Real Estate Transactions


Sept. 12, Zoia Properties LLC sold 63 Moshup Trail to John R. and Theresa M. Levinson for $3,025,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 9, Bertha M. Williston sold 11 Dreamers Way to Peter Thigith for $389,000.

Sept. 10, Mary Beth Baptiste sold 106 Pennsylvania Ave. to Tracey and Allen Williams for $500,000.

Sept. 11, Lisa Strachan, trustee of Subtrust for the Benefit of Penelope Thomas, sold 52 Waterview Rd. to Jaime C. Benavente and Caroline Crosbie for $762,500.

Sept. 12, Eleanor P. and Norman Hohenthal, trustees of the Eleanor P. Hohenthal Revocable Trust, sold 364 Barnes Rd. to Charles S. and Marianne C. Sebastian for $385,000.

Sept. 12, Treva Bass sold 7 Pacific Ave. to Sheila T. Beasley for $470,000.


Sept. 11, Paul Tines sold 98 Pine Tree Rd. to Elton T. Nascimento and Sarah R. Monast for $278,000.

Sept. 12, Charles Dana Bangs and James Dexter Banks sold 115 Skiff Ave. to Paul S. Bangs for $116,666.

Sept. 12, Paul S. Bangs, trustee of the Dorothy K. Bangs 1991 Revocable Trust, sold 230 Skiff Ave. to Charles Dana Bangs and Elaine Louise Phoutrides for $343,332.

West Tisbury

Sept. 9, Christopher S. and Deborah L. Cini sold 89 Pin Oak Circle to Donald T. and Marcia W. MacGillivray for $245,000.

Sept. 12, John Lawrence Donnelly, 3rd and Amy Harrison Donnelly, trustees of the Harrison Donnelly Trust, sold 16 Red Coat Hill Rd. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 16 Red Coat Hill Road Realty Trust, for $445,000.


Sept. 3, Ann W. Bassett and Laurie J. Hall, trustees of the Gordon W. Bassett Marital Trust and the Gordon W. Bassett Revocable Trust, sold 49 Morse St. to Joseph B. McCall, IV, for $1,525,000.

Sept. 5, Joseph Araujo sold 1 Hollow Way to CIL Realty of Massachusetts Inc. for $625,000.

Sept. 5, Paul and Ashley Gilbert sold 29 Fourteenth St. South to Rebecca S. Hamilton and Jeffrey R. Lamarche for $505,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 3, Doris I. Williams sold 31 Cannahoot St. to Robert M. Diebold for $332,000.

Sept. 4, Richard and Ruth Gaffey sold 37 Katama Ave. to Lisa S. Crisp, trustee of the Generation Skipping Trust, for $364,000.

Sept. 5, Jason F. and Luke F. Debettencourt sold 10 Lagoon Rd. to Charlotte E. and Matthew A. Bolduc for $384,000.

Sept. 5, Kristin Hanna sold 15 West Meadow Lane to Jeffrey J. Younger and Lorinda Karoff for $735,000.

Sept. 5, Michael Ashford a/k/a Michael S. Ashford, Doug Ashford a/k/a Douglas E. Ashford, Jr., and Sarah Safford sold 184 Circuit Ave. to Mary Dzialo for $445,000.

Sept. 5, Melanie Forster sold 61D Ocean Ave. to Thomas and Mary Jo Hjerpe for $430,000.

Sept. 5, Larkin B. Reeves, trustee of the Larkin B. Reeves Family Trust sold 35 Wamsutta Ave. to Andrew F. Upton for $395,000.


Sept. 3, Helen D. Howze and Judith D. Corbett, individually and as trustees of the Florence A. Dove 1991 Trust, and Helen D. Howze and Judith D. Corbett, as Personal Representatives of the estate of Florence Asher Dove, sold 73 William St. to Ethan W. and Tracey O. Stead for $1,287,500.

Sept. 4, Harvey M. and Heidi R. Scher sold 132 Canterbury Lane to George W. Brown, Jr. and Margaret V. Brown for $545,000.

Sept. 5, John G. Early and Jeffrey Serusa sold 32 Breakdown Lane to Carl J. Kenney, trustee of the Kenney Family Realty Trust, for $550,000.


Aug. 25, Robert and Christine S. Bowen sold 31 Woodhaven Dr. to Kenneth and Kathleen Schoenberg for $799,034.15.

Aug. 26, Robert L. Nagi, Personal Representative of the estate of Caroline M. DeYoung, sold 16 Edgewood Dr. to Kelly Nagi for $135,000.

Aug. 29, Beverly M. Haslam and Emerson F. Haslam Jr. sold 111 School St. to Lisa J. Crowley-Dutile for $1,700,000.

Oak Bluffs

Aug. 25, Douglas W. and Margaret W. Smith sold 24 Winemack St. to Paul G. Alexander and Evelyne Martial for $410,000.


Aug. 28, Kelley Irene Wheeler sold 52 Andrews Rd. to Mark D. and Marcia B. Mariner for $411,000.

Aug. 29, Michael C. and Suzanne S. Cosgrave sold 4 Wood Chips Circle to Krista Elliott Riley for $657,500.

West Tisbury

Aug. 29, John Katzenbach, trustee of the Lydia P. S. Katzenbach Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 245 Thumb Point Rd. to Anton C. Pil for $3,000,000.


Aug. 21, Peter Silverman and Jane Katch sold 68 Bija’s Way to Jane T. and Jerald A. Katch for $210,000.

Aug. 21, Erik Simonsen Jr., trustee of Flanders Lane Nominee Trust, sold 37 Flanders Lane to Erik Simonsen Jr. and Kimberly Richter Simonsen for $570,000.


Aug. 18, Sandra Raymond sold 81 Martha’s Road to Malcolm W. Hall 2nd and Laurel C. Hall for $325,000.

Aug. 18 Constantine B. O’Doherty sold 108 Martha’s Rd. to Brian G. and Sally F. Walshe for $1,250,000.

Aug. 19, Joseph C. and Belinda W. Pioggia sold 114 South Summer St. to Thomas A. and Francesca A. Bartlett for $2,320,000.

Aug. 19, 7 Dunes Road LLC sold 43 Crocker Dr. to 6424N10LLC for $1,479,000.

Aug. 21, Michael Ault sold 13 Plantingfield Way to Faith Van Clief for $555,600.

Aug. 21, Richard A. and Barbara A. Lankow sold 11 Dunes Rd. to Frank A. and Catherine K. Delli Carpini for $1,200,000.

West Tisbury

Aug. 19, Melissa J. Manter sold 93 Dr. Fisher Rd. to Daniel J. Larkosh and Christopher E. Larkosh, trustees of Larkosh Realty Trust, for $50,000.

Aug. 19, Arthur R. Hitchings 3rd and Julie M. Hitchings sold 43 Trotters Lane to Hilary Wall and Brian Cox for $535,500.

Aug. 20, Huseby Mountain Farm LLC sold Lot 1 Pine Hill Rd. to Stephen C. Araujo for $300,000.

Aug. 20, Christine A. Fisher sold Lot 2 State Rd. to Jarret F. Brissette for $525,000.


Aug. 15, James C. and Mildred S. Higgins sold 3 Driftwood Lane to Charles Fitzgerald and Kathryn Cerick for $1,200,000.


Aug. 15, Thomas W. Roush, trustee of Roush Family Nominee Trust sold 39 Spruce Gate Rd. to Squibby LLC for $7,800,000.

Oak Bluffs

Aug. 13, HSBC Bank USA NA, as trustee on behalf of Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust and for the registered holders of ACE Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, Series 2006-HE2, Asset Backed Pass-Through Certificates, sold 26 Bayes Hill Rd. to Arthur L. Walton, Jr. and Linda V. Dare-Walton for $364,000.


Aug. 11, Sylvia S. Mader, trustee of Mader Realty Trust, sold 645 Lambert’s Cove Rd. along with another lot on Lambert’s Cove Rd. to L. Thomas Galloway and Catherine A. Carlson for $2,990,000.

Aug. 11, Sylvia S. Mader, trustee of Mader Realty Trust sold a lot on Kennebago Ave. to L. Thomas Galloway and Catherine A. Carlson for $300,000.

Aug. 14, John W. Harrer, trustee of John W. Harrer Nominee Trust sold 221 Edgartown Rd. to Charles A. Noona, 3rd and Laura D. Noonan for $383,150.


Aug. 7, Fred Goldstein sold 9 Swan’s Way to Stephanie R. Darosa for $40,000.

Oak Bluffs

Aug. 6, Joseph Elias Garcia sold 41 Eastville Ave. to Susan V. White, trustee of Eastville Avenue Nominee Trust, for $380,000.

Aug. 7, David G. and Ellen R. Berube sold 22 Norris Ave. to Vivian C. Beard for $410,000.

Aug. 8, James F. Hickman sold 285 Barnes Rd. to James C. Fox, trustee of B&G Realty Trust, for $1,600,000.


Aug. 8, Ian A. Luce as Personal Representative of the estate of John B. Luce, Ian Andrew Luce a/k/a Ian A. Luce individually, and Abigail Catherine Luce a/k/a Abigail C. Luce sold 14 Pine St. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 14 Pine Street Realty Trust, for $1,100,000.


July 22, Paul and Barbara Valenti sold a lot on Attaquin Way to Jennifer Butler and Kevin Sheehan for $442,500.


July 24, Stephen Carr Anderson sold Parcel 5 Quansoo Beach to Joshua A. Greenhill for $300,000.


July 22, Magda L. Fleckner and Jeremy Scott Wood, trustees of the Robin B. R. Wood Revocable Trust-2005 Family Trust, sold 42 Boulevard to Regula E. Todd for $635,000.

July 22, Catherine A. Hartley sold 4 Tower Lane to Juliet K. Mulinare, Joseph Mulinare, and Kathryn Shands for $425,000.

July 24, Robert C. Nevin sold 10 North Bog Rd. to Kevin J. Foran for $500,000.

Oak Bluffs

July 21, Michael M. and Patricia S. Roberts sold 59 Winemack St. to Jennifer Sanford, trustee of Jennifer Sanford Revocable Trust, for $940,000.

July 23, Martha A. Robinson, Ruth K. Hastings, Personal Representatives of the Estate of Walter J. Knapp, sold 1 Wood Duck Way to William D. Westman, Jr. and Wendy J. Westman for $540,000.

July 24, JD Oak Bluffs LLC sold 133 Wing Rd. to Long Pond Capital LLC for $490,000.

July 25, Mary Ann Heffernan, trustee of Summertime Trust, sold 47 Martha’s Park Rd. to Dawn M. Warsofsky for $490,000.


July 25, 412 State Road LLC sold 412 State Rd. to Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank for $2,600,000.

West Tisbury

July 24, the Internal Revenue Service sold 41 Courthouse Rd. to Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte for $252,000.

July 24, Rosemary Wittels, trustee of the Rosemary Wittels Trust-2005 sold 175 Oak Lane to Werner and Mary Kuhn for $243,000.


July 14, Gennie Ruth Freeland sold a lot on Menemsha Pond to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $42,710.


July 17, Peter L. Falb sold lot 13, Black Point Beach to Lisa H. Kim and Eunu Chun for $307,000.

July 18, Gordon Gossage and Deborah Lotterman sold 36 Henry Hough Lane to Jon and Susan L. Weingarten for $915,000.


July 14, Ethan and Tracey Stead sold 4 Pamela’s Way to James J. and Barbara Camille Colantonio for $399,000.

July 18, Scout Harbor View Property 1 LLC sold Collins Cottage, Unit 21 Harbor View Suites Condo, 131 North Water St. to Nomora LLC for $713,500.

Oak Bluffs

July 14, Michael A. Vance and Judith D. Thomas-Vance sold 28 Towanticut Ave. to Seshagari Rao Mallampati for $345,000.

July 18, Stewart Robinson Kusinitz sold 8 Circuit Ave. Ext. Unit 5, Oak Bluffs Walk Condo to Lawrence Caccia for $90,000.

July 18, Zoe Neale sold 55 Samoset Ave. to Nopsaran Chaimattayompol and Stefanie Wong for $600,000.


July 18, Arthur P. Bergeron, trustee of the Robert Howard Corr Trust, sold 79 William St. to MV Land & Sea Inc. for $625,000.


July 11, William R. Claytor Jr. as Personal Representative of the Estate of William Richard Claytor, a/k/a William R. Claytor and Kevin F. Robbins, a/k/a Kevin Frederick Robbins, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Beryl Edith Robbins, a/k/a Beryl E. Robbins, sold a lot on State Rd. to the Town of Aquinnah for $32,000.


July 10, Ann Bassett and Laurie J. Hall, Personal Representatives of the estate of Rosalie C. Bassett a/k/a Rosalie Crimmins Bassett, sold 78 Peases Point Way North to Sean E. Murphy, trustee of 78 Peases Point Way Nominee Trust, for $1,625,000.

Oak Bluffs

July 8, James H. Cooper and Deborah J. Cooper, trustees of the Michele J. Cooper 1996 Trust Agreement and the Alison B. Cooper 1996 Trust Agreement, each with a 50% interest, sold 4 Fresh Pond Rd. to Les and Dafna Krouk Gordon for $618,000.

July 8, Janet L. Morris sold 58 Simpson Ave. to Christine M. and Alan G. Reid for $550,000.

July 11, Thomas R. Gardos and Elizabeth H. Zimmermann sold 15 Wamsutta to Tal Kaissar for $725,000.


July 7, Mark S. George sold 206 Spring Hill Rd. to Robert M. and Lee-Ann Greco for $225,000.

July 9, Ana Lucia Silveira, trustee of the Ruth Silveira Living Trust, sold 342 Franklin St. to Carolyn B. Swain for $412,000.

July 11, Vineyard Nursing Association Inc. sold 29 Breakdown Lane to the Edgartown National Bank for $1,155,000.

West Tisbury

July 7, David M. and Tammy M. Ford sold 105 Pond Rd. to Mark K. and Julie H. Jones for $2,162,500.


June 30, Mary E. White sold 10 Witchwood Lane to Henry Udow and Regina Pitchon for $1,950,000.

June 30, J. Robert Andrews, Jr. and Maron M. Andrews sold 9 Fowler Ave. to Brian Purdy and Thomas J. Filomeno, trustees of the Winifred M. Purdy Revocable Trust, for $2,145,000.

July 1, Joseph M. and Dianna Barber sold 94 Herring Creek Rd. to William E. and Amy Moss Clark for $1,900,000.


July 2, Nancy Marginnis Davies and Ann Singer Van Haaren, trustees of the Davies Family Trust, sold 60 Harbor View Lane to Danielle Marie Burger for $630,000.

July 3, Linda S. Dalby, individually and as trustee of the Thompson Realty Trust, sold 550 Chappaquonsett Rd. to Walter G. Thompson for $1,21,091.

Multiple Towns

June 30, George H. Fisher, a/k/a George H. Fisher, Jr., sold a lot on Sailor’s Burying Ground Rd. and Road to Wapatequa to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $925,000.