Classifieds: Legal Notices: Oak Bluffs

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    The Oak Bluffs Water District
    will begin flushing the system
    in March 2018
    This is a biannual procedure to remove accumulated sediments in the water mains. Flushing will be conducted Monday-Friday, from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. Customers are advised that some discoloration of the water may occur if you draw water while we are flushing near your home. If this occurs you should wait until we are out of your area and then run cold water for several minutes until the discoloration abates. Customers are advised to check their water for discoloration prior to washing laundry. You may experience a partial drop in pressure while the hydrants are flowing. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Water District office @ 508-693-5527. Thank you for your patience during the ongoing maintenance of the water system.
    Oak Bluffs Water District
    Board of Water Commissioners
    LN: 04/19/18, 1t

  • Oak Bluffs Harbor Resident Slip Lottery

    The Oak Bluffs Board of Selectmen, upon the advice of the Harbor Master and The Harbor Advisory Committee, has created docking opportunities for qualified Oak Bluffs residents. The Town acknowledges that its year-round resident taxpayer population has no other opportunity for dockage at the public Oak Bluffs Marina. The following slip has been created:
    A. Nine resident slips shall consist of:
    Three slips with a beam of 11.2
    Two slips with a beam of 11 ' 10
    Two slips with a beam of 12'4
    Two slips with a beam of 10
    B. The cost of each slip will be based upon the length of the boat (bow to stern). The charge shall be $75 per foot, with a thirty foot minimum.
    C. Applicants shall be selected based upon a lottery system conducted at a Harbor Advisory Meeting. Applicants selected through the lottery shall be permitted to dock their boat in an allocated slip for the 2018 summer season. Applicants must be an Oak Bluffs resident/voter with a vessel registered in the Town of Oak Bluffs. All excise taxes and registrations and insurance must be paid and kept current. Proof of these requirements is to be included in the lottery application.
    D. If a winning applicant moves out of town during the lease term, the slip must be given up.
    E. No selected applicants shall permit their vessels to be engaged in any commercial enterprise. This includes any form of charters or rental of the vessel of record. Any persons found violating this or any other provision of this regulation shall forfeit the use of the seasonal slip. All slip fees are non refundable.
    F. Only the vessel of record may occupy the slip. If the vessel of record is not the vessel occupying the slip, the slip will be forfeited and a special lottery shall be held to determine another resident slip holder. The slip holder may, however, purchase another vessel to replace the one occupying the slip as long as all of the requirements contained herein are met.
    G. The Harbor Advisory Committee and the Harbormaster shall review all applications for the resident slips prior to the lottery to ensure conformance with the rules and
    regulations, and to determine eligibility of applicants.
    Applications may be picked up at the Selectmen's office, Harbormaster office or you can email us at: and we will send you one.
    Deadline for submitting application is May 1st
    LN: 04/05/18, 04/12/18, 04/19/18, 3t