Editorial: Nothing left to say, but they say it anyhow

The ownership claim made by Ben Ramsey and Nisa Counter to a portion of Chilmark property owned by Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is meritless. The state Land Court decided the matter this month. The court found no substance at all to the Ramsey-Counter position. Not on any grounds. The judge examined the long, complicated history of […]

Essay: VNA board describes the events that led to the agency’s demise

By Michael A. Goldsmith, chairman; Patti Young, secretary; Jack Law, vice president; Mort Fearey, treasurer; and members Allan Keith, Karen Kennedy, Ursula Kreskey, Diane Nordin, Joan Coles Potter, Edie Radley, and Robert Tonti, the chief executive of the board, of the Visiting Nursing Association. On March 27, The Martha’s Vineyard Times published an editorial posing “unanswered” […]

Soundings: Awareness, production, stewardship

This March, when the Patrick Administration awarded $3 million in tax credits to community development corporations across Massachusetts, 38 recipients were on the list. Just 10 organizations were funded at the highest level of $110,000 for the first year of this three-year program. Among the 10 was IHT, the Island Housing Trust. This was a […]

Editorial: Mr. Vail, Mr. Santoro, and fertilizer rules

Understandably, Oak Bluffs voters have been wrong-footed by the turmoil surrounding the Quilt Fund, the Council on Aging, and its director, former selectman Roger Wey. What to make of all this as they enter the voting booths to re-elect Walter Vail and Mike Santoro, or turn one of the two out of office, in favor […]

At Large: Irresistible April

Our habit of centuries and of generations is to venerate the town meeting as the pure, raw essence of democratic self-government. But, we’ve been duped. It’s just eyewash. After all, town government, measured by town meeting attendance, spends much but involves few. And sometimes, the few become too few, and a town meeting fails to […]