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It’s all about the crust. Most folks can be flexible about toppings — splitting a pizza is more common than not — but what...

Brazil is a country rich in its cooking heritage. It boasts appealing cuisine influenced by the many nations represented in the country: Portugal, Italy,...

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  • Roast Leg of Lamb
    This recipe calls for a deboned leg of lamb. Legs vary in size with an average leg being 4.5 pounds for a locally raised deboned leg of lamb. The cooking time will be a bit longer if you have a leg with the bone it it, but use a thermometer to ensure the doneness of […]
  • Chocolate Soufflé
    Be BOLD! do not be afraid of the word soufflé! Meals with lamb, spring greens, eggs are where my recipes bring Passover and Easter together in acknowledging both traditions. The Jews serve unleavened bread, and in our house, I simply avoid gluten altogether. Soufflés are fun and easy. Don’t be intimidated by them as they […]

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  • Switching Over
    Two Blue Lemons has moved to If you'd like to continue to receive new posts in your inbox please click here and enter your email address. Happy Spring!
  • Kissing Two Blue Lemons Goodbye
    Notice anything new? Phew…after resizing a gazillion photos this site of ours has a new name, look, and (what I’m most excited about!!) killer recipe index.  It’s a bittersweet farewell to everything Two Blue Lemons, a name my sister and I picked 7 years ago when we decided to start sharing our favorite recipes.  Now […]