Editorial: Build partnerships with builders

For many Islanders and certainly their seasonal neighbors, spring and the approach of the summer season, with its prospect of shedding the gray, wet, cold winter mantle — also known on the Vineyard as early spring — is a relief. It is exciting to imagine warm, sunny days and everything else the summer months offer. […]

Editorial: A good plan

Let’s put aside — just briefly, because that’s the best we can hope for — the hubbub of broadly and furiously expressed but narrowly based opposition to the Stop & Shop expansion proposal. Instead, this page believes that Islanders will be better served by an earnest, common sense struggle to consider the good and the […]

Editorial: Dukes County, once again, intrudes on airport affairs

For the umpteenth time in recent history, the Dukes County commissioners have demonstrated their latent but persistent determination to get their mitts on county airport management. The commissioners declined the reappointment of two airport commissioners, using the fireworks over the dismissal of an airport employee as the pretext. Airport management and its union employees have been […]

Editorial: A wise step

You may remember an Essay by Dr. Henry Nieder, [Medical marijuana, mostly a fiction, November 14, 2013] discussing the issues presented to physicians by the law allowing marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts. “I had hoped,” he wrote, “that when medical marijuana was approved in Massachusetts the provisions of the law would have allowed only limited prescribing of […]

Editorial: Nothing left to say, but they say it anyhow

The ownership claim made by Ben Ramsey and Nisa Counter to a portion of Chilmark property owned by Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation is meritless. The state Land Court decided the matter this month. The court found no substance at all to the Ramsey-Counter position. Not on any grounds. The judge examined the long, complicated history of […]

Editorial: We’ll have to wait and see about VNA

What else could the board of the Vineyard Nursing Association have done? Facing anticipated increased demands for services, tightening rules for eligible services to patients, the extinguishment of certain kinds of services no longer regarded as “medically necessary,” and an expansion decision made at a moment of gathering obscurity on the national health care horizon, […]

Editorial: Time for concerted action, community strategy

The revealing Times series about addiction and a successful strategy for assisting its victims, written by Barry Stringfellow, underscores dependency’s ravaging effects, for the user of course, and for loved ones who suffer too. It is heartening to learn that there are fresh ways to soothe and perhaps quell the desperate desires, with counseling and medication. […]