Edgartown Art Gallery

19 Summer Street
MA, 02539
(508) 627-5991


Tucked beside the Charlotte Inn and in the shadow of the stately elm trees on South Summer Street stands the Edgartown Art Gallery. The work exhibited at the gallery reflects an emphasis on timeless style and is surrounded by selections of fine antiques and furnishings that complement the painting.

The original works of Eric Conklin, Sergio Roffo, Timothy Thies, Marjorie Mason, Cindy House, Ovid Ward, Bill McLane, Ellen McCluskey, John Ebersberger, William Ewing, Leonard Mizerek, Peter Sculthorpe, Jim Vaccarino, Meg Mercier, David Schock, Timothy Barr, and Marilyn Caldwell, are among those exhibited at the gallery on a regular basis.