Bids aplenty at 36th Annual Possible Dreams Auction

The first is that this Island has provided me with a home and home-away-from-home amid a diverse and neighborly community since I was born. The second is that Dolly Campbell and her colleagues at the Thrift Store were kind to my wife and me, when we were struggling to build and furnish our house here. The third is that the auction has repeatedly given us the opportunity to meet generous people who have jumped at the chance to see things that stretch the mind with questions and awe

McCulloughs honored for contributions to the West Tisbury library

And for a number of years when we would have friends over for dinner, in our modest way,” Mr. McCullough said, “I would say, ‘would you like to adjourn to the library with a little brandy?’ And yes, we would cross Music Street and have a grand evening. It was a wonderful time.

Susan R. H. Parker

After graduation, Susan taught in a suburban public school in Pittsburgh. She found the reliance on corporal punishment, racism and attitudes toward children to be abhorrent, leaving her with the lasting conviction that children have unique learning needs and that all deserve to be treated with loving-kindness.