Collect rain, protect the Island

In the coming months, hot sunny days are likely to outnumber rainy ones. Plants and gardens around the Island will suffer if they don’t get the water they require, but water pumped from coastal ponds can be expensive, not to mention harmful to the Island’s natural resources. The Lagoon Pond Association (LPA) offers a solution […]

The just right house

‘I especially wanted to live in a greenhouse,’ she says… Indeed, everywhere one looks, tendrils and blossoms fill the air with spring fragrance. Originally she’d needed to prove she could grow fruits and vegetables indoors. ‘For four years I had the most persistent tomato plants, big around as tree trunks. There were avocado branches pressed up against the skylight as if they had fists trying to break higher. It was crazy!’

Two solar systems follow the sun

Alternative energy generation on Martha’s Vineyard has been confined primarily to windmills and stationary solar panels. West Tisbury builder Paul Adler researched the latest innovations in solar technology and chose to install two fully automatic devices mounted on separate posts that use computers and motors to keep them pointing directly at the sun. The systems […]

Interest stirring in stalled Kupersmith southern woodlands development

South Woods Farm, the 90-acre Oak Bluffs property that was a key bargaining chip in the settlement of a long-running political and regulatory battle over Connecticut developer Corey Kupersmith’s failed Down Island golf course development may finally be up for auction, or change hands in a private transaction with a Connecticut bank. The property, off […]

Business Brief: Sandpiper REALTOR® achieves green designation

Sandpiper Realty, Inc. announced that Rose Ryley Courcier was awarded the National Association of REALTORS®’ Green Designation. Rose has gained the knowledge and the tools necessary to become a trusted green resource, according to a press release.  For more information about NAR’s Green Designation, visit For more information, go to