At the Chilmark Library, see acrylics on canvas and mounted monotypes by Wendy Weldon. Wendy will be hanging a show of new work, both large and small, and familiar paintings from previous shows at the Chilmark Library from May 3 to May 22. Got Chilmark News? Send local news, updates, birthdays and births to: […]

Chilmark: The naked truth

The first time I saw naked people other than in paintings or in the bathroom of my own house was at Lucy Vincent beach. The kids were little, the ocean was blue-green, and the cliffs made me feel as if we were in another country. And we were: Chilmark. I wasn’t a prude, but sitting […]

Chilmark: Mr. Morgan turns 90

This Sunday, March 30, is the day Mr. Morgan will celebrate the completion of ninety years on this earth. He has had a fascinating life of fishing, carving, raising children, participating in town affairs and more. Although I see his smiling face almost daily as he tools around with his bride Roberta, I look forward to the day when their Harbor Craft Shop is open…


The town of Chilmark has refilled again after a much-needed February vacation. Things are essentially unchanged: the paperwork is still piled on the desk, the load of laundry still needs to be folded, the chicken coop needs a cleaning along with the fish tank and the hamster cage, yet all of this is just fine […]


Shh…it’s quiet around town. It’s school vacation week. It seems like nearly everyone has ventured somewhere. Many opted for warmth and a quick dose of Vitamin D. Others chose to take advantage of the snow and take to the slopes. Whether it’s Mexico, Jamaica, Ecuador, Belize, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Florida, California, Hawaii or some […]