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Vineyard Haven, MA
Friday, November 17, 2017

Classifieds: Legal Notices: Tisbury

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    Pursuant to MGL c. 40A s. 9 and Sections and 05.22.02 of Tisbury Zoning Bylaw, the Planning Board will hold a public hearing at the Town Hall Annex on December 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM to consider the following application for a Special Permit:
    Locus: Part of Tisbury Assessor Parcel 22A4.3, 22 Vickers Way as recorded in the Dukes County Registry of Deeds, Plan Book 18, Page 82
    Owner Heikki M Soikkeli, P.O. Box 1195, Vineyard Haven, MA
    Applicant: Whit Hanschka, Short Hill Real Estate, LLC dba Hanschka Fine Metalwork, P.O. Box 1650, Vineyard Haven, MA
    Proposal: Applicant is proposing to construct a two-unit, 2400 sq. ft. (40’X60’) commercial structure within the BII District and Groundwater Protection Overlay District to conduct activities regularly involving welding, spray painting, etc.
    Plan: Plan of Land in Tisbury, Mass prepared for Heikki M. Soikkeli by Schofield, Barbini & Hoehn, Inc. Box 339 Vineyard Haven, MA; dated January 19, 2016; Scale 1”=20’ (Plan No. MV 2911)
    Plan of Land in Tisbury, Mass prepared for Short Hill Real Estate LLC by Schofield, Barbini & Hoehn, Inc., Box 339 Vineyard Haven, MA ; dated November 5, 2017; Scale 1”=20’; Plan No. MV 2911 (PB & BP)
    Floor Plans & Elevations prepared for Hanschka Fine Metal Works, Shore Hill Road, Tisbury, MA by Cape Building Systems, 13 Industrial Drive, Mattapoisett, MA 02739; dated: 07/10/2017; Scale = 1/8”= 1’; Sheet No. A-1.1
    Public Inspection:
    The Letter of Application and its attendant documents, dated 11/6/17 may be inspected at the Planning Board’s Office from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
    LN: 11/09/17, 11/16/17, 2t