B-Strong Health Club

29 Kennebec Ave
Oak Bluffs
MA, 02557
(508) 693-5997




We like to think of B-Strong, the gym, as a product of “old school” meets “new science” We don‘t have a million machines, we don‘t offer the latest “miracle” juices, we don‘t offer ineffective “aerobics” classes, and we don‘t believe there is only one way to workout! We keep it simple…not easy, but simple. Workout hard, workout smart, eat right, and do it consistently.

Whether you are an endurance athlete, powerlifter, new mom, grandfather, weekend warrior or MMA fighter, we all have a reason to “B-Strong”. Everyone needs to be physically strong, mentally strong, and emotionally strong. Everyone needs to train for life…your whole life, your life activities, your goals, and train to have a healthy, long life. This is what we believe. Respect what you were given. Train for Life.

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