Real Estate Transactions


April 9, Elliott Fankuchen and Lisa Kantrowitz, trustees of Fankuchen/Kantrowitz Family Trust, sold 1 Oxcart Rd. to Eric and Sheryl Berke for $700,000.


April 9, Bridge House LP sold 127 State Rd. to Robert G. Kegan and Barbara H. Wolf for $2,350,000.

April 9, William Sterling Wall, trustee of Wallmark Realty Trust 2, sold 8 Sheep Pen Lane to Lynda Glasser, trustee of Lisa R. Kantrowitz Irrevocable Trust, for $2,235,000.

April 10, Frank Lorusso and Joseph N. Eldeiery, trustees of High Meadow Realty Trust, sold 15 High Meadow Rd. to Joel Glickman and Jennifer Lorusso for $393,175.


April 8, Allan and Florence Helfand sold 26 Saddle Club Rd. to Long Pond Capital LLC for $386,000.

Oak Bluffs

April 11, Justina M. Healey sold 16 Moss Ave. to Alison Stewart, trustee of Generation Skipping Trust for $710,000.

April 11, Dexter P. Nerney, trustee of Nerney Family Nominee Trust 1, sold Lot 2 Eddy Ave. to Nicholas E. Nerney, trustee of Nerney Family Nominee Trust 2, for $25,000.

West Tisbury

April 8, Maria E. Donawa and Karen W. Mientka sold 206 Oak Lane to Nancy Antik for $629,000.

April 8, James E. and Sarah A. Wojcik, trustees of Sarah A. Wojcik Revocable Living Trust, sold 21 Duck Pond Rd. to John M. and Allyson J. Magliery for $655,000.


April 1, Brian R. Kenney, trustee of Trust for the Benefit of Elizabeth Blair Kenney and the Trust for the Benefit of Kristen Brock Kenney, sold 20 Crick Hill Rd. to Frank V. Sica for $1,250,000.

April 2, Martha Flanders and Steven B. Flanders, trustees of Lorna T. Flanders Realty Trust, sold 26 Harbor Hill Rd. to Brian R. Kenney, trustee of Trust for Benefit of Elizabeth Blair Kenney and Trust for Benefit of Kristen Brock Kenney, for $2,050,000.


March 31, Susan B. Streeter-Russell sold 10 Fourteenth St. North to Amy J. Hahn for $5,000.

March 31, William R. Bell, trustee of Belmore Realty Trust, sold 6 Chapman Lane to Matthew Dyroff for $410,000.

April 2, Michael J. Donaroma and Alex Alexander, trustees of South Village Associates Realty Trust, sold 15 Crocker Dr. to Michael and Rebecca Hegarty for $650,000.

April 3, Adam R. Mahoney sold 8 Old Squaw Circle to Emily H. Phillips and Michael A. Poirier for $456,000.

Oak Bluffs

April 4, Terrence P. and Simone B. McCarthy sold 12 Circuit Ave. Extension to Danu MV, Inc. for $4,000,000.

April 4, Scott Brown sold 72 Pennsylvania Ave. to Yvonne M. Dennis-Stewart and Clayton U. Stewart for $370,000.

April 4, Jonathan S. Bain, trustee of the Elizabeth MacDonald McMullen Gift Trust of 2012, and Elizabeth MacDonald McMullen sold 309 Barnes Rd. to Heidi Boudreau for $750,000.


April 1, P & E Properties LLC sold 153 Greenwood Ave. to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of 123 Greenwood Avenue Realty Trust, for $320,000.

West Tisbury

March 31, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank f/k/a Dukes County Savings Bank, as trustee of the Marjorie M. Rogers Nominee Trust, sold 24 Husebys Mountain Rd. to Lagoon Legacy LLC for $1,000,000.

March 31, Daniel J. and Michelle Santaniello sold 150 Waldron Bottom Rd. to Marc A. and Elizabeth M. Greenberg for $1,700,000.

April 4, Adam S. and Helga Lewenberg sold 159 Charles Neck Way to MVY LLC for $870,000.


Mar. 24, Lester W. Holcomb, Jr. and Elizabeth R. Holcomb sold 14 Edgewood Dr. to Gregory L. Dankert and Dorothy J. Enrico for $499,000.

Mar. 24, Herbert Jacobs sold 92 Schoolhouse Rd. to James W. Coghlin, Jr. and Kristen L. Coghlin for $420,000.

Mar. 25, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank f/k/a Dukes County Savings Bank sold 92 Schoolhouse Rd. to Herbert Jacobs for $266,000 by foreclosure deed. This is a confirmatory deed first recorded on Jan. 15, 2014.

Mar. 28, Peter Ferris Rentschler, a/k/a Peter F. Rentschler, Sylvia Angevin Thompson, Mary Rentschler, a/k/a Mary A. Rentschler, f/k/a Mary Rentschler Alley, individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Sarah Yorke Rentschler and Alexandra Angevin Thompson, a/k/a Alexandra A. Thompson and Phoebe Cole-Smith, f/k/a Phoebe Rentschler Cole sold 15 Angevins Lane to George M. and Sidney B. Marshman for $3,900,000.

Mar. 28, Gary J. and Gloria Cardoso Santos sold 71 Sixth St. North to Gary A. and Amy E. Baldino for $595,000.

Mar. 28, J. Bryan McLaughlin and Mary E. McLaughlin sold 5 Vickers St. to Michael and Patricia Sisk for $606,000.

Mar. 28, Anne Burke Silva sold 36 Fisherman’s Knot Rd. to Fisherman’s Knot Realty Trust for $425,000.

Oak Bluffs

Mar. 25, Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association sold 98 Tellette St. to Gregory and Heather Arpin for $300,000.

Mar. 27, Antonio L. R. Toscano and Shirley E. S. Toscano, trustees of the Toscano One Family Trust sold 234 County Rd. to Matthew Dyroff for $386,000.

Mar. 28, Susan W. Collinson sold 125 Munroe Ave. to Jeffrey A. and Erin M. Goldweber for $789,000.


Mar. 25, Edward Rosbeck, trustee of Beach Street Trust sold Unit A-104, 31 Beach Rd. to Beach Hair LLC for $300,000.

Mar. 28, Sandra L. Burke sold 124 Skiff Ave., Unit F-10 to Linda E. Fandel for $204,000.

West Tisbury

Mar. 28, Alexander Dimatteo 3rd, Abigail Dimatteo, Brett Dimatteo, Kristen Dimatteo, Shirley Dimatteo and Melvin Shelly sold 98 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to John Zach and Vicky Barile for $455,500.


March 21, Frank M. Fenner, Jr., trustee of Richard T. Lehman Trust, and Laura Hart sold a lot on Lighthouse Rd. to Samuel A. Hart for $250,000.


March 20, WINWIN Properties LLC sold 17 Vickers St. to Vineyard Realty Group LLC for $475,000.

Oak Bluffs

March 19, Scott Taplin sold 7 Mayhew Way to Susan J. Stehlik and Aline Wolff for $650,000.

March 21, Michelle Ben David sold a lot on Forest Ave. to Tara M. Moore for $152,500.


March 17, Edward Rosbeck, trustee of Beach Street Trust, sold Unit A-201, 31 Beach Rd. to Kenneth Maclean, Jr. and Stephanie Mashek for $300,000.

West Tisbury

March 21, Hannah R. Beecher, David G. Bump, Richard M. Bump, Cheryl Lynn Bump, Christopher T. Bump, and Cheryl Louise Bump sold 20 Danl’s Way to Joshua Kochin for $350,000.


March 11, Steven B. Flanders sold a lot off Tabor House Rd. to Steven Yaffe for $400,000.


March 13, Andrew Loring Rowe, Jr., trustee of Barbara Bastein Rowe Declaration of Trust and the Rowe Family North Water Street Nominee Trust sold 82 North Water St. to Marion P. Hogan for $2,200,000.

March 14, Kelley House Property 1 LLC sold 24 Kelley St. to PS Kelley House LLC for $6,875,000.

March 14, Kelley House Property 2 LLC sold 51 North Water St. to PS Kelley House LLC for $2,000,000.

Oak Bluffs

March 10, Lawrence Albert Anderson 3rd a/k/a Lawrence A. Anderson, 3rd and Cheryl Hunter Anderson a/k/a Cheryl H. Anderson, trustees of Bay View Avenue Realty Trust sold 9 Bay View Ave. to John C. and Shawna L. O’Donnell for $390,000.

March 13, Precious Overton sold her interest in a lot on Wapello St. to Irvin R. and Lynn A. Heath for $583.34.


March 10, Bank of America NA sold 39 Look St. to Susan Clark and Karen Johnson for $345,000.

West Tisbury

March 14, Frank X. and Margaret L. Quinn sold 182 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Robert E. and Amy E. Sternberg for $499,000.

March 14, Stephen and Susan A. Bowen sold 670 State Rd. to Cynthia Lapier for $757,000.


March 6, Shane Family LP sold Unit 9 of Nevin Square Condo, 15 Winter St., to Kevin Cusack for $200,000.

March 7, Rosemary McNulty sold 40 Muskeget Ave. to Matthew Chronister and Lynn Martinka for $399,000.


March 7, Nils S. and Christine Dahl sold Lot 7 on Lake St. to Matthew A. and Sara W. Tucker for $220,000.

West Tisbury

March 3, Timothy A. Silva sold a lot on Plum Bush Point Rd. to Suzan Bellincampi for $50,000.

March 7, Christopher and Suzanna Schaper sold 12 Parsonage Woods Rd. to David and Jill Altshuler for $2,000,000.


Feb. 25, John W. Richardson, as trustee in a case under Chapter 7 of Title 11 and Jacqueline C. Melcher a/k/a Jacqueline Carlin, sold 21 East Lane to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of 21 East Lane Realty Trust, for $5,400,000.

Feb. 25, Great Rock Bight LP sold a lot on North Rd. to Seungwook Ma and Lina Kee for $285,000.


Feb. 24, Isaac Starr sold 12 Eighteenth St. South to Matthew J. and Krista P. Curry Ryan for $375,000.

Feb. 24, Richard M. and Melissa M. Smith sold 87 Schoolhouse Rd. to Lianne M. and Harry Sinclair for $518,000.

Feb. 28, Pela Acquisitions LLC sold 8 Sparrow Lane to Daniel C. McBride, trustee of Daniel C. McBride Exempt Trust, for $535,000.

Feb. 28, Mary Virginia Hall sold a lot on Edgartown Great Pond to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $4,522.

Feb. 28, Cynthia Jean Fedele Rivard sold 25 Teaberry Lane to Charles Kleeman for $425,000.


Feb. 24, Dennis and Yvette D. Hammond, trustees of Nella Street Realty Trust sold 12 Nella St. to Zeke N. Vought for $438,000.

Feb. 24, Lynn J. Niederlitz, as executor and Personal Representative of the estate of Mary P. Niederlitz and as Personal Representative of the estate of Lloyd J. Niederlitz sold 67 South Circuit Ave. to Gail M. Barmakian for $612,500.

Feb. 25, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, holder of a mortgage from Morgan Reitzas to MERS sold 21 Vineyard Ave. to Nationstar Mortgage LLC by foreclosure deed for $409,300.

Feb. 28, Paula J. Blanchard a/k/a Paula Jean Blanchard sold a lot on Front St. and Columbian Ave. to Jeremiah P. McCarthy, trustee of Weekapaug Nominee Trust for $12,000.


Feb. 25, Richard L. Walker sold Unit E-10, 124 Skiff Ave. to Stephen M. and Judity Gager Perlman for $235,000.

Feb. 27, Arthur B. Page, trustee of Hale Realty Trust sold 27 Hatch Rd. to Randall J. and Christine J. Essex for $998,000.

Feb. 27, Citibank Na. as trustee for the beneifit of SWDNSI Trust Series 2010-3 sold 30 Martin Rd. to William L. Dillon and Amy M. Miller for $202,250.


Feb. 25, Martha E. Mezger sold 20 Island Farms Rd. to Daniel J. Sauer and Wenohah Madison, trustees of the Dawn Family Realty Trust for $600,000.


Feb. 28, James A. Richards and Lynne G. Silva, individually and as executrix of the estate of George P. Silva, sold 190 Stoney Hill Rd. and a lot off Stoney Hill Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $1,500,000.


Feb. 20, Polly S. Killion f/k/a Polly S. St. Germain and Betsey R. White sold 124 State Rd. to Shari Levitan, trustee of 124 State Road Nominee Trust, for $1,500,000.

Feb. 20, John J. Hannan sold a lot on Moses West Rd. to Shari Levitan, trustee of 124 State Road Nominee Trust, for $150,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 18, Charles V. and Dona L. Hamilton sold 40 Oak Ave. to Yanique Lecadre for $435,000.

Feb. 21, John Cavallo a/k/a John Cavallo Jr. and Bari Caballo, as trustees of the John and Bari Cavallo Trust, sold Lot 48 off Sengekontacket Rd. to Eugene Erez for $325,000.


Feb. 18, Ralph M. Packer, Jr. sold 299 Northern Pines Rd. to Ellen B. Kaplan, trustee of Tashmoo Realty Trust, for $650,000.


Feb. 10, Laurie Clare Clements and Linda Marie Voluckas, individually and as Personal Representatives of the estate of Basil L. Welch, sold 5 Dirt Rd. to Thomas R. Curren for $530,000.


Feb. 14, Scott Gieselman sold 4 Sheriffs Lane to John and Molly Reilly for $4,000,000.

Oak Bluffs

Feb. 10, Pritchard Sean Chessman sold 21 Upper Douglas Lane to Angelica Pearl and Timothy Begley for $377,000.

Feb. 13, Mary Miles sold her interest in a lot on Wapello St. to Irvin R. and Lynn A. Heath for $437.50.

Feb. 13, Jazmine Overton sold her interest in a lot on Wapello St. to Irvin R. and Lynn A. heath for $1,750.

Feb. 13, Dana Stephens sold her interest in a lot on Wapello St. to Irvin R. and Lynn a. Heath for $583.84.

Feb. 13, Randy Miles sold his interest in a lot on Wapello St. to Irvin R. and Lynn A. Heath for $437.50.

Feb. 13, Debra Miles sold her interest in a lot on Wapello St. to Irvin R. and Lynn A. Heath for $437.50.

Feb. 14, Michael S. and Oni C. Holley sold 9 James Place to Jeffrey D. and Marilyn S. Sommers for $637,500.

Feb. 14, Havery D. Russell and Jodee P. Bishop, trustees of Oak Bluffs Nominee Realty Trust, sold 20 Seaview Ave. Ext. to Horacio B. and Maria Merces Tavares for $1,130,000.


Feb. 12, Charlie R. Harvey sold 35 Authier Ave. to Joshua Goldstein and Regan Maund for $522,500.

Feb. 13, James H. K. Norton, President of Bayes Norton Farm Inc. and James B. Norton, Treasurer of Bayes Norton Farm Inc., sold 181 Head of Pond Rd. to James B. and Dianne M. Norton for $50,000.

Feb. 13, Mark and Joyce Onosko sold 60 Beach Rd., Unit 34 to James N. White for $55,000.

Feb. 14, Robert McMillen Doyle and Cynthia Tower Doyle sold 14 East Sound Lane to Robert and Dawn Bradford Watt for $3,500,000.

West Tisbury

Feb. 13, Habitat for Humanity of Martha’s Vineyard Inc. sold 45 Bailey Park Rd. to Island Housing Trust Corp for $15,000.



Jan. 29, Paul Kaplan, Cynthia Kaplan, and Laurie A. Kaplan, as trustee of Kaplan Chilmark Nominee Trust, sold 16 Valley Lane to Valerie G. Palms and Bradley F. Gandrup Jr. for $630,000.

Jan. 31, Magdalene M. Cullen sold 28 Black Point Rd. to Michael J. and Martha Hall Kelly for $1,725,000.


Jan. 27, Caroline M. Sharp, trustee of Sharp Curtis Edgartown Nominee Trust, sold 26 Orr Lane to Bernard Chiu for $9,000,000.

Jan. 27, J. William H. Hudgins sold 52 Cooke St. to Norah W. Smith for $1,580,000.

Jan. 27, Norah Wagner Smith sold 16 Davis Lane, Unit 2 Gurnet Condo to John William Holder Hudgins for $700,000.

Jan. 30, Lawrence D. Gitlitz, trustee of 31 Carolina Avenue Realty Trust, sold 27 Watcha Path to Kevin Selby and Joann Hathaway for $368,000.

Jan. 30, Christopher A. Celeste and Nancy J. Kramer sold 52 South Summer Street to Chad and Michele Verdi for $5,200,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 31, Philip E. Johnson and Paul T. Ruttum, trustees of AM Trust, sold 66 Madison Ave. to Holden LLC for $562,500.

Jan. 29, Tyrone Butler, individually and as Personal Representative of the Lois Mary Butler and the Cuthbert P. Carter estates, sold 56 Canonicus Ave. to Janet M. Marshall, trustee of Cabana Realty Trust, for $116,000.

Jan. 30, Dexter P. Nerney, trustee of Nerney Family Nominee Trust #1, sold Lot 1 off Eddy Ave. to Jack and Claire Gray for $825,000.

Jan. 31, Charlotte Dunmore sold 10 Beacon Ave. to Bonnie E. Josephs for $370,000.

Jan. 31, James V. Forgette Jr. sold 4 Meshaket Way to Anthony D. and Mary Lou Piland for $220,000.

Jan. 31, Kim S. Elliott, Personal Representative of the Bernice Willis estate, sold 9 Huntington Ave. to Richard Webber and Tanya Holcomb for $480,000.


Jan. 30, Jeremy H. Biggs sold 80 Highland Ave. to Friederike K. Biggs for $1.00.

Jan. 31, George E. and Sheila C. Platt sold 162 Clover Hill Dr. to Allister R. Williams for $575,000.

Jan. 31, Lois and Albert R. Sauer and Elizabeth and Henry A. Diehl sold 52 Page Way to Nancy H. Williams for $1,600,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 30, Jean Berlingeri sold 84 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Kathleen M. and Robert B. Jacquard for $495,000.

Jan. 31, Andre St. Germain, trustee of 213 Great Plains Road Nominee Trust, sold 213 Great Plains Rd. to Marin Street for $650,000.