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Once the season starts slowing down in September and October, you can find me rushing around the Island’s seasonal restaurants, which are closing down...

With summer behind us, we start to switch over from our refreshing iced coffees to our comforting warm teas. Who better to talk to...

Martha's Vineyard Farms

Want to find fresh food off the farm? On your phone? Click on our interactive map, below, and you'll see farms (42 of them...

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  • A Fall Wedding Buffet October 2015
    Today’s Harvest of Chopped Salad Nestled on Boston Bib Just Cut Herbs Tossed with Tarragon Dressing  Epi (hot out of the oven!) and a crock of Vermont Creamery Butter Today’s Menemsha Catch of the Day served Crisp Our Organic Preserved Lemon and Parsley Butter Salted Smashed Potatoes & Morning Glory Yellow Green Beans & Eggplant […]
  • Harvest Chopped Salad
    Harvest Chopped Salad with Carrots and Ginger We call for any vegetable that is harvested to today (not lettuce) as staple for this salad. If we use kale, we lightly blanch it and then shred it very thin. Sometimes we use a ginger dressing, or shallot dressing, depending on our mood. In October, I use […]

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  • Switching Over
    Two Blue Lemons has moved to If you'd like to continue to receive new posts in your inbox please click here and enter your email address. Happy Spring!
  • Kissing Two Blue Lemons Goodbye
    Notice anything new? Phew…after resizing a gazillion photos this site of ours has a new name, look, and (what I’m most excited about!!) killer recipe index.  It’s a bittersweet farewell to everything Two Blue Lemons, a name my sister and I picked 7 years ago when we decided to start sharing our favorite recipes.  Now […]