Classes: For-profit organizations

Classes: For-profit organizations

Access Consciousness Bars Laurie Stansberry. 508-338-2286.

Aerobics, Body Conditioning Lisa’s Studio, West Tisbury. 508-693-1009.

Alexander Technique with Margaret Knight. 508-627-8894.

Alexander Technique with Susan Collinson.

Art: Children’s Sense of Wonder Creations. Ages 6-18. 508-693-3142.

Artisan Bread Baking For Children or Adults, with Kate Warner. 508-693-3820.

Barre with Emily Phillips. 617-834-5820.

Beading Citrine, Vineyard Haven. 508-693-4445.

Bike: Indoor Cycling Monday-Saturday. Mansion House Health Club 508-693-2200

Bird Walks with Robert Culbert. 508-693-4908.

bodyART Fitness cardio, yoga, tai chi, and pilates with Brenda Wallis Tuesday at 5:30pm and Friday at 9:30am. Mansion House Health Club 508-693-2200

Cardio Challenge Friday 8:30am with Maria McFarland at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Cardio Classic Monday 9:30am and Wednesday 9:30am with Cathy Ashman at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Cardio Interval Monday 8:30am with Maria McFarland at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Ceramics, Children’s Pottery with Amy Nevin. Ages 6-12. 508-687-9363.

Conditioning Monday 4:30pm and Friday 4:30pm with Kris Martin at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Cooking with Cathy Walthers in the West Tisbury Kitchen Classroom. $69. 774-521-8406, Schedule at

Dance Kaleidoscope Dance with Laura Sargent Hall, Camp Jabberwocky, Vineyard Haven. 508-627-9503.

Dance RISE Vineyard Performing Arts, Vineyard Haven. 508-693-2262.

Dance Vineyard Dance with Kathy Joyce Costanza, Nathan Mayhew Seminars. Adults, teens. 508-693-2257.

Dance Spindrift Studios with Sandy Stone-Benjamin., spindriftmvdance@gmail,com, 508-939-1157.

Dance, Ballroom with Bob Tierney. 508-627-7265.

Dance, Belly with Susanna Nickerson. 508-627-3240.

Dance, Ballet M.V. School of Ballet. Camp Jabberwocky, Vineyard Haven. 508-939-0074.

Dance, Kids The Yard presents at the YMCA. Jesse Keller

Dance, Primal Groove with Christina Montoya. 508-560-2488.’

Dance, Salsa ‘Alegria Y Sabor!’. 781-254-4741.

Dance, Salsa Island Salsa. 508-645-2008; 774-563-0628;

Dance, Salsa Sergio Racig, every Friday. 774-310-0028.

Farming Island Alpaca, Oak Bluffs. 508-693-5554.

Fashion Design Workshop Lorraine Parrish, Vineyard Haven. 508-693-9044;

Fencing Club M.V. Regional High School, Oak Bluffs. 508-693-2400.

Fitness Blitz Fitness, West Tisbury. 508-693-3211.

Fitness B-Strong, Oak Bluffs.

Fitness and Pool Mansion House, Vineyard Haven. 508-693-2200.

Fitness and Pool YMCA of M.V., Oak Bluffs. 508-696-7171.

Fitness and Tennis Vineyard Tennis Center. 508-696-8000.

Golf Clinic for Juniors Edgartown Golf Club. 508-627-5343; 561-358-5189.

Gymnastics Island Gymnastics. Beth Goodell Teen and Adult Gymnastics: Fridays 5:30-6:30pm through April 17, ages 13 and up experience suggested. Partner Stretch / Conditioning class: Fridays 7-8pm through April 17, all ages, sizes, fitness levels welcome. Cost $ 180 / person / session or $320 for pair. Walk-ins welcome for $25 a class.

Kayak Island Spirit Kayak. 508-693-9727.

Knitting Anna Marie D’Addarie. 508-274-9696.

Knitting and Sewing Heath Hen Yard & Quilt Shop. 508-693-6730.

Knitting Vineyard Knitworks. 508-687-9163.

Lifeguard Certification YMCA. 5 class course, starting Friday May 8 and again on Friday June 12. $250. 508-696-7171 ext. 0.

Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing Blitz Fitness, West Tisbury. 508-693-3211.

Meditation The Yoga Barn, Chilmark. 508-687-9505;

Meditation/Belly Dance Karin Wilkinson. 508-693-4888.

Money Game Changer Laurie Stansberry. 508-338-2286.

Music, Children Music Together with Joyce Maxner. 508-696-7248.

Music, Children Parent/child music/movement class. 774-487-4464.

Music, Guitar Eric Johnson. 508-274-1757.

Music, Piano for Beginners Janis Syslo. 508-645-3416.

M.V. Workshops Art, photography, writing. 508-693-7373.

Paper and Bookmaking Seastone Papers, West Tisbury with Sandy Bernat. 508-693-5786;

Papermaking For Kids Seastone Kids, West Tisbury. 508-693-5786;

Photography with Louisa Gould. 508-693-7373;

Pilates Toni Cohen. 508-693-2130.

Pilates Stefan Knight. 508-696-6452.

Pilates Brenda Correa. 508-696-3197.

Pilates Caitlin Cook. 508-645-2500.

Pilates Judy Kranz.

Pilates Evolve Pilates. 508-627-6060.

Pilates (Beyond Pilates) Thursday 8:00am with Karen Cullinan at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Pilates/Strength Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am with Cathy Ashmun at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Poolates Pilates in the pool with Brenda Correa Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30am Mansion House Health Club 508-693-2200

Power Hour Strength, conditioning & balance with Brenda Wallis Wednesday at 5:30pm at Mansion House Health Club 508-693-2200.

Prenatal Exercise “Fit Mama” taught every Thursday at 6:45 pm by Jen ‘Max’ Powers at the Mansion House. 508-693-2200.

ProjectFit MVY Outdoor fitness class with Tori. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 8:30 am, meet in front of Lulelemon in Edgartown.

Positive Visualization 508-693-4026.

Resolution Body Melt YMCA with Asil Cash. Begins first week of January. 508-696-7171.

Rod and Gun Club Edgartown. 508-627-3537.

Rug Hooking Old Courthouse Rd., West Tisbury. With Rosalie Powell. 508-693-1984.

SAT Prep, math-only, Center for New Learning MV. Saturdays starting April 11. $135 for three 2-hour classes. Alice (920) 410-4577

Senior Strength Ann Richards at Mansion House. 508-693-1333.

Skating Corinne de Langavant. 508-423-9566.

Spinning Tuesday 5:15pm, Thursday 5:15pm & Saturday 8:30am with Maria McFarland. 508-696-8000.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) Aloha Paddle.

Strength Tuesday 8:00am & Saturday 9:45am with Michele Talgiareni at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Strength/Cardio Challenge Friday 8:30am with Maria McFarland at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Strength/Pilates Tuesday & Thursday 9:30am with Cathy Ashmun at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Swimming Corinne de Langavant. 508-423-9566.

Swimming Indoor training for Inner Vision Ocean Swimming. 508-560-1300.

Swimming: Ocean Bob MacLean. 508-560-1300;

Tennis Vineyard Tennis Center, Workout and Spa, Airport. 508-696-8000.

Tennis call for location. 239-410-7484.

Total Body Wednesday 8:00am with Maria McFarland at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Violin Classes $25 per 1/2 hour. Call Mary Wolverton to arrange, 508-560-2562.

Vocal Explorations Melanie Sroka-Chaunce. 508-524-1119.

Voice Movement Therapy Corinne de Langavant. 508-423-9566.

Voice Movement Therapy Christine Isherwood. 508-685-7445;

Voice Lessons Corinne de Langavant. 508-423-9566.

Weight Loss Workshop with Corsiglia Nutrition. Six week program begins March 19. $150 fee. Call 774-836-8599.

Weight Watchers V.T.A. Building, Airport Business Park, Edgartown. 800-651-6000.

Yoga Yoga On the Vine. 508-939-4339;

Yoga The Yoga Barn. 508-645-YOGA (9642).

Yoga Megan Grennan. 508-939-0681.

Yoga Josh Montoya. 508-560-6009.

Yoga Kanta. 508-696-1917.

Yoga Jennifer Lyonnais. 508-693-0018.

Yoga Primo. 508-237-1861

Yoga Gentle, with Carol Aranzabe. 508-939-4120.

Yoga Gentle, restorative, guided meditation. Ed Merck. 508-338-2133.

Yoga Gentle, for everyone Monday 9:00am, Tuesday 5:30pm & Thursday 5:30pm with Megan Grennan at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Yoga Gentle, for everyone Saturday 9:30am with Bonnie Menton at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Yoga Heidi Ganser. 508-696-3158.

Yoga Anusara-inspired, with Jane Norton. 508-776-9428.

Yoga Sian Williams. 508-696-0037.

Yoga Bonnie Menton. 508-696-8682.

Yoga Fae Kontje-Gibbs. 508-272-3932;

Yoga beginner, yoga therapy, intermediate, yoga for backs.

Yoga Emily Sims Solarazza. 508-333-8888.

Yoga Mansion House. 508-693-2200.

Yoga Stephanie Mashek. 617-835-3217;

Yoga Emily Phillips. 617-834-5820;

Yoga Helping Hand Yoga. 508-693-9396.

Yoga, Bikram, Hot, Ashtanga. Vineyard Yoga. 508-696-7769.

Yoga, Iyengar Arlene Stark Prisco. 508-687-9025;

Yoga, Kripalu Scarlet Jarrell. 508-645-YOGA.

Yoga, Kripalu Martha Abbot. 508-693-5364.

Yoga for Men: BROga Robert Sidoti. 774-238-0175.

Yoga, Prenatal, Vinyasa, Senior Elissa Lash. 508-693-5047.

Yoga, Core, Fusion, Vinyasa, Prenatal Sherry Sidoti. 774-238-0176.

Yoga, Restorative Cathy Garfinkle. 508-693-1403;

Yoga: SUP Aloha Paddle.

Zumba Max Powers. 774-487-4464;

Zumba Tuesday 7:00am, Thursday 7:00am & Saturday 8:30am with Kris Martin at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.

Zumba Tone Wednesday 5:00pm & Sunday 9:00am with Michele Talgiareni at Airport Fitness. 508-696-8000.