Grave robbery

To the Editor: With love and honor we placed bird feeders at our son’s resting place at Oak Grove Cemetery in Vineyard Haven. He loved life, family, and his feathered friends. You are so evil and disrespectful, robbing us of the good we did for our Dennis in his passing and we who mourn him […]

Lucky to be alive

When the Island is this packed, we are all inches away from an accident. Please, be compassionate and care about each other whether we are on foot, on bikes, mopeds, boats or ordering dinner from a tired waitstaff. I’m very lucky to be alive and not seriously injured.

Who steals Old Glory?

To the Editor: On Friday, July 11, I raised an American Flag on the flag post at the Flanders baseball field on Pasture Road for the Sunday All Star softball game. By 4 pm the flag had been stolen. Last season another flag was stolen. While I don’t have any proof, I doubt that a local resident stole […]

Scourge on our shores

To the Editor: My family and I have been coming to Martha’s Vineyard for decades. My sister and brother-in-law live here. This is the first year I have seen so much plastic litter on the beach. I find it incredibly sad. Somehow, I naively hoped that Martha’s Vineyard could be exempt from the global plastic […]

Old Glory will fly again

To the Editor: This letter is directed to readers who may be cruising in Edgartown Harbor this summer and wondering what happened to the iconic flag that flew in front of Walter Cronkite’s home for as long as many of us can remember. Sadly, the flagpole met its demise when it tangled with hurricane Arthur […]

The kindness of strangers

To the Editor: On July 2, I was leaving the Edgartown Stop & Shop with an overloaded basket of groceries. As I was navigating the ramp into the parking lot, the basket capsized and all my purchases were strewn across the ground. Five wonderful people, unknown to me, swiftly gathered up my purchases, replaced them […]

Adding to the list

To the Editor: Now that Bad Martha’s Brewery has opened on Island, how long will it be before we see other iterations and takeoffs of Mad Martha’s? I predict that within a few years we may very well see Rad Martha’s, the Island’s only Marxist-Leninist bookstore; Fad Martha’s, your Island store for the very latest […]