Sara Piazza Photography

44 Plantingfield Way
MA, 02539
(508) 627-8349

Sarah has been photographing people and other beautiful subjects for more than thirty-five years, starting off with a used Kodak Retina IIa – all-manual-getting-the-exposures-off-the-side-of-the-Tri-X-box – and a $100 enlarger. She loved the magic of the darkroom: the mixing and pouring and measuring; the wet image taking form, looming up under the orange glow of the safe-light – the smell! – but is am glad to be out of the dark and into the light, into the fantastic limitless world of digital photography.

Photography is her joy, passion & therapy; one of the many ways she engages with the world and with the people around her.Available to photograph families or events on the Vineyard or in the Boston area, and beyond…