Bangkok Cuisine

67 Circuit Ave
Oak Bluffs
MA, 02557

Find a cozy seat by the window here, or choose a long table tucked along the rail that divides the glowing amber-colored room and get ready for a Thai feast.

The food at Bangkok Cuisine is complex: hot, sweet, sour, and salty. Authentic dishes from Central Thailand mix fresh vegetables and proteins, and traditional Thai herbs such as ginger, cilantro, lemon grass, lime, and hot peppers accent the sauces.

The chef here will adjust the spiciness to your specification – mild to wildly hot – and every item on the menu can be made in a vegetarian friendly way. And in the summer months, dine outdoors on the patio. Bangkok Cuisine offers a break from typical Island fare, and a little bit of exotica in the heart of Oak Bluffs.

We like: Crab Rolls, and Mango Chicken Curry.