time when beads carried immense value. Here you will find a plethora of beads and jewels, ranging from simple to ornate, rare and original.

Accompanying the hand-picked specialty beads found in such faraway places as Java, Nepal, and Bali, or close to home selections that include wampum, you will find all the tools and accessories needed to work with beads. If you have never attempted to bead before, fret not, as the staff is well trained in the art of beading and is on hand to help or even organize a group for learning the art. Classes are also offered; just call in advance to learn when the next one is: 508-693-7650.

With the busy September wedding season arriving next month, it is not too late to host your own bridal party event right at the store or at a location of your choice. What a great way to provide your bridal party with jewelry for the trip down the aisle. You may pick out in advance the beads to be used for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, or you can let your bridal party wander the store to pick their favorites. Whatever you choose, it will be a memory to cherish for all times, with a gleaming reminder in the colorful art made that day.

For more information on hosting your own party, call them directly at the store. Keep in mind this is also a great idea for a birthday party for every girl ages eight and up, or if you are in the mood for a girl’s night out, maybe you can bond while beading.

Another reason to head in now to Beadniks is in preparation for the coming holiday season. Rather than going out and trying to find the perfect piece of jewelry for a special gift, why not make your own? Here you can account for people’s favorite colors, favorite metals, personality, and style, all in one gift. The meaning will be clear and even more appreciated with the knowledge that you not only picked each bead, but also created something, even something as simple as a wine glass charm.

With the holiday season come parties, and who hasn’t lost a wine glass or, worse, drunk from the wrong one? Why not make your own original glass charms to ensure you’re drinking from the right glass? If you are the hostess, you could offer to have your guests take them home as a gift. Another option for that fun-loving group you surround yourself with is to pre-select some beads with separate tags to leave out for your guests to make their own.

Beadniks is open seven days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. 508-693-7650;

Antiquing, a popular pastime, has been experiencing a resurgence recently, possibly due to the numerous TV shows dedicated to the hobby. The hunt for the perfect antique can be found in many Martha’s Vineyard shops.

To talk about antiques, I thought, who better to turn to then one of, if not the, oldest seasonal antique shop on the Island, Over South Antiques. Located on Basin Road in Menemsha and nestled between Pandora’s Box and Copperworks of Martha’s Vineyard, owner/operator Jane Slater has been opening up Monday through Saturday for the last 38 seasons. With so much history, you can imagine the special items you might find in her shop.

The Over South store was born due to the necessity of more space after gaining popularity during the 10 years Ms. Slater had operated at the local flea market prior to its inception. Ms. Slater, who turned 80 this past February, has not missed a summer season since she opened and apparently will not in the foreseeable future. “I don’t want to quit,” she says. “I am an Aquarian and we love antiques.”

When asked what she most enjoyed about antiquing, her quick answer might surprise you. “The people that I meet and the research. It is a quest, the search for a particular piece that I enjoy most. Finding things isn’t always easy and when I finally achieve my goal I love that item, for about 20 minutes. Then I am ready to sell the rare and unusual item while beginning my next search.”

Eager to share some antiquing tips for those jumping in for the first time, Ms. Slater cautions, “Read all the books you can about the subject. Turn over every plate or piece, as it is the only way you can learn. You must be able to feel it, then read it and finally do your research on what it is you are looking at.”

You can get in touch with Ms. Slater Monday through Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm by calling 508-645-3378.

While many stores carry a variety of unique antiques, items gleaned from Island estates, and a sprinkling of brand-new items to help round out their stock, some other shops strictly sell items 100 years and older. Keep in mind that if you are looking to build up a collection that will increase in value as the years pass, you might want to look at some collectibles as well. A collectible is an item that while older, has not reached the 100-year milestone, yet has a perceived value likely to increase as more time passes.

The best way to find antiques on the Island is to leave yourself plenty of time to drive around. First, you might want to stop at some of the larger, well-known antique dealers: Past & Presents in Edgartown, Pyewacket’s in Vineyard Haven, The Red Barn or Bea’s Fabric Shop & Antiques both in West Tisbury, Tuckernuck Antiques or New Moon Magick both in Oak Bluffs, just to name a few of the many wonderful shops that carry a much coveted antique selection. Make sure as you move around the Island, that you keep your eyes peeled, as there are many smaller shops distinguished by the antique sign out front, including in front of some homes. Happy hunting.