Real Estate Transactions


Jan. 23, Kristen Lasker, executrix of the estate of Helen Marie Lasker a/k/a Toy Lasker, sold 32 Abel’s Neck Rd. to CharlesRussell Twist for $1,025,000.


Jan. 21, Antone A. Bettencourt sold 15 Bettencourt Way to Jason L. Fein and Jennifer S. Altman for $985,000.

Jan. 23, Courty1 LLC sold 5 Llewellyn Way to Stephen M. Carr and Diane M. Carr, trustees of the Stephen M. Carr Trust and the Diane M. Carr Trust, for $1,200,000.

Jan. 24, Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) sold 15 Caleb’s Common Lane to Jerry and Elene Sue Wacks for $375,000.

Jan. 24, Larry B. Beane, Sr. and Sandra L. Beane sold 7 Pinehurst Rd. to Mark and Bridget Towey for $440,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 23, Robin Dunlop sold 23 Puritan Drive to Jamison Loveday for $500,000.Jan. 23, Malcolm T. Arenburg 3rd, trustee of the Arenburg Family Revocable Trust, sold 19 Quantapog Rd. to Melinda McCarron and Donald Gosselin for $525,000.

Jan. 24, Bank of America NA, current holder of a mortgage from Dennis L. and Catherine Shelley to Washington Mutual Bank, FA, sold 62 Winne Ave. to Lana S. Saucier by foreclosure deed for $367,000.


Jan. 23, Church Street Landing LLC sold 15 Church Street to 15 Church Street Tisbury LLC for $1,100,000.

Jan. 24, Andrew G. Haley, Jr. and Mabel O. Haley sold 32 Beach Street to Leo P. Convery, Sr. for $447,500.

Jan. 24, Brian Hogan sold 145 Herring Creek Rd. to Arindam Mitra and Paramita Sen, trustees of the Arindam Mitra Revocable Trust Agreement, for $825,000.


Jan. 13, Henry Washington Hotchkiss sold a lot on North Rd. to Ann Hotchkiss Ganz for $11,000.

Jan. 15, Great Rock Bight LP sold 34 Brickyard Rd. to New Property MV LLC for $1,900,000.


Jan 13, Linda H. Voloshin sold 6 Norcross Drive to Thomas G. and Margaret Vaughan for $899,000.

Jan. 15, Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank, holder of a mortgage by Benjamin L. Hall, Jr., Trustee of Starbuck’s Ridge Realty Trust and Circle EE Realty Trust, sold 92 Schoolhouse Road to Herbert Jacobs for $266,000 by foreclosure deed.

Jan. 16, Jan W. Whiting sold 210 Pennywise Path to Edgartown Hills LLC for $145,715.24.

Jan. 16, Marillys W. Waterson sold 15 South St. to Thomas C. and Kathleen M. Sullivan for $810,000.

Jan. 17, Peter Hagen, Pamela Faulkner Quinn, trustees of the Joan F. Faulkner Qualified Person Residence Trust, and Pamela Faulkner Quinn, f/k/a Pamela Faulkner, M. Lindsay Faulkner, Elizabeth Faulkner and Robert Faulkner sold 17 Faulkner Drive to Joseph A. and Mary F. Carlucci, trustees of the Joseph A. Carlucci Living Trust and the Mary F. Carlucci Living Trust, for $8,700,000.

Jan. 17, Gary B. Dixon sold 67 Windsor Drive to Peter M. and Carolyn E. Gingras for $414,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 13, Stanley G. Johnson, Norma Booker, and Owen Johnson, trustees of the Gilbert Trust, sold 27 Winemack St. to Lila C. Rideau for $300,000.

Jan. 14, Timothy J. Twombly and Diane S. Hartmann sold 26 Pondview Drive to Steven Patrick and Kelly Conley for $454,900.

Jan. 17, Cove View Inc. sold 4 Stone Pound Way to Marsha L. Wilcon for $517,500.


Jan. 15, C. W. Balis 3rd sold 203 Franklin St. to Jean N. August, trustee of the Jean N. August Revocable Trust, for $580,000.


Jan. 7, John A. and Carol A. Davidson sold 211 Meetinghouse Way to Clough LLC for $854,000.

Jan. 10, James T. and Nicole M. Miller sold 6 Hannah’s Circle to Susan M. Pratt for $430,000.

Jan. 10, Deborah J. Fanton and Richard A. Manley Jr. sold 77 Bay View Ave. to Liv B. and Terrence Pikul for $619,250.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 6, Craig R. and Lenore B. Browne sold 79 Simpson Ave. and 16 Oak Ave. to Michael Schweikert for $375,000.

Jan. 6, Richard D. Combra Sr. and Dawn Kelling-Combra sold 22 County Rd. to Joan E. Rice and Daniel G. McCarthy for $515,000.

Jan. 9, Leo P. Convery sold 9 Pasque Ave. to 9 Pasque Ave. LLC for $550,000.

Jan. 9, Thomas E. and Helen E. Clinton sold a lot on Tia Anna Lane to Peter J. Breese for $275,000.

Jan. 10, Ernestine M. Kinnecom, Personal Representative of the estate of Alice Elizabeth Rose sold 12 Wing Rd. to James Taylor Hanan, 3rd for $260,000.

Jan. 10, Martin H. Mard and Gloria Z. Mard, trustees of the Mard Family Nominee Trust, sold Lot 4A West Ave. and Webster Ave. to William F. O’Brien 4th and Kristine A. O’Brien for $440,000.

Jan. 10, Frances L. Alwardt sold 83 Tradewinds Rd. to Thomas E. and Anne M. Carroll for $350,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 10, Brian Patric and Susan P. Kennedy sold 12 Trotters Lane to Suzanne Nagy for $455,000.


Dec. 30, Mary Jane Reen, a/k/a M. Jane Reen, sold 25 Hye Rd. to Philip Wan and Eren D. Yeh for $459,500.

Dec. 31, Reginald J. Hollinger and Paula A. Tuffin sold 29 Coffins Field Rd. to Robin Ritnour and Arthur Beal for $625,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 30, Wells Fargo Bank NA, trustee for Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust, sold 9 Kims Way to Paulo Cesar Almeida Muniz and Adriana De Oliveira Khouri for $166,500.

Dec. 31, Cynthia G. Simison sold 30 Bayes Hill Rd. to Nancy Simison for $170,000.

Dec. 31, Vineyard Investments LLC sold 190 Circuit Ave. to Mark F. Hardy, trustee of Three Oaks Farm Realty Trust, for $180,000.


Jan. 1, Charles L. Medler and Perrine Colmore sold 28 Old Lighthouse Rd. to Kathryn M. Foley, Mary Kilroy, and Patrick J. Foley for $500,000.


Dec. 23, John W. Leite 3rd and Martha A. Leite sold 3 Mockingbird Dr. to Kate Lefer McCormick for $634,900.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 23, Maria J. Williams sold 3 Oakland Ave. to Zachary A. Charter for $310,000.

Dec. 27, Rodney P. and Karen L. Silvia sold 10 Meshaket Way to Helen C. Fischbeck for $667,500.


Dec. 18, James L. Skydell sold 72 Blueberry Ridge Lane to Vicki Skydell for $600,000.

Dec. 19, Jane Wachsler, trustee of Robert Wachsler Revocable Trust, sold 17 Tiasquam Ridge Rd. to Bruce M. Kogut and Monika M. Knutsson for $1,475,000.


Dec. 16, GYPSYPAT LLC sold 66 North St. to Liza Murrell, trustee of Murrell Family Trust 2009, for $2,828,000.

Dec. 17, Janet E. Potts, trustee of the Potts Family Realty Trust, sold Unit 7, 495 Katama Rd. to Christopher Chad Johnson a/k/a Chad Johnson and Michelle Johnson, trustees of the Christopher Chad Johnson Living Trust, and Michelle Johnson and Christopher Chad Johnson, trustees of the Michelle Johnson Living Trust, for $594,000.

Dec. 17, Robert M. and Linda A. Friedlander sold a lot on 4th St. to Alan C. Gowell for $10,000.

Dec. 18, Joann Hathaway and Kevin S. Selby sold 15 21st St. to Kimberly A. Farmer and Jesse Dean Farmer Jr. for $900,000.

Dec. 20, Helen C. Fischbeck sold 5 Tern Drive to Nadeem I. Butte and Anjum N. Butte for $629,000.

Dec. 20, Neil A. and Kimberley C. Augustine sold 82 Mattakesett Way to Lahinch LLC for $2,695,000.

Dec. 20, Joseph H. White and Sandra A. Sayers sold 22 Crafts Field Way to Anthony P. and Lisa M. Darin for $850,000.

Dec. 20, John H. Adams and Martha S. Adams, Co-trustees of the Juanita B. Vickers Living Trust sold 21 Quammox Rd. to Delphine Mendez de Leon for $468,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 18, Tuckernuck MV LLC, current holder by assignment of a mortgage from Wendy A. O’Shields and Lillian E. Lippman to Mark Bulter and Eileen O’Neil, grants by foreclosure deed 53 Tuckernuck Ave. to Kenneth Scott Rountree for $309,000.

Dec. 19, Laura Hart, f/k/a Laura McQueen Enright, sold 8 Fairway Drive to Christopher and Diane Abbot for $500,000.

Dec. 20, J. Steven and Rosemary P. Neamtz sold 41 Sengekontacket Rd. to Samuel R. and Rhoda Kahn Nussbaum for $1,275,000.

Dec. 20, Pauline A. Gregory sold 72 Manchester Ave. to Donald W. Gregory for $525,000.


Dec. 18, County Mortgage LLC, holder of a mortgage from Mary Ann McMenamy, sold by foreclosure deed 39 Lagoon Pond Rd. to County REO LLC for $200,000.

Dec. 19, Michael and Mariola Ryan sold 71 State Rd. to 71 State Road MV LLC for $1,150,000.

Dec. 20, Edward Emerson Rice and Joan Ella Rice, a/k/a Joan Rice McCarthy, sold 160 Weaver Lane to David Forbes and Virginia Sherwood for $1,400,000.

Dec. 20, Robin Leeds sold 77 Cove Rd. Unit 12 to John S. Potter Jr. and Joan C. Potter, trustees of the Potter Family Nominee Realty Trust, for $665,000.

Dec. 20, John P. Govoni, Dorothy A. Giarla and Joanne Dixon, f/k/a M. Joanne Dixon Giarla, sold 25 Central Ave. to James and Elise Vieira for $480,000.

West Tisbury

Dec. 16, Robert and Allyson Novembre sold 164 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Frans C. and Kimberly B. Wethly for $950,000.


Dec. 11, Ellen Ruina, trustee of Ellen Ruina Revocable Trust sold Lot 3B Wintergreen Way to Gary and Susan Rosen, trustees of Wintergreen Way Revocable Trust, for $500,000.

Dec. 13, Christopher A. Wells, trustee of Menemsha Hills Realty Trust, sold 6 Trustees Lane to Sabrina Kanner for $1,257,500.


Dec. 9, Walter G. Jewett Jr. and Rebecca L. Jewett sold 8 Jennifer Way to Richard and Holly Bonomo for $2,037,500.

Dec. 9, Hope Sorensen and Jan Greis, trustees of the Derby Family Trust sold 96 Pease Point Way and 3 Mullen Way to Jan Greis and Lana M. Sorensen for $900,000.

Dec. 11, Sandra Gural sold 37 Morse St. to Steven Scott and Susan S. Stewart for $2,800,000.

Dec. 11, Yvette L. Smolin sold 57 Jeremiah Way to Paul O’Donnell and Susan Arthur for $901,550.

Dec. 13, Diane J. Scrima sold 43 Crocker Drive to Seven Dunes Road LLC for $450,000.


Dec. 11, Ellen S. Lautenberg and Nan B. Morgart sold 453 Main St. to DLCD LLC for $7,200,000.

West Tisbury

Dec. 9, Laurence S. Clancy and Kathleen M. Tilton Clancy, individually and as trustees of the Laurence S. Clancy and Kathleen M. Tilton Trust sold 23 Indian Hollow Rd. to Jeffrey T. and Gale W. Spear for $1,220,000.

Dec. 10, John Longino and Kym Washington-Longino sold 41 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to David E. and Katherine A. Foulser for $750,000.


Dec. 5, Richard A. and Holly Bonomo sold 14 Paddock Circle to Cara A. Ahola and Aaron Ahola, trustees of the Cara A. Ahola Revocable Trust and Aaron Ahola and Cara A. Ahola, trustees of the Aaron Ahola Revocable Trust, for $1,237,250.

Dec. 6, Heidi Dunkl, Peter A. Dunkl, and Frank H. Dunkl sold 149 Old Farm Rd. to Island Grown Initiative LTD for $1,459,913.72.


Dec. 2, Marie G. and Michael R. McKenzie sold 17 Motick Trail to Stephen R. Kelley for $770,000.

Dec. 2, Sue Ellen and David Myers sold 23 Herring Creek Rd. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of SMS Realty Trust, for $1,900,000.

Dec. 5, Kevin L. and Karen O. Newman sold 3 Duncan Close to Mitchell and Jill Studley for $601,250.

Dec. 6, Jerome W. Pikor sold 55 Cottage St. to Cottage Street Partners LLC for $2,220,000.

Dec. 6, Melodye Grant Bucci and Ronald V. Bucci, executors of the Will of Joseph T. Bucci, sold 5 Briggs Road to MS Bare Realty LLC for $1,200,000.


Dec. 4, Mark C. Martin sold by Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure 39 Look St. to Bank of America NA for $302,136.99.

Dec. 4, Martha G. Locke, Patrick M. Herron III, and Christopher Herron sold 72 Meadow Lane to William L. and Abigail H. Churney for $779,167.

Dec. 5, Geraldine S. Averill sold 25 Averill Lane to Wesley and Lisa Nagy for $440,000.

Dec. 6, HSBC Bank USA NA, as trustee for Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation, Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass Through Certificates, Series 2007-PA3 sold 39 Oklahoma Ave. to Poliana Abreu and Fillipi Gomes for $425,000.

West Tisbury

Dec. 5, Gene and Patrice Levinson sold 189 Great Plains Rd. to Ronald and Sheryl Dagostino for $471,500.


Nov. 25, Robert H. Caplan 4th sold an undivided ½; interest in 20 Katama Bay View Rd. to Eric W. Caplan for $375,000.

Nov. 25, James Hart, trustee of Mahomy Realty Trust, sold 36 Chase Rd. to Amanda G. Cimeno and Jovany Navarrete for $425,000.

Nov. 26, Andrea L. Lotreck, trustee of Church Street Nominee Trust, sold 19 Church St. to John A. Roberts 3rd, trustee of Island Realty Trust, for $1,750,000.

Nov. 27, Michael J. and Patricia H. Patrikios a/k/a Patricia Hamilton Patrikios sold 10 Plains Head Land to Michael and Ann E. Bunyaner for $1,475,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 26, Barbara H. Roberts sold 6 Martha’s Park Rd. to Alfred E. and Barbara Butters, trustees of Butters Realty Trust, for $1,065,000.

Nov. 27, Douglas H. and Amy H. Reece sold 3 Little Pond Rd. to Dustin M. and Belinda P. Burke for $660,000.


Nov. 26, Margaret Nelson Pinney sold 40 Dolan Ave. to John Holladay for $110,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 26, Christina Winkler, individually and as trustee of Joellen Rapee Nominee Trust No 2, sold 4 Windy Way to Thomas K. and Makena B. Herget for $2,600,000.


Nov. 19, Berta Giles Welch a/k/a Berts Welch, David Giles, Carla Cuch a/k/a Carla G. Cuch a/k/a Carla Giles Cuch, Adrianna Ignacio a/k/a Adrianna Giles Ignacio, Barbara Gentry a/k/a Barbara G. Gentry, trustee of the Joan G. Patadal 2010 Trust, Barbara Gentry a/k/a Barbara B. Gentry, trustee of the Barbara G. Gentry 2010 Trust, Douglas E. Vanderhoop, Cynthia Akins a/k/a Cynthia V. Akins, Melvin Colby a/k/a Melvin E. Colby, Robert MacDiarmid, Jestina Held f/k/a Jestina MacDiarmid, Martha Vanderhoop a/k/a Martha H. Vanderhoop a/k/a Martha Vanderhoop Lee, Charles Vanderhoop 3rd a/k/a Charles W. Vanderhoop 3rd, Sylvia Browne a/k/a Sylvia P. Browne, Joanne Robey f/k/a Joanne B. Vanderhoop, Michelle Lee a/k/a Michelle Howwaswee Lee, Brenda Martin a/k/a Brenda Hamilton Martin sold a lot off Moshup Trail to Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation for $35,416.67.


Nov. 19, James F. O’Brien, Jr. and Erika B. O’Brien sold 25 Basin Rd. to Robert Sloane and Mary E. Larsen for $975,000.

Nov. 20, Andrew Orin Fischer and Christopher John Fischer sold 27 Cross Rip Lane to Sasann LLC for $900,000.

Nov. 22, Sue Craver f/k/a Sue C. Doherty sold Lot 1, 47 Blueberry Ridge Lane to Sarah J. and Joshua R. Mangerson for $1,125,000.

Nov. 22, Sue Craver f/k/a sue C. Doherty sold Lot 2, 47 Blueberry Ridge Lane to Vickery S. Bartels for $50,000.


Nov. 19, Edward and Susan Mackey sold 57 Martha’s Rd. to Scott A. and Kimberly A. Francolini for $620,000.

Nov. 21, Norman Vunk sold 28 Martha’s Rd. to Sean D. and Erin B. Ready for $699,000.

Nov. 22, JSDMV Realty LLC sold 19 Plantingfield Wood Circle to William P. and Denise P. Wall for $1,400,000.

Nov. 22, Paul J. and Laurie A. Bergeron sold their interest in 14 Court St. and 7 Zoll Rd. to Francis Yerardi, trustee of the Francis Yerardi Family Trust, for $480,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 18, Rosie Kaser Babbitt sold 6 Hidden Cove Rd. to Angel Kelley Brown for $505,000.

Nov. 18, Jamshed K. Mir and Suzanne J. Mir sold 112 Park St. to Richard A. and Christine Schwartz for $720,000.

Nov. 20, Julie Ben David and Barbara C. Ben David sold 4 Periwinkle Lane to Gregory G. Clark for $212,500.

Nov. 18, Arthur W. Ben David, and Donald A. Ben David, trustees of the Ben David Family Trust, sold a lot on the corner of Barnes and Grovedale Rd. to Richard S. Dubin for $150,000.

Nov. 19, Santander Bank NA, f/k/a Sovereign Bank, present holder of a mortgage from Colleen McLaughlin-Miner and Carter Miner to Sovereign Bank, grants by foreclosure deed 190 Circuit Ave. to Vineyard Investments LLC for $120,000.

Nov. 20, George C. Wey sold 255 Massachusetts Ave. to Reginald and Aliya Browne for $725,000.

Nov. 21, John S. Potter, Jr. and Joan C. Potter, trustees of Potter Family Nominee Realty Trust sold 225 East Chop Dr. to Joseph G. Parham for $2,300,000.

Nov. 22, Alan S. McKim sold 293 East Chop Drive and 300 East Chop Drive to Mary Judith Meelia, trustee of the Mary Judith Meelia 1997 Revocable Trust, for $2,725,000.

Nov. 22, Timothy J. Gomes, Robin A. Voisine, Pamela A. Martin, Tammy A. Gomes and Rebecca A. Gomes sold their interest in 114 and 116 Dukes County Ave. to Donald N. Muckerheide for $2,566.66.

Nov. 22, Elaine Carroll, heir of Ernest Manuel Costa sold his interest in 114 and 116 Dukes County Rd. to Donald N. Muckerheide for $2,566.666.


Nov. 18, Claudette P. and Henry J. Crouse sold Tashmoo Wood IV Condominium Unit IV B, 187 Cove Rd. to Ronald L. Walker, Jr. for $562,500.

Nov. 22, Richard A. Mezger sold Unit 7 Woodland Center Condominium to Andrew Estrella for $205,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 20, S. Fain Hackney Melissa M. Hackney sold 35 Luce Farm Rd. to Rebekah J. and Joshua C. Thomson for $1,485,000.

Nov. 20, Ronald and Sheryl Dagostino sold 7 Rock Pond Rd. to Melissa M. and S. Fain Hackney for $550,000.

Nov. 22, Vineyard Yoga LLC sold 24 Cournoyer Rd. to Nagy Realty LLC for $1,200,000.

Nov. 22, Anil Khosla sold 129 Oak Lane to Andy Estrella for $700,000.