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This weekend marked the the 29th annual Big Chili Contest, better known as Chilifest, at the Portuguese-American Club in Oak Bluffs. For almost three decades...

Uncovering tricks of the trade in advance of the Big Chili Contest.

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  • Easy Crock Pot Meals
    I dusted off my crock pot this week. I love a one dish meal that I start in the morning and it’s ready at dinner time! I have this great story about how I got my latest crock pot: When my son went off to college, he wanted to take the crock pot with him, […]
  • Cardamom Crème Brûlée
    This recipe was a part of our Curried Winter Night menu. Please check out the entire menu and the story behind its creation – it includes a handy shopping list! Can be made several days prior to serving Makes 9 servings 10 large egg yolks, beaten 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup heavy cream 1 […]

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  • Spicy Bowl of Greens & Noodles
    I'm obsessed with planning a last minute family trip. My criteria are - direct flight from Boston or Providence, warm, small person friendly, and affordable. I could spend days reading trip adviser reviews and looking at photos of hotel pools (conclusion - they all look the same). This trip may not even happen but perhaps […]
  • Dark Chocolate Pudding with Coconut
    Whenever I take the boys grocery shopping the majority of the trip is spent negotiating over items they would like to either bring home or eat right away in aisle 3. Fruit leather, apple cider, popcorn, crusty baguettes, dried mango, bulk bin gummy bears, and this chocolate pudding are the most sought after items (not […]