Essay: MVC chairman says Islanders are ‘bashing’ the commission and are ‘misinformed’

I would like to respond to a recent spate of Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) bashing, particularly as it relates to the current review of some developments of regional impact and to the commission’s budget. As chairman of the MVC, it concerns me that these criticisms seem to be largely based on misinformation about these issues, […]

Essay: Combating substance abuse requires long-term coordination and funding

The MV Times addiction series, which began on January 2 with“Opiate addiction on Martha’s Vineyard hits home” and the on-target Editorial of February 27 [Time for concerted action, community strategy] bring home the base reality and attendant consequences of substance abuse. The recent rash of heroin-based overdoses and associated deaths focus public attention on what is a […]