At the Chilmark Library, see acrylics on canvas and mounted monotypes by Wendy Weldon. Wendy will be hanging a show of new work, both large and small, and familiar paintings from previous shows at the Chilmark Library from May 3 to May 22. Got Chilmark News? Send local news, updates, birthdays and births to: […]

Chilmark: The naked truth

The first time I saw naked people other than in paintings or in the bathroom of my own house was at Lucy Vincent beach. The kids were little, the ocean was blue-green, and the cliffs made me feel as if we were in another country. And we were: Chilmark. I wasn’t a prude, but sitting […]

Chilmark: Mr. Morgan turns 90

This Sunday, March 30, is the day Mr. Morgan will celebrate the completion of ninety years on this earth. He has had a fascinating life of fishing, carving, raising children, participating in town affairs and more. Although I see his smiling face almost daily as he tools around with his bride Roberta, I look forward to the day when their Harbor Craft Shop is open…


The town of Chilmark has refilled again after a much-needed February vacation. Things are essentially unchanged: the paperwork is still piled on the desk, the load of laundry still needs to be folded, the chicken coop needs a cleaning along with the fish tank and the hamster cage, yet all of this is just fine […]